31 Uncommon Father of the Bride Gifts with a Personal Touch

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From the time you were born, dad has been that gentleman-staple throughout your life. He’s shown you how you deserve to be treated, made hilarious attempts at understanding your teenage years, and helped you through past heartbreak. It’s time to treat your father to an epic gift made just for the most special man in the world before he has to give you away.

Father of the Bride Socks
Steadfast like a father's emotions, these socks are very much there even if you can't see them. These father of the bride socks will enchant any man about to give away a piece of his heart. Choose your favorite from nine colors, and then personalize them. Underneath 'This is our walk to remember' your wedding date and a special message will appear in custom print.
Father of the Bride Handkerchief
You dad deserves something as gorgeous as you will be for the big day. This elegant father of the bride handkerchief is made with fine Italian silk and includes an endearing message specifically from daughter to father. He can fold it to fit his pocket square so it can be almost as close to his heart as you already are.
Father of the Bride Picture Frame
Is it really a wedding without the obligatory picture of the father daughter dance? After capturing the moment, make it last inside this classic leatherette frame that reads 'The Love Between a Father and Daughter is Forever.' Sweet, true and indicative of the unparalleled bond a father and daughter share.
Father of the Bride Cufflinks
Add a sentimental detail to your father's suit with these father of the bride cufflinks that are just as handsome as your dad. Made of high-quality steel and sure to shine bright, these cufflinks are a gift sure to be cherished long after the big day is over.
Crystal Decanter Set
Any father about to help his daughter walk down the aisle deserves a brilliant crystal decanter to hold his smoky spirits. This timeless, diamond-inspired drinkware is handmade in Italy and holds thirty ounces of liquid. It's perfect for entertaining and will continue to add to the already fond memories you and your father have made.
Father of the Bride Tie Patch
Acknowledge who you loved first with this father of the bride tie patch. The label can be custom embroidered to make it extra special between you and your dad, and it's a keepsake he can always cherish. It can be sewn on ironed on to the back of his tie as a great reminder of the perpetual father daughter bond you share.
Father of The Bride Thanks Notebook
By the time the wedding bells chime, you and your dad have shared some stories. There's no better or more personal way to show gratitude for those moments than by writing them down. This handmade rustic journal has eight pages for you to record memories, give thanks, and show your love. Its wooden case ensures safekeeping for him to read and relive again and again.
Leather Weekend Bag
It's important to pack everything needed for what is bound to be the biggest day of yours and your father's life. Gift your father with this genuine buffalo leather travel bag, and he's sure to be prepared for the weekend and look good while he's at it. It's vintage designed and has enough pockets to make any dad almost as happy as your smile does.
Whiskey Decanter Globe Set
For the well-travelled, high-class dad, this gift will outshine all others. This hand-blown whiskey decanter tilts on an axis like the globe it's fashioned as. It's secured on top of rich mahogany with a golden stopper and includes two matching old-fashioned glasses for sharing. The refined style of this conversation piece invites all to join in a toast for an unforgettable wedding day.
Engravable Pocket Watch with Chain
It's of utmost importance your father is there to calm you down and keep the time for your nuptials. This brushed satin pocket watch is an opulent choice to show him your love before the heartfelt walk. It includes day and date sundials and is perfect for engraving a personal anecdote shared between you and your dad. A gift not soon to be forgotten.
Watch Display Case
If dad is a jewelry aficionado help him add some more style to how he showcases it. This watch display case for men is designed for finesse and practicality. Let dad store and display his prized possessions and remember you each time he goes to wear one. Luxury meets space.
Personalized Plush Robe
After the exhausting day's events, your dad deserves a nice lie down. This plush, microfleece robe will let him relax after all the excitement, and he won't feel too sad to watch you go. Warm and cozy, your father will feel like it's his own personal spa day in this luxurious garment - especially when he sees it's also embroidered with his initials.
Italian Silk Tie
Bring a little bit of Italy's cerulean Lake Como into the ceremony with the Elizabetta silk tie. The hand cut ties are self-described as 'unique works of art' by the company because they're made in such small qualities to remain eco-friendly. Their trademark pinstripe motif adds an heir of luxury to any suit.
Engravable Florentined Tie Bar
Keep your dad looking dapper with a polished addition to his neckwear. This 14k Florentined tie bar clips on to any tie, and can be engraved to add a personal touch to his suits. Your father will love how easy it is to clean (just soapy water and a cloth!) and enjoy the tiny touch of elegance it gives to any occasion.
BBQ Pitmaster Kit
Every family has a BBQ-master, and it's often a dad task. Help your dad up his grill game with the four-piece Pitmaster Kit: signature, mustard BBQ, and hot BBQ sauces and coffee, brisket, and coffee rubs. These rich, bold marinades will have everyone licking their fingers from the tasty aromas even before they chow down.
