99 Mighty Gifts for Dungeon & Dragons Players to Quest

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Give a gift to your DnD fanatic that they will actually love. From unique in-game pieces, to meaningful gift sets, there are ideas for any level of DnD fans. Whether they’re novice or dungeon masters, there is a gift here for every level of expertise, as well as for every budget. Make someone’s day and check out these 99 gifts!

Dragon 3D Lamp
Let a dragon protect your dreams with this Dragon Night Light. This night light creates a 3D optical illusion. With the click of a remote your dragon can change between 16 colors. This lamp is eco friendly and soft/safe, making it a great gift for kids or adults.

Travel Bag & Foam Vault
Be ready whenever adventure strikes. Acquire this Tabletop Adventurer’s Bag and you’re well on your way to being prepared for any DND style adventure. It has pockets for dice, tokens, and can fit from four to eight books. Everything you need to explore the realms or create your story in Dungeons and Dragons.

Player's Handbook
If you have a D&D character you want to adventure as then the Player’s Handbook can make that a reality. It explains the races and classes to make almost any character you can imagine. If it’s not in the book, it gives the perfect reference on how to make them. This book also has information on items, spells and other player necessities for Dungeons and Dragons.

Six Pack Funny T-Shirt
Give your friend or family member that plays D & D a good laugh with this Six Pack Dice Dungeons & Dragons T-Shirt. You'll see a six pack alright although dice is probably not what you were expecting. But, hey, who plays Dungeons and Dragons and doesn't love the dice?

Tears of Players Coffee Mug
For the dungeon master that’s always giving their D & D players a tough challenge, gift them this cup so they can drink their players tears. Words are printed on both sides for the whole party can see. If the dungeon master is blood thirsty enough in the game, they’ll never go thirsty.

Mind Flayer Funko Pop Figure
Adventurers beware it’s a Mind Flayer. This Mind Flayer is a Funko Pop! exclusive collectable figure. From the world of Dungeons and Dragons the Mind Flayer can use mind and tentacles to ensnare adventures. Although, this one only stands at 3 3/4 inches and is part of the larger Dungeons and Dragons collection.

Jumbo Plush Novelty D20 Dice
Roll a natural 20 for comfort with this Jumbo D20 Plush. It provides the comfort of a pillow and the pleasure of rolling a giant die whenever you want. This die has felt backing so the die doesn’t lose its shape. Don’t take a gamble when it comes to comfort.

Owlbear Gamer Pouch
Keep your dice or trinkets safe in this official Dungeons and Dragons licensed Owlbear pouch. A zipper on the owl bear opens to store dice or trinkets. It also comes with a carabiner style hook to take it wherever you go. It's like having your own pet owlbear wherever you go.

Bulk Storage Pouch
Never run out of room with this Endless Hoard Storage Bag. This dice bag holds over 1,000 polyhedral dice within six pockets for a large amount of dice. The pouch itself is also high quality made of Faux Dragonhide, velvet lined pockets and a durable cord to pull it all together.

Giant Inflatable D20 Dice
If you’re looking for fun way to mix up your Dungeons & Dragons session look no further than this D20 Inflatable Die. This die is inflatable, waterproof and childproof. Just inflate and roll to see if the die is with you. Each purchase supports the small business owners that created and sold this from Michigan.

Miniatures: Boneyard Booster
What creature awaits you? Order these miniatures from this Boneyard Booster pack and find out. Each pack comes with 32 miniatures from the Boneyard. Creatures you may find include skeletons, and other undead creatures that roam the night. Miniatures are perfect to add a gruesome fight to any D&D adventure.

Blue Dragon Figure
The dragons are landing, as minis. If you want a dragon mini for your Dungeons and Dragons collection this Adult Blue Dragon is the figure for you. It’s recognizable by the blue color, frilled ears, and a massive horn. They can be extremely territorial so watch out!

