29 Mysterious Doctor Who Gift Ideas for All Whovians

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Have you been a Doctor Who fan since 1963? Or are you just a newbie Whovian? It won’t matter with our 29 curated Dr. Who gift ideas. We’ve explored the universe and found something for everyone. From Dr. Who action figures, to art, to apparel. Save yourself a lot of timey wimey by starting your gift search on this list. Go ahead, enter the Whoniverse.

LEGO Dr. Who Cyberman Fun Pack
Join Dalek and Cyberman as they embark on a quest to defeat the evil Lord Vortech. The pairing may be unlikely, but adding these two characters to your Lego Dimensions video game lineup will make you feel like you are in the middle of the time travel action.
Doctor Who Ceramic Coffee Mug
Even saving Earth is easier once you've had a little bit of caffeine. Drink your coffee like a true Whovian in this Doctor Who mug complete with the show's logo and an iridescent electroplated finish. Don't blink or look away from the shiny exterior - embrace it!
Dr. Who Call Box Window Adult Zip Hoodie
Dress the part of a true Time Lord in an officially licensed hoodie that might even disguise you as the TARDIS itself. You never know what century you might end up in. Wherever that might be, the super comfy material keeps you warm and cozy while letting everyone know where you stand in the fight against evil.
2nd Dr & Tardis Set
Diehard Whovians will recognize the second Doctor Who's bow tie, ripped trouser knees and unkempt appearance. Oh and the washed look of the 1969 TARDIS. The detailed design is perfect to put on your desk or bookshelf and remind yourself of all the timey wimey you have spent as a dedicated fan of the show.
Dr Who Telephone Booth Wall Decor
Looking for a more subtle way to display your Doctor Who obsession? This mash up between Van Gogh's Starry Night and the TARDIS traveling through time is the perfect gift for any Doctor Who fan or Whovian. The bright colors and surreal lines will add a pop of science fiction to any wall.
Doctor Who Women Sock Pack
It will feel like you are taking a walk in Matt Smith's shoes while you wear your very own set of five different Doctor Who socks. The designs feature two TARDIS themed patterns along with Daleks, Cybermen and Weeping Angels varieties. Show your Whovian pride all the way down to your toes!
Complete David Tennant Collection (Blu-Ray)
You will enjoy over 38 hours of the tenth Doctor Who with this complete Blu-Ray set. Will Rose and the Doctor be separated forever? Will he win in the epic battle of wits against the Cybermen? Find out by joining David Tennant and his new, youthful, energetic Doctor personality for all his episodes and specials.
12th Dr. Screwdriver w/ Touch Controls
You will feel just like Peter Capaldi when you carry your very own Doctor Sonic Screwdriver. Use this authentic replica as part of a costume, for role playing or as a decorative accent in your Whovian den. Features include a removable power core, authentic sounds, lights and touch controls.
Doctor Who Companion Toys
We all know that the Doctor is not complete without his companions. Sarah Jane Smith and Romana join the fourth Doctor in their 12th season adventures on the TARDIS. You will even see both incarnations of Romana. Notice the difference? This set is a must have for all Doctor Who fans.
Dr Who Tardis Throw Blanket
There is a lot of Doctor Who out there for you to binge, so make it comfy and snuggle up with this throw during your next marathon. The classic TARDIS design makes the perfect gift for any dedicated fan. You may not be able to use it to actually travel through space and time, but it's as close as you're going to get.
Vortex Manipulator & Sonic Screwdriver Toy
A true time agent's personal transportation device combined with a miniature sonic screwdriver make a great gift for any obsessed Doctor Who fan. Both items feature light effects and impressive details. The strap is adjustable, which makes it perfect for any age. Batteries are included so it's ready for action!
New Doctor Who Comforter (Twin)
There is no better way to decorate your Whovian bedroom than this plush comforter. Turn your bed into a TARDIS and show your Doctor Who pride with the bold design that's both decorative and functional. This piece is not limited to just your bed...decorate your sofa, chair or even an air mattress.
Doctor Who TARDIS Cookie Jar
Keep your cookies safe inside a 9in tall ceramic TARDIS cookie jar. Based on the 13th Doctor Who regeneration, this item makes a great kitchen gift or collection piece for any Whovian. Made from quality ceramic and featuring a rubber seal, this piece is made to last for all time (even if the cookies don't).
