73 Prehistorically Great Dinosaur Gifts For Mere Mammals

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Isn’t it crazy that the Earth was roamed by enormous reptiles millions and millions of years before us humans existed? This list commemorates those much-respected Jurassic giants, known as the dinosaurs. With personalized and unique dinosaur gifts for babies, children, and adults, get the gifts from this list before they go extinct!

3D T-Rex Night Light
Enjoy a 3D night light that is a great gift for all ages. This night light features a 3D T-Rex that is designed to give an optical illusion when it's on. This light gives a warm light tone, and is great for bedside or decoration on the end table.

Dinosaur Target Game
Have some fun with this dinosaur gift that allows you to practice your target shot. This is a fun shooting toy target game to for kids. Included in this gift is 2 air pump guns, the dinosaur you aim towards, and 48 foam balls for fire. This is a gift all kids will love.

Dinosaur Backpack
This small dinosaur backpack is a kids new favorite bag! This backpack is designed for kids ages 3-5, it has a variety of pockets, zipper feature, and a stuffed dinosaur plush on the back. It is made with a denim material and has adjustable shoulder straps.

Jurassic Park T-Shirt
Surprise him with his favorite movie T-shirt. 'The Park is Open' shirt has the Jurassic park design printed on the front. It is available in a variety of different colors, all in a heathered style. It is machine washable, and offers a well fitting short sleeve tee.

Lego 3-in-1 Build a Dino Kit
Have fun building a Dino with this Lego 3 in 1 building kit. This do it yourself build kit features 3 different dinosaurs you can put together. There is a variety of different parts included, allowing you to have fun while you build and piece together these different dinosaurs.

Remote Control Dino
Surprise someone with this fun dinosaur gift remote control toy. This toy has a realistic T-Rex figurine with light up features that can all be controlled by a wireless remote. This has an easy to install set up, making it as simple as taking it out of the box and ready to go!

Dino Light Projection
Add fun shapes and designs to the ceiling and walls with a Dino light projection. This projection light has several different dinosaur shapes with a variety of different colors that showcase to the walls of all your favorite things. This light is made with Eco friendly material and can act as a nightlight as well.

Daring Dinosaur Sound Book Set
Work through a read and play sound book gift set. This is a great gift for someone who loves dinosaurs and wants to learn more about them. This set features a book to read through with several different dinosaur figurines that you get to read about as you work through it.

Inflatable Adult Dino Costume
Have some laughs with this adult gift Dino costume. This costume is designed as a T-Rex, it's inflatable and oversized with a jumpsuit style, guaranteed to fit anyone. This is a great gift for someone who loves to entertain and make others laugh and have some fun.

Dino Pull-Back Cars
Enjoy a unique toy car set with these pull back Dino cars. This gift set comes with 6 unique different pull back cars that are all designed as different dinosaurs. These are the perfect mini size, that can also make as a great party favor too!

Glow-in-the-Dark Blanket
Cozy up at home with a new glow in the dark blanket. This blanket is a great gift for anyone who loves dinosaurs and blankets. There are different Dino shapes all throughout the blanket and is designed to glow in the dark. It is an oversized blanket making it extra cozy.

Dinosaur Therapy Hardback Book
Gift an adult dinosaur lover this great Dino book. This book is a Times Bestselling book that is set up to be an adult comic dinosaur book that talks about different life struggles, mental health questions, and the meaning of life. This is a great adult gift for someone who loves to read, or needs some inspiration.

Dinosaur Bathrobe
Surprise him with his favorite dinosaurs on a new cozy bathrobe! This boys bathrobe is made with soft plush material, making it warm and comfortable to put on as your winding down at home. Pictured all throughout is a variety of dinosaurs, blue collar, and grey background color too!

Dinosaur Figures and Play Mat
Surprise the kids with a fun activity play mat that involves all their favorite things! This activity mat is designed to showcase a realistic dinosaur world. Included in this gift set you'll find trees, dinosaurs, and other fun accessories. This is a great tool to encourage imaginative play.