Dice Set w/Gold Pattern Bags
Grab your dice and join the Dungeons and Dragons adventure. This Dice Set with six sets of dice and six pouches is a great way to get started or even add to your dice collection. Separate coloring and pouches make it easy to separate dice whenever or however you want to.

Monster Card Bundle
Discover monsters from the world of D&D with these Dungeons & Dragons 5E Monster Cards. Official monster statistics on the back of each card with art on the other. Each purchase comes with a pack for monsters challenge level 0-5 and a second for monsters challenge level 6-16. These are perfect to use as reference or tools during play.

Miniatures Condition Markers Set
Do you want tracking conditions in Dungeons and Dragons easier? Now it can be. These Condition Markers make tracking conditions a breeze. Each set comes with 96 total rings to track 24 separate battle conditions like freezing or poison. Storage box is included for easy clean up.

Painted Mini Figures
Bring Goblins, Orcs and Skeletons to your Dungeons and Dragon Game with these 28 Unique Mini Figures. Each pack comes with 28 painted figures including Goblins, Orcs, Bandits, Gnolls, Kobolds, Skeletons and Zombies. These mini figures are perfect for adding new enemies and adventures to your Dungeons & Dragons session.

Funny Dungeon Master T-Shirt
Get the officially licensed D&D Dungeon Master T-Shirt. Perfect for any dungeon master whether that be you, a family member or a friend. This Dungeon Master shirt should be machine washed on cold then dried on a dry low heat for best care. And remember, the Dungeon Master should not be questioned…sometimes.

Coasters Set
Are you a Wizard, Bard or maybe a Paladin? No matter your favorite D&D class this Dungeons and Dragons Coaster Set shows your support for the game and your adventuring class of choice. Each set comes with 14 coasters and a decorative stand to put them in.

Color-Changing Dice Set
Impress your D&D group with this Color Changing Dice Set. Dice change color with heat almost like magic. This dice set is perfect for tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun, Pathfinder, Savage World and more. This heat changing set is available in multiple colors so you can choose the magic dice right for you.

Reusable Game Mat
Keep track of your D&D character’s movements on this Reusable Game Mat. This is perfect for keeping track of movements, battles, dungeons or even smaller areas like taverns. The mat is markable and easy to clean with non-permanent markers. Four markers, a spray bottle and an eraser are included with the grid map.

Side Quests Funny T-Shirt
Not everything is part of the main story. If you know someone that loves D&D that gets distracted or loves side quests, then this Side Quest T-Shirt is the perfect gift. For best care wash on cold with like colors and dry on low heat.

Dice Earrings Set
Have your look stand out while playing Dungeons and Dragons with these unique Dice Earrings. These make the perfect gift for anyone that loves D&D and wearing fun earrings. This jewelry is also sturdy made of a metal alloy. Dice can be for more than just rolling and stacking.

Elder Brain Premium Set
Are you brave enough to take on the Elder Brain? Now you have your chance with this Elder Brain Set. Each kit comes with the Elder Brain, two single Stalagmites, two double stalagmites and two stalagmite pillars. The Elder Brain may be hungry for more than knowledge.

Hero & Animals Miniatures Set
Grow your D&D miniature collection with these 28 Dungeon and Dragons miniature. Each case comes with 28 detailed paintable mini D&D characters. Figures include a mix of animals like dogs and cats as well as adventurer figures. A Digital PDF for a campaign setting comes with the figures as well.

Metal Dice Set
Are your dice sturdy enough for the adventure? These Metal Dice are sturdy and have a good weight to them when rolling. This makes a perfect addition to any dice collection or new dice for anyone wanting something made of metal. Each die is checked before packing.

Mimic Chest Storage Box
It’s a mimic! Or is it? This is the Mimic Storage Box that looks like a mimic but shouldn’t actually attack the owner. This Dungeons & Dragons container holds up to 35 individual dice. It could also fit metal dice, minis or other D&D pieces.

Battle Grid Game Mat
Mark out your adventure on this Durable Battle Grid Mat. This mat is perfect for RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons. Use washable markers for easy clean up and reuse. Never lose track of your adventure again when you can mark it down for the party to follow.