Doctor Who Mens Pajama Lounge Pant
Travel through that big ball of wibbily wobbly timey wimey stuff in comfort with a pair of Doctor Who lounge pants. The colorful design features Daleks, the TARDIS and the Doctor himself. The elastic waist and drawstring closure add extra comfort to the style.
Exploding TARDIS Pandorica Fleece
You will feel out of this world when covered in a blanket inspired by the 'Pandorica Opens' episode from season 5. The super soft throw will bring any Doctor Who fan down to earth as well as keep them warm and cozy. Now the only question is, will the Doctor be able to stop whatever is inside the Pandorica?
Tardis Wooden Jewelry Box w/ Drawers
The TARDIS protects Doctor Who and his companions as they travel through time, so you bet it will protect your delicate jewelry as well. Complete with drawers, hooks and ring inserts, just like the real thing, this too is even more spacious on the inside.
Knock Knock Adult T-Shirt
Ha! Even the Doctor has jokes. Share a laugh with fellow Whovians or strangers on the street when you sport this t-shirt. If you don't get a good laugh, hop back in the TARDIS and try out the joke on someone else - maybe in the past or maybe in the future.
Hidden UV Pen & UV Light Screwdriver
Leave yourself or a friend a secret note by using the 10th Doctor's screwdriver pen. The UV pen writes a message that you can only reveal with the accompanying UV light. Additionally, press the buttons for psychedelic effects that will make you feel like Doctor Who himself!
Dr. Who TARDIS Knit Pom Beanie
No matter which point in time you visit, this beanie will keep your head warm and cozy. Show your love for everything Doctor Who when you sport this hat. It's as appropriate for exploring unseen universes as it is for commuting on a chilly day.
Vintage Pocket Watch & Necklace Gift Box
You can easily adjust the time to whatever place you might be with this pocket watch that doubles as a necklace and a keychain. The high quality finish will impress any Whovian. This gift is complete with its own decorative box and protective padding. It is the ideal addition to any Doctor Who collection.
The Complete Twelfth Series (Blu-ray)
Join the 13th Doctor and her companions Ryan, Yasmin and Graham as they take on some of their toughest challenges yet. As the first female Doctor, she focuses on the quality of her friendships above all else. Join the time travel gang as they embrace new obstacles that just might save Earth from doom.
TARDIS French Press 34oz
Unlike the TARDIS, you need fuel to power through the days and years of eternity. Coffee = fuel. This french press features heat resistant glass and a classic TARDIS design. It brews up to three cups of coffee per use, so you will have enough for any companions you choose to bring with you on your travels through the dimensions.
Tom Baker Official BBC Scarf
The real scarf worn by Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor would be difficult to contain, but you can still look the part with this shorter version. Every time you wear this iconic scarf, fellow Whovians will nod in recognition. Keep yourself warm no matter which dimension you might find yourself in.
Doctor Who Women's K9 Slippers
Are your dogs barking? That means your feet are tired. Rest and rejuvenate them with a pair of plush robot dog slippers. They might not succeed in helping you fight off evil forces between universes, but they definitely will keep you warm while you binge watch Doctor Who. Rise to that challenge.
Doctor Who 3 Piece Gift Set
Bring some life to your office space with this set. It includes a psychedelic coffee mug, journal and sonic screwdriver flashlight. Envision yourself writing about your latest adventure on the TARDIS or fighting a Dalek army. Even if you have to leave the adventure to the TV screen, these items will brighten up any boring office. Your Whovian collection isn't complete without this set.
Police Box Mouse Pad
Do you spend your days exploring through space and time? Or do you just explore the web? Either way, add this item to your desk and feel like you are in another universe. The pad features a smooth material to keep your mouse from slipping. You can make even the most mundane computer tasks feel exciting by adding this item to your workspace.
Doctor Who Mini Ornament Set
Adorn your Christmas tree with Doctor Who's most infamous villains. The set includes a Weeping Angel, an Adipose, a Dalek and a Cyberman. The detailed pieces make for a fun addition to any Whovian tree. Let's just hope they don't try to erase Santa Claus from history!