29 Eid Gifts for Kids for a Fun & Special Ramadan

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Is Eid day close by and are you underprepared? We have a collection of exciting presents for little children, and thoughtful gifts for your loved ones and family members. Bring joy to those precious to you, and communicate your feelings to them with the power of giving over Ramadan.

Interactive My Salah Mat
It's a beautiful thing when children finally reach the age of salah. However, guiding them through the process, and teaching them about salah can be overwhelming. This interactive educational prayer mat helps you do just that, and while you are away this prayer mat is always here to guide your children through prayer. Make salah time not a chore, but an enjoyable privilege.
Once Upon an Eid Short Stories Book
What a beautiful and joyous occasion Eid is. Why don't you make yours a more memorable experience? Once Upon an Eid is filled with stories of hope and joy. It is a book that will intensify the feelings of Ramadan and its tiny pleasures. Encourage your kids to come up with stories of their own with a book that holds the spirit of Ramadan.
Silk Kids Kurta Churidar Pajama (Many Styles)
Isn't it exciting, getting ready for Eid with all the decorations, food, presents, and best of all, Eid outfit? With children, their Eid outfit is their way of celebrating the hard work and patience of fasting. This silk outfit is bound to impress, with many styles and colors. Dress your boys in an outfit that will make them confident and proud of completing Ramadan.
Nanak Milk Cake Gift Box
What's sweeter than to start your Eid with some delicious Nanak Milk Cakes? It is the perfect gift to give your loved ones for any special occasion. Add a little sugary treat to season their day with delight and pleasure. This gratifying milk fudge cake will always leave you wanting more.
Happy Eid Blessing Mug
Life is what we make it. So why don't you make yours filled with happiness and pleasure? With this Eid Mubarak mug every day can be Eid. Start your day drinking what you like in a mug designed to give you the feelings of Eid every morning. Hold your favorite holiday between your fingers.
LED Star Curtain Lights
Bring the moon and the stars inside your house to celebrate your Eid. Beautify your walls with light using this curtain string light that is designed specifically to shine your home with the spirits of Ramadan. What is a better way to complete the end of the holy month with a beautiful celebration that will bring a smile to anyone who enters your home?
Soft 12 Inch Baby Doll with Children's Storybook
Introduce the perfect doll for your children, a doll they can relate to. With the Ameena Doll that includes Selma's Dolls as a storybook, your children will beam with happiness while learning to connect with their culture and religion. Embracing their differences and learning to always be confident with who they are. Give your kids the gift of finding their identity.
Custom Baby Bodysuit My First Eid
Little babies will look adorable with their own My First Eid bodysuit. To celebrate their first Eid, you can buy your little ones a special customized bodysuit with their name or a personal message. It is the perfect choice for a meaningful gift to celebrate this milestone together and spend a blessed first Eid with a new addition to your family.
Fun Dough Arabic Alphabet Set
What's a better learning experience then making your own Arabic words using playing dough. Included is a variety of different colored dough that comes with an Arabic alphabet cutters set. Let your children experiment and learn all the letters of the alphabet, making an infinite amount of words while also having fun. Disguise education with entertainment, and let children learn in their own way.
3D Arabic Alphabet Puzzle
The Arabic language can be harder to learn with so many different languages all around. Introducing your child with educational toys can be a very effective method to have them learn and enjoy doing so. This 3D Arabic Alphabet Puzzle is a great way to help your child recognize each Arabic letter and how it is shaped.
Rashad's Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr
Make storytime special with this marvelous book that's filled with wonders. Rashad's Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr is a book about the joy of Ramadan and a boy who tries his best to be good during this holy month, until he is rewarded with Eid day. Experience a world filled with celebration, and joy. Share encouraging stories to your kids.
12pcs Jewelry Silk Purse Gift Bags
What's Eid day without it's presents? If you're gifting money, jewelry, or anything tiny and precious, these silk gift bags are perfect for you. with five available colors, and a beautiful design these bags can be used for gifts and be reused as a pouch or purse. Why not spoil your loved ones with a gift that's been uniquely packed.
Mini Gratitude Journal
A book and journal series for helping to develop gratitude inshaa Allah. Give this to your kids as they begin to experience gratitude and positivity. Each section is curated for easy use, appeals to kids, and would make a fabulous gift to remind children that each day is a blessing from Allah.
Custom Sterling Silver Arabic Name Necklace
Show your love and appreciation to the special people in your life with a personalized name necklace. Engrave up to twelve characters and have your Arabic written name turn into a jewelry piece. This dazzling thick prime quality brass plated necklace that comes in gold, silver, and rose gold is made to impress.
The Holy Quran Pendant Necklace
Happiness is talking to Allah and the Quran is our way of doing so. What is a better present to give to your loved ones than happiness itself? The Holy Quran Necklace is the perfect gift to your family, friends, spouse, or even your little children. Gold plated Ayatul Kursi Necklace is more than a jewelry piece, it is a sign of protection and love.
Star Night Light Projector
Bring the stars and moon to your room. Evolve your ceiling and sleep in your room under the beautiful night sky. With this star and moon night light projector, you can turn any night into an outdoor camping adventure, lay on your bed and stare at the sky from the comfort of your own home. Perfect for the children with an enormous imagination.
Star Castle Kid's Playhouse
Let your children use their imagination to build castles and tents, go into the Arabian world, become sultanas and princes. This castle tent filled with the moon and stars, is a blue doorway to a dreamy world filled with wonder. Encourage imagination and creativity, give your children a playhouse tent that can be used indoors or outdoors, for parties and sleepovers.
Scooter for Kids w/ Flashing Wheels
Encourage your children to get out and exercise with this three-wheel kids scooter. A scooter designed for beginners with stability and anti-slip pedals. Perfect for boys and girls to enjoy the outside world in a fun and exciting way. Motivate your children to leave the electronics home and go out with friends.
Crescent Moon Decor & Night Light
Let the moon shine your room with this crescent moon decor light. This night lamp can be the perfect addition to any room. Let your nursery shine or bring this moonlight to your study. A cozy decoration that will add charm to any empty space. This white shining moon is the thing you never knew you needed.
Laminated Arabic Alphabet Poster
One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world', start changing the world from your own home by teaching your children and encouraging them to always seek knowledge. These Arabic alphabet posters are a great way to start the journey of learning with your kids. From Alif to Yaa, all the letters of the alphabet are included for you to use.
Arabic E-Book Electronic Sound Learning Book
“The object of teaching a child is to enable him to get along without a teacher.” Use the Garosa Kid E-book for Arabic letters and words for your children to be independent and be their own teachers. Kids can learn how to read the Arabic language using the help of the electronic book as a guide. The vivid sound and pictures will please children everywhere.