Wooden Dinosaur Bones 3D Puzzle Set
Let him enjoy working through a diy 3D puzzle set. This set is set up to create several different dinosaurs out of wood by piecing together each puzzle. This is a great educational gift, with step by step instructions to create each model included.

Baby Dino in Coffee Mug
Have a warm cup of coffee with a cute new unique mug. This coffee mug is a white ceramic glass mug that looks simple on the outside. However, as you work your way through the drink you will start to see a little dinosaur peep is way through the glass. This is a cute gift for anyone who loves coffee and dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Tea Infuser
Take tea time to new heights with this exotic dino infuser. Bring amazing flavors to your loved one's tea. A cute kitchen gadget that will have everyone talking. Stylish but also very practical for your favorite tea lover. Bring Nessie home once and for all!

I Love You Forever Dino Necklace
There is no better way to say I love you then with a jewelry item she would love. This necklace is a beautiful dinosaur themed necklace that has a blue iridescent color around the arch of the heart, with a mama and baby Dino in the center.

T-Rex Skeleton Baseball Cap
Add a new hat to his collection with a hat that has his favorite things. This black denim hat is adjustable in size, it's made with a washed cotton material, and offers a comfortable soft fit. On the front of the hat is a white embroidered skeleton dinosaur making it the first thing that catches your eye.

Dinosaur Rain Slicker
Stay dry with a zip up raincoat, This rain jacket is a knee length boys jacket that is an army green color with dinosaurs printed all throughout the coat. It has velcro locking pockets and a removable hood, keeping everything important dry the next time he's caught in a rainstorm.

T-riffic T-rex Mug
Brighten up your morning by drinking out of a fun and cute cup. This mug is a T-rex themed cup that has a green dinosaur on the outside. Quoted on the mug is 'Today will be T-Riffic Day.' followed by another saying on the back. This mug holds up to 16 ounces, and is a great start to any morning.

Triceratops Head Lamp for Kids
Make sure your Dino lover has all the necessities by surprising them with a fun headlamp. This headlamp is a camping essential. It is Triceratops themed, with an adjustable strap and a flashlight that turns on front and center. This will be his new favorite gift for all of his adventures.

Dinosaur Novelty Socks in Egg
Get the ultimate dinosaur gift with this novelty pair of dinosaur socks. These socks are gifted in a creative plastic dinosaur egg, and the socks itself have a fun dinosaur themed pair with a variety of bright colors and designs. These are a one size fits most and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Silver-Plated T-Rex Heart Necklace
Surprise her with a delicate T-Rex heart necklace. This pendant is 18k silver plated, it comes on an 18 inch standard spring clasp chain, and has a removable pendant. The pendant is a silhouette of a T-Rex, that comes gifted on a necklace card with a special saying written on it.

Dino Lightweight Throw Blanket
Gift a fun lightweight dinosaur throw blanket that is a great size for any child. This blanket is great for a bed or chair, it has a soft material making it easy to cozy up too. Pictured throughout the blanket is a variety of different dinosaurs, with a variety of different colors.

T-Rex Creature Cup
Make your morning exciting with a cup of tea or coffee in a fun mug. This mug is a great gift for anyone who loves dinosaurs. It has a bold blue outside color, on the inside of the mug as your drink goes down a little T-Rex will start to pop through.

Triceratops Plush Rocker
Provide the perfect baby gift with a classic style nursery rocker. This rocker is a fun unique style because it is shaped like a dinosaur. This is a great addition to any nursery, and will become the babies favorite toy as it grows older and starts to explore.

Dino Taco Holder Set
Bring taco night back in style with a set of fun Dino taco holders. These holders come in a set of 4, they hold the tacos perfect in the back of the dinosaur, keeping the shape of the taco perfect while having a fun look at the same time.

Adult Dinosaur Onesie
Whether you are lounging around the house or ready for a good night's sleep, this adult dinosaur onesie is a great set of pajamas to wear. It features a button closure, and is available in several different sizes. It is made with high quality material, making it cozy to wear all day long!