Leather Velvet Foldable Rolling Tray
It’s going, it’s going, and it’s off the table. Keep that from happening to your dice with this Fancy Folding Dice Tray. Each purchase comes with 4 dice trays colored black, blue, red and caramel. The outside of the dice tray is made of PU leather to make it sturdy and make cleaning a breeze.

Ready-Made Battle Map Pages
Add to your D&D adventure setting with this Dungeon Map set. Each package comes with 1000 reversible terrain pieces made out of 12pt cardstock. Pieces are reversible and wet dry erase for easy marking and cleanup. Areas include houses, taverns, towns, dungeons and more for the adventurers to explore.

Leather Drawstring Pouch with Eye
Protect your dice with this PU Leather Dice Bag. It’s perfect for storing coins, or dice for games like Dungeons & Dragons. The bag is made of a soft PU leather with a dragon design and dragon eye on the outside. Each bag is approximately 3.9” across and 6.3” high for storing around two sets of dice.

Cone Spell Template Mat
Know who and where your cone ranged spell hits with this Cone Spell Measure Tool. This cone shows 60 ft damage to know what enemies or players are in range of the attack. This is the perfect way to quickly figure out a spell’s range – great for beginners or veterans.

Sapphire Dragon Figure
Expand your minis Sapphire Dragon miniature figure. The sapphire dragon is the most territorial of all gem dragons. It’s scales and wings are varying shades of blue showing its sapphire color. This dragon stands at over 160mm tall with expanded sapphire blue wings ready to fly or attack.

Scroll Dice Rolling Mat
Are you in need of a dice try and rolling mat? If so, this Dice Mat and Tray is the perfect solution. This dice mat is perfect for tabletop gaming like Dungeons and Dragons – it also rolls for easy carrying and storage. A pen slot is also included for additional use.

Dungeon Master Keychain
In Dungeons and Dragons the Dungeon Master leads the group and can even lead the group into peril. That’s the idea this funny Dungeon Master Keychain was made with in mind. This keychain is engraved with the fateful words: “When the DM smiles, it’s already too late.”

Hero & Monster Laser Cut Token Set
In D&D, your imagination is the only limit. If your imagination needs some help or you want to make a game of creating characters these Fantasy Hero and Monster Tokens are one way to add to the adventure. Each set includes one of each major starting class like Monk, or Ranger, seven major creature types like Fey or Undead along with damage trackers.

Eberron Skycoach Premium Set
Let your characters sail away on a flying ship with this Flying Skycoach. This is the skycoach to explore sharn, the city of skyscrapers. This works as a display piece or as part of a D&D adventure for party members to fly on to explore almost anywhere.

Adventurer's Campsite Miniature
Adventurers it’s time to move forward. In D&D there’s no better way to camp and travel than in the Adventurer’s Campsite. The pack comes with one wagon, one campfire, two treasure chests, one cooking pot, two horses with saddles and more. If your adventurers need to rest or travel this perfect way to show your adventures goings on.

Spellbook, Storage Bag, & Cards Set
Keep track of your spells and dice with this Spellbook, Bag and Cards. These are perfect editions for keeping track of spells and dice while playing Dungeons & Dragons. Thirty pages are included to fit either 30 or 60 spells if both sides of the cards are used.

Gelatinous Cube Funko Pop Figure
It’s green, it’s mean, it’s the Gelatinous Cube by Funko Pop! This is a D&D collectable exclusive featuring a gelatinous cube with the bones of the poor soul it last fought. Perfect for displaying at home or collecting as a Dungeon and Dragons exclusive Funko Pop!

Laser Cut Modular Terrain Tiles
Create your adventuring arena with this Brick Wall Dungeon Set. These walls are the perfect way to create a 3D dungeon for adventures to explore. This set works for multiple tabletop games like Warhammer or Dungeons and Dragons. This 3D terrain builder works perfectly with any 1” gaming map and miniature figures.

