25 Ultimutt Dog Dad Gifts for the Perfect Human

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Any four-legged-friend would be paws-itively delighted to reward their two-legged ones with the gratitude they deserve. From nostalgic picture frames to punny wine glasses and cool shoes, your dog dad will puggin love your kindness. Maybe you’ll even get some extra cuddle time for being such a good boy!

Dog Paw Cleaner
Sometimes it feels like nothing can get your pups paws clean—not even a bath! We all know what bathtime with Toto means: wet flowers, towels and mud everywhere. Get your dog dad the perfect organic gift for getting his pups paws clean. With this waterless formula, he can skip the mess. And Fido deserves all natural ingredients, not strange added chemicals.
Dog Dad Mug
If mornings are ruff for your favorite person, this mug will bring cheer him up! This simple and very clever cup holds his coffee while artistically displaying who he loves the most. The ceramic mug holds 15 ounces of liquid and is a perfect conversation piece for guests or coworkers to pawnder.
Dog Dad Coffee
This combination gift is pawfect for any dog and coffee lover. The Sillybean basket of coffee samplers comes with eight dog-themed selections of coffees to try. The packaging features an adorable mutt with sunglasses and the variety pack has names like 'Muddy Dog Caramel Mud Slide' and 'Crazy Dog Jamaican Me Crazy.' Fun and tasty - just remember it's only for humans.
Dog Dad Hat
Does your precious pup need more ways to show how much he loves his Fido father? No one will question his dedication to his canines when he's sporting this 'Dog Dad' hat. The hat has a distressed look and an adjustable metal clasp in the back. Great to wear outside when playing or when you're doggin' around with your best fur buddy.
Dog Dad Shirt
Get your mutt mister a t-shirt he can't refuse. This puntastic 'DogFather' tee is a perfect way for him to express his love for his prized pup and his favorite movie. The soft fabric is super comfortable and the high-quality design is guaranteed to stay put no matter how many washes. Dog Corgleone would be impressed.
Dog Dad Picture Frame
You're a part of the family, so it's important your picture is displayed just like anyone else in your household. Make your dad happy with this cute frame. You'll let everyone know you're the most pup-ular dog around. The frame signage states, 'I work hard so my dog can have a better life,' and holds a sweet 4x6 photo of your pooch.
Dog Dad Koozie
This koozie has all the personality of man's best friend and keeps your drink cold! The clever slogan 'In dog beers, I've only had one,' displayed on the cooler coolie is a funny conversation starter and makes the perfect present for any pupper lover. Its durable quality makes it long-lasting and it comes with two neoprene can coolers, too!
Dog Dad Wine Glasses
Anyone who owns a classy motherpupper deserves a fancy glass to toast and celebrate it. This fab 13 oz. wine glass states 'In dog wines I've only had one,' on the side (even though your little canino knows the truth). A delightful addition to anyone's bar who loves dogs and wine.
Personalized Dog Dad Blanket
Snuggling with your best bow wow buddy is even better when it involves a blanket honoring your both on it. The cozy, personalized throw is thick but soft, perfect to take camping or to lounge on the beach. The brightly colored fabric is eye-catching, and it's water-resistant. The blanket serves as a lifelong nostalgic memento. Pawsitively adorable!
Dog Dad Home Decor
Your dog dad will love this wall art that quickly establishes the important part of your family right on the signage. The lightweight wood and simple decor of the 6x12 sign reads 'You, Me, and the Dogs' in cursive scroll. It's a cute addition to any wall or office space, and will bring smiles to your guy's face.
Dog Dad Funny T-Shirt
If you love your handsome hunk, give him a gift he'll love fur-ever (just like you!). This sarcastic, super-soft 'My dog thinks I'm cool,' tee will be his new favorite go to. And remember, as his doggo, you deserve to feel just as special as he does when he's wearing it.
Personalized Dog Mat
Every dog deserves a cozy place to snooze. This personalized dog mat is 42x48 in. and comes in five colors. Jazz it up with a heart, bone or paw design and add his/her name to the large, soft cushion. It's made to stay warm in winter and cool in summer, so use it all year! It's the leash you could do for your good boy.