Dinosaur Bottle Stopper
Keep your wine fresh after opening it in style with a fun bottle stopper. This wine bottle cork has a Velociraptor figurine on the top, designed to look like it is crawling out of the wine. This is a great novelty gift for anyone who loves dinosaurs and wine.

Cast Iron Dino Paper Towel Holder
Add a fun kitchen accessory with a new paper towel holder. This holder is made up of cast iron, and is shaped like a dinosaur. The paper towel rests on the neck, and rolls easy making it easy to access when needed. This is a great kitchen accessory for anyone who loves to decorate and has a love for Dino's.

Glow-in-the-Dark Dino Wall Decals
Bring some fun decals into the kids room with a set of glow in the dark dinosaur wall decals. These decals are made with a high quality fluorescent wall sticker. These high quality materials make them vibrant and looking great during the day, and have an awesome glow in the dark finish with the lights out.

Dinosaur Silver Hoop Earrings
Surprise her with a new pair of silver hoop earrings. These earrings are great for anyone who loves dinosaurs. They are lightweight, hypoallergenic and nickel free, making them easy to wear. They have an interlocking back hook keeping them secure for all day wear.

Dinosaur Wall Poster Set
Gift a dinosaur enthusiast a vintage set of wall posters. This poster set is made with unframed posters all picturing different popular dinosaurs. In the background of the poster is a vintage informational poster talking about each dinosaur pictured. This is a great way to add personality to any wall.

Resin Dinosaur Fossil Statue
Enjoy a replicated piece of history with a resin dinosaur fossil. This statue is made with resin, allowing it to be detailed and durable. It is highly detailed, and great for a variety of purposes. Whether it is decoration around the house or used for educational purposes, it's a great gift for anyone.

Wash N' Roar T-Rex Shower Head
Add a unique twist to the bathroom with a novelty T-Rex shower head. This decorative shower head is easy to install, durable, and made with high quality materials. It is modeled after a real T-Rex skull head, making it a fun design to add a prehistoric touch to bath time.

Plush Dinosaur Reading Pillow
Enjoy a good book in comfort with reading pillow. This plush dinosaur reading pillow is formed perfectly to rest up against while you enjoy a good book. There are pockets on the side for storing snacks and other tech treasures. This is the perfect size, allowing kids to use it for a long period of time.

Dino Weighted Blanket
Let them sleep and relax at ease with a minky weighted kids blanket. This blanket is made with a great soft material. It's weighted to help minimize any tossing and turning, and to help reduce restless sleep. On the outside of this blanket is a celestial navy blue design with a variety of pictures throughout.

Dino Hooded Cape
Add to the dress up collection with a unique dinosaur hooded cape. This fun hooded cape is great for dress up or Halloween. It's easy to take on and off for play time, and has a locking velcro closure to help keep it tied together.

4-Piece Dinosaur Twin Bedding Set
Bring the dinosaur look to life with a fun dinosaur themed bed set. This bed set is available in 2 different bed sizes, included in the set is a sheet set, pillow cases, and a comforter. It is made with a microfiber material, making it soft and extra comfortable.

Dino Kids' Play Tent
Combine learning and play time with a kids Dino play tent. This tent is easy to install, great for indoor or outdoor play. There is a interactive button to play real time dinosaur sounds a free downloadable ebook, and has vibrant colors with dinosaur pictures throughout the tent.

Dinosaur String Lights
Add a touch of fun lights to any space with a unique set of string lights. This string set is a great gift for anyone who loves dinosaurs, as it has 8 different dinosaur lights spread out throughout the sting. They have a warm tone light and are battery operated, keeping it easy to place in any space.

Jurassic World Folding Table and Chair Set
Take Jurassic World with you with a fun foldable kids table and chair set. This set is easy to fold up or set out, it's the perfect height for snacks, homework, or playtime. The soft sleek surface allows for an easy to clean space. This is a great kids gift for anyone who loves dinosaurs.

Remote Control Walking T-Rex
This is a perfect gift for any dinosaur in training! This remote control walking T-Rex is an oversized dinosaur standing at 23 inches tall with a wireless remote. It has a real like look, where it is able to move arms, head, and roars.