Tavern Furniture Miniatures
Time to check out the tavern. Take your adventure to the tavern with this Tavern Furniture Set. Miniatures comes with wooden stools, tables, barbacks and other accessories. Perfect for when adventures are drinking, checking out the tavern for information or otherwise need to rest and eat.

Spellbook Card Binder
Anyone who collects cards knows they should be organized. For anyone that collects D&D cards this Skull Spellbook is the perfect way to keep cards organized and in good condition. This holder can be used for a number of cards whether that’s Pokemon, Yugioh, Magic the Gathering or more.

Roleplaying Coins & Pouch
Be the king of your game with these King’s Coins & Pouch. This King’s Coffers Pouch comes with 60 metal pieces in 5 denominations including copper, silver, electrum, gold and platinum. Each type of coin is uniquely colored and marked to add some realism to Dungeons and Dragons or whichever game is being played.

Sarcasm Stats Mug
If you enjoy sarcasm and D&D, or know someone who does then there’s no chance this mug would be enjoyed (a bit of sarcasm). You get it. This white ceramic glass holds 11 ounces of liquid. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe for the user’s convenience. Don’t let this sarcasm go to waste.

Adventure Begins Board Game
You never forget your first adventure. Now you can start yours or start a new adventure with this Beginners Dungeons and Dragons Board Game. Each set comes with four minifigures and their character information. Choose where your adventure goes and what boss awaits your characters ahead.

Polyhedral Dice Set
If you want to collect every type of dice check out this Complete Dice Set. It comes with twelve different types of dice including the D3, D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, D24, D30, D50, D60 and D100. Dice are available in Black, white, purple or red.

Customizable GM Screen
Separate your DM space with this Customizable GM Screen. The screen comes with free art inserts and reference pages for D&D 5e and Pathfinder. The screen is dry erase for easy note taking or reminders. This screen stands at 11.5 inches tall and folds to just 1/2 inches thick for easy storage.

Classic Creatures Boxed Set
What monster awaits you in battle? Add more Monsters to your D&D world of minis with this Creature Box Set. Each set comes with nine miniature figures in various sizes. This is the WizKids commemorative edition of the original tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons.

Steampunk Dice Set
If you like Steampunk and D&D then this pair of 2 Steampunk Dice is just right to add to your dice. This set comes with two dice, two D6 metal Dice. Both dice are lightweight and make a great sound when rolled since it’s hollowed and made of metal.

Cursed Lands Board Game Terrain Tiles
Something is wrong; this land is cursed! A companion piece to “Curse of Strahd,” this is the Cursed Lands Board. Maps include dilapidated buildings, cemeteries, crypts, haunted forests and more to fill a player with dread. Have a spooky good time exploring, oh, and look out for the creatures and monsters wandering around.

Orcus Demon Lord Figure
Demon Prince of Undeath, Blood Lord is here. This Orcus Demon Lord Figure stands ready to face the unexpecting Dungeons and Dragons players. Orcus stands at an intimidating 100mm base to leer over the adventurers. Fear him as he flies and may summon minions to attack the other adventurers.

Mimic Gamer Pouch
Is this dice bag a trap? If you dare tackle the mimic with this Mimic Dice Pouch. This pouch is the official Dungeons & Dragons storage pouch. It holds dice, coins, tokens and other gaming accessories. A carabiner style hook comes with the bag for easy carrying on the go.

Spellbook Cards
Reference spells with ease with these Dungeon and Dragons Cards. These packs include spells for Rangers and Paladins. Cards include the spells name and important information for quick reference – like the spells level. Coating also makes them durable and safe to mark with dry erase markers.

Dungeon Master Blanket
Even Dungeon Masters get cold. To fix this get your favorite Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master a Dungeon Master Blanket. The blanket is made of 100% microfiber polyester making it lightweight, durable and fade resistant. Machine wash with cold water separately on delicate cycle and tumble dry on low heat.