6-in-1 BBQ Grill & Smoker
For the dad who likes to get his hands into the BBQ pit, this 6-in-1 smoker will be a hit. Not only will he feel adequately thanked for being by your side for a lifetime, but he'll be very popular at the rehearsal dinner with this cooker. The wood fire pellet grill does it all: bbq, bake, roast, glaze, grill, and sear. Have fun, dad!
Personalized Father Wallet Insert Card
Sometimes it's great to have a thoughtful reminder of how much you're loved - even as a dad. Show your father gratitude for always being there from birth to down the aisle. This personalized wallet insert card is made of that indestructible, black aluminum and makes a sweet keepsake for dads everywhere. Its charming affirmation will remind him who's always in his heart.
Alligator and Crocodile Leather Belt
From the time you were little, your dad helped you choose your best outfits, dress-up or real life. As you embark on the biggest style day of your life, thank your dad for his stellar fashion taste with this alligator leather belt.
Maui Jim Rimless Sunglasses
Make your father feel like the coolest guy in the room (because he is) with a pair of these Maui Jim rimless sunglasses. The PolarizedPlus2 lens technology will protect his eyes from the sun as he gives you away. The effortless style will suit him well, and the glare-free tint will ensure he doesn't miss a moment.
Slim Wallet in Vintage Brown
There were sure to be times in your life when your dad obliged you with his credit card (perhaps during wedding planning?). With this Secrid small wallet, his cards will always be secure, and it's the perfect fit for his back pocket. The aluminum/leather combination keeps anything inside from bending, and you'll know where it is - if you need it, you know, for the wedding.
Montblanc Pen
A man full of surprises needs a pen that can match his standards. The Montblanc pen is an upscale gentleman of the bride gift worth every penny. It has an ample amount of springiness, making it comfortable to write with, and it's made out of gold. Therefore, the more he writes, the more the pen will conform to his hand for years to come.
Golf Bag for Dad
If your dad likes to practice for the Masters often, this is the ideal bag to thank him for being around. The C-130 Sun Mountain golf bag is made to fit right on the cart. It has a smart strap making it easily accessible from the cart to the green, thirteen velour-lined pockets, and even a rain hood. Your dad will be prepared for anything.
Shaving Kit
Any dashing dad will be thrilled to use this three-piece set that ensures a well-groomed, healthy beard. The beard wash, conditioner and peppermint and sandalwood oil are packed in a regal black bag that's meant to travel. His face will be trimmed, soft, and fragrant - perfect for whatever the big day has planned.
Hip Flask with Luxury Leather Pouch
Whether your father needs some liquid courage for the grand speech or not, this luxury leather hip flask will come in handy. The six-ounce flask is handmade in Sheffield, England and has a polished design that's fashionable to carry. Maybe he'll even share a sip with you from within the pewter flask before you head down the aisle. Just if you're nervous.
Men's Home Slippers
Think of all the running around your father did as you were growing up to get you to practice or school. These UGG ascot slippers feel like walking on clouds, making them an ideal gift to show him your gratitude for all that time on his feet. They're made of water-resistant suede and wool, and the durable soles will last for years.
Engraved Wood Handle Steel Hammer
There's a guy who was there from day one who gave you the tools you needed in life. This steel hammer will show your DIY dad how much you appreciate him when he reads the wood engraved handle: Thank you for helping me build my life.
Smart Meat Thermometer
Any chef dad will be thrilled to receive this smart meat thermometer of the future. It's a rewarding gift to receive after wedding events so he can chill out when he grills out. The thermometer connects to WiFi and Bluetooth and has dual temperature probes that measure internal and external degrees. The guided cook system ensures juicy perfection for your father's grill game.
Azzaro Chrome Eau de Toilette
Add a touch of the Mediterranean to your father's everyday routine with a bottle of fresh, long-lasting cologne. The aroma inspires thoughts of a seaside wedding (even if you aren't quite at the sea) with citrus, aquatic and woody notes. It's also made with sustainable ingredients like bergamot and mate leaves, making for a bright, invigorating scent.
Wine Decanter Set with Aerator Filter
Does the guy walking you down the aisle appreciate his vino - like, a lot? Then treat your father with this wine decanter complete with a stainless-steel filter and waterfall bottleneck. The design allows for a quicker aerating process, meaning you can imbibe after five minutes of pouring. He'll love showing off how cool his daughter's gift is to his friends.
Personalized Tie Clip Set
Help your dad remind everyone he's a VIP at your nuptials with the addition of this sleek tie bar to his attire. The clips slide right on, making them easy to apply and they stay put. Plus, it clearly reads 'Father of the Bride' in case there's any confusion.
Funny Father of the Bride T-Shirt
This witty father of the bride gift is meant for the dad who wants to make sure no one messes with his daughter before the big day. Black, gold and fashioned to resemble The Godfather logo, your dad will get a kick out of The Bridefather. After all, he did just accept an offer he couldn't refuse - to walk you down the aisle.