Toddler Dinosaur Pajama Set
Find the perfect dinosaur baby gift with this set of 3 pajama gift set. All of the pajama's included in this gift set are footie pajamas. They are made with fleece, keeping them extra warm, and have a variety of fun designs and dinosaurs pictured throughout.

Triceratops Chair
Complete any space with a fun Triceratops chair. This portable chair has a carrying handle on top with pockets on the side for any snacks or toys. It has a soft cushion cover that is machine washable, and a double zipper feature keeping anyone from trying to get into it.

Canvas Clothes Basket
Store your laundry in style with a canvas clothes basket. This basket is a large size style, made with a waterproof cotton, and handles on the top. It has a bold blue color with colorful dinosaurs pictured throughout. This is a perfect addition for any kids bedroom or toy room.

Watercolor Dino Bathroom Signs
Add to your dinosaur themed bathroom with a fun set of colorful bathroom signs. There is a set of 4 signs with a different dinosaur pictured on each. There is a watercolor backdrop behind the Dinos, adding a fun splash of color into your space.

Dinosaur Over-Door Organizer
Keep your toys organized with an over the door organizer. This organizer is a great addition to anyone who loves dinosaurs. There are Dino's pictured and printed all throughout, it's a great compact size, and made with a heavy duty cloth allowing it to uphold well.

Outdoor Portable Dino Kids' Chair
Get a fun size kids chair that is portable and folds up easy. This chair is great for camping, sitting outside, or tailgating. Included with the chair is an easy to carry portable bag. It has a large T-Rex pictured throughout the front making it any kids favorite chair.

Boy's Dinosaur Snowsuit
Let him have fun and stay warm this winter in his favorite dinosaur snowsuit! This snow suit has a long pant style snow pants that connect easy with clips, it then has a matching coat to fit over the top. it is machine washable, and great for all season long!

Kids Dino Bean Bag Chair Cover
Stow away and store all the stuffed animals inside this bean bag chair cover. This dual acting cover is a great multi purpose gift. It stores all plus toys and is designed as a bean bag chair to lounge around in. Printed on the outside is a variety of dinosaurs and with fun bright colors. This is a great addition to any kids room!

Kids Dino Blackout Curtains
Let nap time go undisturbed with a pair of blackout curtains. These curtains are designed to keep all the harsh unwanted light out, while adding a fun design at the same time. This is a great addition to any dinosaur themed room, adding a fun splash of color.

Dinosaur Kids Armchair
Bring a fun dinosaur gift to the party with a kids armchair. This chair is the perfect size for most kids, it consists of a sturdy base making it last long term. There are colorful dinosaurs printed all throughout the chair with a fun design. It is great for lounging at home, reading books, or watching movies.

Children's Dino Dinner Set
Make mealtime fun with this kids Dino dinner gift set. Included in this set is a cute dinosaur plate, utensils, smaller plate, and a drinking glass. This dinnerware is lightweight, and kid friendly. All products are made with food grade safe materials, making it toxin and BPA free.

Dinosaur Kitchen Towel Set
Surprise someone who loves dinosaurs with a fun set of matching hand towels. These towels are great for a kitchen, bathroom, or to grab after the gym. It has an easy to connect sleeve and are made with a soft fleece material. The towels have colorful dinosaurs pictured throughout, adding a fun pop of color to any space.

3-Tier Dinosaur Cupcake Stand
Display a delicious batch of cupcakes on this 3 tier cupcake stand. This stand is dinosaur theme, and it is great for any birthday party display. It's reusable, made with non toxic materials, and easy to clean. If you aren't displaying cupcakes, it can also be used to display a mini cake as well.

Jurassic Park Logo Dishes
Mix up your dish ware at home with your favorite film themed dishes. These dishes feature a 16 dish set with a variety of plates, bowls, and mugs. The main design of the dish features a Jurassic park logo. This is great for a dinosaur enthusiast.