Retro Dog Toaster
Get your guy something to cook some dogs while he's playing with his with this retro hotdog and bun toaster. The vintage-themed appliance makes two servings at a time and comes with tongs and a hotdog cage. No, you can't share these wieners with your pooch, but you can play fetch while you snack.
Dog Lover Gift Set
This tumbler set makes the perfect double-gift for anyone crazy for their canines. The 'World's Best Dog Dad' and 'World's Best Dog Mom' tumblers keep drinks hot or cold for hours. They come with straws, a cleaner set, and hold smoothies, water, and even wine. The tumblers shatterproof insulation will come in handy, too, if your favorite furbaby wants playtime when you're using it.
Dog Shaming Calendar
Puppers are famous for pulling some not-so-subtle pranks on their owners. Celebrate their goofy innocence with this hilarious dog shaming calendar that pays a sweet homage to these loyal tail-waggers. This day-to-day calendar will keep 'em laughing each morning whether they keep it on a nightstand or at the office. It's sure to be a doggone hit.
Handmade Dog Dad Gift Box
This gift basket is a love letter for man's best friend and his super-human taste buds. The cookie box contains nine unique culinary creations made with human ingredients like applesauce, cinnamon, coconut and vanilla. They are easy for doggos to digest and are hand designed with yogurt icing.
Merino Wool Lounge Robe
If your furbaby father has been going through a rough pooch lately, this robe is exactly what he needs. The cozy Merino wool easy-secure has an easy-to-tie front and will give him the comfort he deserves. Plus, there's extra room in the pockets to store some tasty treats for you!
Beef Jerky Gift Box
When dog dads feed their pups, they deserve a snack, too. When you gift him this box of meat sticks, pork rinds, venison, chicken and jerky, he'll be chomping at the bits. The variety pack is filled with portable savory and spicy snacks that are perfect for camping, hiking, and even working. Bone-appetit!
Men's Warm Slippers
Your old man wakes up every morning to make sure his cute, but super-hairy best friend gets a morning walk. Slipping something comfy on he can wear indoors and outdoors will make his mornings! These slippers have durable rubber soles and comfy cotton lining.
Best Dog Dad Cup
A timeless mug to keep his rocket fuel in is another way to get your pal up with a smile. This 'Best Dog Dad Ever' ceramic piece would overjoy any mutt lover. The mug is dishwasher safe, durable, and will keep him smiling just like the dog when it's dinnertime.
1100 Lumens Flashlight
Walking the dog is genuine bonding time with your furry, four-legged friend. At night, though, you both may need to pay extra attention to dangerous situations, getting lost, or falling. This Streamlight lumen flashlight is long-lasting, super-bright, and has three different settings to choose from: high, low, and strobe. It's lightweight, LED-powered, and can fit right in your back pocket.
Funny Dog Mug
Every pet-lover has been in a situation to blame the dog for their bottom burp. This cute and sassy mug features a mischievous Boxer with the words, 'Quit farting,' on one side and, 'That was you,' on the other. The 11 oz. ceramic mug is a good conversation starter at the office or to enjoy alongside your cool canine.
Funny Dog Socks
Any proud dog father will revel in adorning his feel with his miraculous mutt each day. These personalized pet photo socks let you choose the best picture of your good boy to cover a pair of socks in repeating pattern. Soon, everyone will know your dog is your best fur-end.
Dog Father Whiskey Glass
Speaking of dog fathers, do you know a guy who's the grand dog dad of them all? This whiskey rocks glass is funny, smart, and unique. The pun 'The Dogfather' is penned across the lowball glass, it's dishwasher safe, and it also pairs well alongside a cannoli.
Orthopedic Men's Slippers
A man dedicated to his dog's health needs a solid pair of slippers to mold his feet. These orthopedic, leather shoes have a soft, therapeutic design with pillow-like support. Whether day or night, when your canine calls, you'll be ready to go and wondering howl you ever lived without a pair.