Hooded Sweatshirt
Your support for D&D doesn’t have to end at the session. Show your enthusiasm with this Men's Dungeons and Dragons Sweatshirt. This is the officially licensed Dungeons and Dragons Graphic Hooded Sweatshirt coming in sizes S-3XL. This is the perfect gift for any guy who’s a player, or dungeon master in Dungeons and Dragons.

Black Dragon Miniature
Have you ever fought a Young Black Dragon in Dungeons and Dragons? Do you want to make it easier than ever before? Now it can be with the Young Black Dragon figure. This miniature comes with one Young Black Dragon that is primed and ready to paint.

Flying Miniatures Combat Risers
Tracking adventures on ground is one thing, but how do you handle tracking in the air? Easy. This Flying Combat Tracker tracks players perfectly in Dungeons & Dragons or even in other tabletop games while in the air. This stand tracker keeps track of flying from 0 to 9999 ft.

Core Building Set w/Baseplate
Create unique terrain for adventures to explore with this Modular World Builder. Easy snap design makes for an easy to create and take apart experience. Each set comes with 127 pieces to build different castles or other explorable areas. Create a world for your figures to explore.

Dungeons & Drawings Book
Take a look at your favorite Dungeons and Dragons Monsters like never before with this Illustrated Dungeons & Dragons Book. This book was created by animators Blanca Martinez de Rituerto and Joe Sparrow. Monsters include beasts, spirts, demons aliens and more that wander around the world of Dungeons and Dragons.

Skull Monster Card & Spellbook Binder
Keep your cards safe in this Skull Spellbook. Included are 40 - 2 slot pages for large D&D cards and 40-4 slot pages for up to 80 standard sized cards. This organizer is perfect for any card game like Yugioh or Pokémon, but is particularly equipped for Dungeons and Dragons.

Rage of Demons Miniatures
Add to your miniature collection with these Rage of Demons Figures. Each pack comes with eight figures. These are figures from set three, the newest random set of monsters and heroes from WizKids. Take a chance and see what miniatures will be added to your collection.

Insulated Tumbler w/Dice Design
If you’re going to take on a lich, dragon or even a slime it’s important to stay hydrated. Now you can keep your drink cool and take it on the go with this Dungeons & Dragons Tumbler. The outside is printed with plant-based inks or powders and is eco-friendly.

Covens & Covenants Boxed Set
Take on Strahd with this Curse of Strahd Box Set. This box includes Morgantha, Bella Sunbane, Offalia, Worm Wiggle, The Abbot, Vasilka, Thorn, and Rose for D&D adventures. Bring some of the valley's most terrifying foes to your collection with this box set when taking on Strahd.

Dragon Octagon Dice Tray
Collect your dice and roll with ease in this Dragon styled Dice Tray. The staging arena holds around five sets of dice. The staging arena holds dice so they don’t roll around or get lost. The padding also protects dice like metal dice and provides noise reduction.

Original Battle Grid Game Board
Create the battles, dungeons or other adventures for Dungeon and Dragons players to enjoy on this Grid Battle Mat. It’s easy to mark and erase with wet or dry erase markers. This mat comes with dice, markers and an eraser. This mat is inspected and designed in the USA.

Essentials Kit
Start your adventure in Dungeons and Dragons off right with this D & D Essentials Kit. Perfect for games with as few as two players. This kit includes a rulebook, Dragon of Icespire Peak Introductory Adventure, six blank character sheets, 11 dice pieces, a Dungeon Master's screen and more.

Wrath of Ashardalon Board Game
With 1 to 5 players take on challenging quests and cooperative scenarios in this Wrath of Ashardalon game. In this game adventure across land where a spire that oozes lava casts a heavy shadow. With a monster infestation who knows what you’ll run into next, or if a red dragon is in your team’s future.

Heroes' Feast Cookbook
After a long day of adventuring nothing sounds better than a feast of good food. Now you can cook like your favorite adventurer with Heroes’ Feast. Food includes Elven Bread, savory Hand Pies, and Amphail Braised Beef. Recipes for drinks are also included like Evermead, or potion of restoration.