T-Rex Metal Bookends
Keep all your books gathered with a novelty set of bookends. These bookends come by the pair and they are made with a durable metal frame. They have anti slip and a non scratching base. Cut out in the metal is a dinosaur design, adding a modern simple touch to any space.

Friendly Dino Striped Area Rug
Add a great accent piece to any dinosaur lovers bedroom or playroom with this fun striped Dino rug. This rug is an oversized style with an anti slip texture keeping it in place. It has a charming design with a dinosaur pictured in the center. It's made with high quality materials, keeping it fade resistant and durable.

Boy's Dino Raincoats
Stay dry on the rainy days with a Hatley boys raincoat. This raincoat is a light weight, waterproof, snap closure jacket. It has 2 pockets in the center and is a light blue with dinosaurs pictured all throughout. This is a great gift for anyone who enjoys dinosaurs.

T-Rex Collector's Figurine
Surprise a dinosaur collector with a Tyrannosaurus Rex figurine. This realistic model is a larger scale figurine, that is designed to give a life like look, and has a jaw that can open and close. This is a great add on to any shelf space for everyone to enjoy.

Light-Up Dinosaur Marquee
Add a fun retro light to any space with this light up dinosaur marquee light. This vintage style light is shaped and colored like a dinosaur, it has larger bulbs outlining the figurine allowing it to add a good pop of light. The bulbs give a warm tone light, and runs off of batteries.

Boy and Dino Canvas Wall Art
Display a beautifully painted wall canvas to any decor space with a dinosaur style print. This canvas is available in a few different sizes, allowing it to fit in any space. Pictured on the canvas is a hand painted design of a dinosaur and a girl.

Wildkin Dino Backpack
Surprise him with a new school backpack that will quickly become his favorite. This backpack features an adjustable strap, a variety of blues and greens with different dinosaurs pictured throughout the bag. It's a great size to fit school supplies, snacks, or a jacket. The material is easy to clean and great to grab on the go.

Triceratops Storage Ottoman
Bring a fun storage ottoman to finish off the nursery with this cute dinosaur stool. This stool sits about 15 inches high, and looks like a plush triceratops. It's made up of a faux leather material, with a little cushion making it soft and comfortable to enjoy.

Jurassic World Costume Mask
Surprise him with a Jurassic World costume dinosaur mask. This mask has jaw opening features making it more realistic action. It has an elastic band that fits around your head to keep it stable and comfortable. This is a great toy and gift for any dress up and play time at home.

Humorous Dinosaur Shower Curtain
Bring the dinosaur decor to the bathroom with this funny dinosaur shower curtain. This curtain has a funny personalized design printed on the front. It's waterproof, made with polyester, and is designed to be durable and long lasting. It has reinforced holes and comes with connecting hooks needed to hang it up!

Lego Fossil Building Kit
Have fun and challenge your skills with this Lego fossil building kit. This kit has 910 different pieces of different dinosaur bones that you are to piece together and build. Once built it will have 3 different dinosaurs that you have completed and can be displayed.

Nachosaurus Snack Dish Set
Eat your appetizers in style with a funny Dino snack dish. This novelty snack dish features a dinosaur figurine with an opening in the back to hold chips or any snack of choice, it also includes a bowl for your favorite dip. This is a great addition for when company is over and you want a good laugh.

National Geographic Fossil Dig Kit
Dig up your own fossils with this National Geographic fossil dig kit. This kit has 15 real fossils featuring bones and shark teeth you can dig up. This is a great activity for anyone wanting to explore and learn what paleontology is really about,

Birthday Dinosaur Plush
Gift the perfect baby gift with a birthday dinosaur plush. This stuffed animal is made with a high quality cotton material making it extremely soft and cuddly. It has a cute animal design and is a smaller size making it perfect to take with you.

Volcano House with 5 Plush Dinosaurs
Surprise your favorite toddler with a stuffed volcano house and plush dinosaur gift set. This set includes a variety of smaller stuffed dinosaurs that all fit in the included volcano house. It has a well detailed design, it's machine washable, and will become the new favorite toy!