Wild Shape and Polymorph Set
With these Eight Wild Shape figures your player can turn into one of these eight ferocious creatures. Creatures include an octopus, scorpion, shark, tiger, frog, boar, cat or rat. Can you find the perfect wild shape to help you and your party out on your adventure?

Goblin Warband Figure
Collect six new D&D icons with these Goblin Warband Icons. Icons include six unique goblin fighters for adventurers to face in Dungeons and Dragons encounters. This is perfect for fans of D&D, Players or even Dungeon Masters to set up a mix of monster encounters.

D20 Shaped Throw Blanket
Enjoy D&D and comfort in this Dragons D20 Shaped Blanket. This is the officially licensed Dungeons & Dragons D20 Fan Accessory. This blanket comes in black and red showing different numbers on the D20. The blanket comes in a unique dice shape and is super comfy!

Reaper Unpainted Miniatures
Enjoy D&D and comfort in this Dragons D20 Shaped Blanket. This is the officially licensed Dungeons & Dragons D20 Fan Accessory. This blanket comes in black and red showing different numbers on the D20. The blanket comes in a unique dice shape and is super comfy!

Troll Unpainted Miniature
You never know who or what you’ll run into during a Dungeons and Dragons adventure. Add this Dungeons and Dragons Troll figure to add trolls to your collection. This troll comes pre-primed with Acrylicos Vallejo primer. Deep cuts in the figure were added for an overall easier painting experience.

Foldable Terrain Mats
Be ready for almost any terrain with these Unique Terrain Grid Board Mats. Eight board mats are included including cobblestone, grass, tavern, sea and stellar to name a few. Each mat is also made for easy marking and cleaning with dry erase markers to ready your adventure.

Adventurer's Paint Set
Dungeons and Dragons shows all sorts of monsters and fantastical lands. Now you can paint some of these locations and adventures with The Dungeons and Dragons Line Paint Set. Each set comes with 10 water based paints and one handmade starter brush to start your painting adventure.

Dungeon Lab Miniature Set
Explore Waterdeep with this Dungeons and Dragons Waterdeep Set. Each set comes with 19 Pre-Painted Miniatures for Dungeons & Dragons adventures. This set is for recommended for ages 14 and up. See what adventures await with the Mad Mage in Waterdeep when your journey begins.

Heavy Metal Dice Set
Get yourself a sturdy set of dice or get them as a gift. This D&D Metal Dice Set is perfect for Dungeons & Dragons or other tabletop RPG games. These dice are made of a heavy zinc alloy and includes a D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20 and a Percentile Dice.

Antique Copper Dice Set
Make sure you dice have long life with this beautiful antique set. Every player will be thrilled to get a chance to roll with these. This dice set has a copper finish to stand up to years of heavy use. Each set comes in a velvet drawstring bag.

Men's Pajama Pants
Lounge about or think of your next adventure in these Men’s Dungeons and Dragons Black Pajamas Pants. Sizes range from men’s size XS-3XL. These pants are machine washable for easy care. They are made of a soft cotton and polyester blend for that extra comfort.

Kraken Unpainted Miniature
Unleash the Kraken with this Kraken Miniature Figure. This model is provided unpainted upon purchase. Primer is needed to adhere paint properly to the figure. This model was made in the USA using 3D printing in Las Vegas, NV using the eco friendly plastic PLA.

Book of Holding Journal
Fill your own book of holding with The Book of Holding. This grid paper will be a perfect way to journal, keep tabs on your D&D adventure, keep as a diary or to use for any other writing. This is also perfect for character creation and drawing.

Player's Handbook Beginner Gift Set
Start your D&D adventure off right with this Player’s Handbook Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. This complete D&D gift set comes with the Player’s Handbook, dice along with printable accessories. It makes a fantastic gift for your loved one who just can't get enough of D&D. For maximum gift-ability, play D&D together!

Spellbook Cards Martial Deck
Check out spell names and important spell information with these Martial Deck Spellbook Cards. Each card has a spell name and the spell’s description/mechanical text written in full. Cards are highly durable and have a protective coating to mark with dry erase markers for easier use.

Fire Giant Miniature
Some miniatures make a big impact. Add these Fire Giant Unpainted Miniatures to your miniatures for whenever you want Fire Giants attack. This miniature is primed for painting then ready to take adventurers in a fight. A perfect gift for family or friends that enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Retro D20 T-Shirt
Add a retro gaming style to your wardrobe or give this Retro Dungeons and Dragons shirt as a unique gift. Shirt sizes range from S to 3XL. The retro dice comes in a rainbow of colors featuring the D20, along with five other dice on the front.

Wooden Rowboat for Tabletop Game
Let your Dungeon & Dragons players row about on a Wooden Row Boat Miniature. This wooden boat is made of eco-friendly harvested birch wood and engraved oars. Each boat also has a grid system to keep track of movement and spacing. Miniatures are not included.

Worldbuilder's Journal
Create mythical stories or characters with this World Builder’s Journal. This journal includes 365 prompts to strengthen your created character or world. Questions include those that encourage thought about why the character is an adventurer or even about their enemies and what their backstory would be.

Guidebook w/Alternate Cover
Explore the expanded domains of Ravenloft now expanded domain in the Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft. This book adds two new subclasses including the College of Spirits for bard, and the Undead pact for warlocks. New adventures, chills and thrills are also added in this adventure.

Young Adventurer's Book Collection Set
Learn about the world of D&D through this Youth Adventurer’s Collection. These introductory books are perfect for introducing new players to the characters, locations, creatures and magic elements to make an epic D&D adventure. Books include Monsters & Creatures, Warriors & Weapons, Dungeons & Tombs as well as Wizard Spells.

Legend of Drizzt Board Game
Gather one to five brave adventurers and check out The Legend of Drizzt Board Game. This game includes multiple quest along with cooperative gameplay for the group to enjoy. This game comes with 42 heroes and monsters, 13 sheets of cardstock that interlocks as Dungeon tiles, 200 encounter, a scenario book and a 20 sided die.

Falling Star Sailing Ship w/Grid
Travel the waters in D&D in luxury on this Falling Star Sailing Ship. This ship stands at 17.2 inches tall, 33 inches long and 6.4 inches wide. The ship comes with functional hatches to fire at enemy ships in your way. Travel fight or adventure on the sea in style and forge ahead.

Mouse Pad with Logo
If you enjoy the old school Dungeons & Dragons this Game Mouse Pad is just the style for your computer needs. The surface is smooth and washable for easy smooth mouse movement. An Anti-Slip rubber base keeps it firmly placed at the desktop where you want it.

Dracolich Dragon Miniature
Drug out from the boneyard this D&D Icons of the Realms Miniatures: Boneyard Booster Blue Dracolich is ready to attack an unsuspecting adventuring group in the tabletop game Dungeons & Dragons.

Scrying Stones Set
Do you ever get stumped on an NPC, or other game aspect in Dungeons & Dragons? Well worry no more with these Scrying Stones. Dice help determine outcomes about race, jobs, quirks, dungeon, weather, terrain, and treasure. Now you can play with less stress when it comes to what the adventurers will run into next.

Ampersand T-Shirt
If you or someone you know enjoys Dungeons & Dragons then this Dungeons & Dragons T Shirt is a great purchase. Shirt size ranges from S to 7XL and are printed in Detroit, MI, USA. Shirts are made out of 100% cotton and are machine washable for easy care.

Wooden Dungeon Master's Screen
Add class to your Dungeon Master screen with this Wooden Dungeon Master’s Screen. The screen is made of birch plywood making it light and easy to transport. It also gives elegance with laser engraved art and writing along with functional bronze clasps and corner protectors.