57 Artsy Crochet Gifts Your Loved Ones Will Yarn For

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Sewing and weaving new clothing and blankets can be so rewarding. Get a unique, easy, and fun crochet gift for your loved ones from this extensive list of items. From wool, hook sets, and instruction books to finished knitted products, you can’t go wrong with a gift from this list.

Lighted Crochet Hooks Set
Now grandma can make all of the sweaters you could ever want with this amazing gift. Crocheting has reached the next level with this crochet hook set. You get one handle and the ability to change the hook depending on what style you want to crochet.

Crochet Gag Gift Mug
We have scoured the internet and came up with the perfect granny gag gift. She will get a great laugh when she opens up a coffee mug shaped like a ball of yarn. The best part is she will forever be known as a 'One Armed Hooker!'

Colorful Crochet Hook Set with Case
No matter your age, crocheting is a great skill to learn. WooCrafts has created a crochet needle kit, complete with an adorable fabric knit bag. This kit has everything someone would need for hours of fun. You can gift this by itself or include a few colors of yarn to get started.

31-Piece Comfort Crochet Hook Set
This carrying case is every knitter's dream. Whether you crochet, knit, or sew, you will always have the supplies needed. This case is full of 31 pieces including, crochet hooks of all sizes, sewing needs, measuring tape, and more. You get everything to help a beginner get started or to keep an expert going

Rose Gold Teapot
Does granny like to host afternoon crochet circles with her friends? Help her host in style and surprise her with a rose gold tea kettle. Now she can serve tea and cakes proudly. All of her girlfriends will be envious when they see her beautiful tea kettle and collection.

Crochet T-Shirt
Be your grandma's champion as she crochets you all of those adorable sweaters and scarfs. Show her how much you appreciate all she does with a thank you gift. This shirt comes in different sizes and reflects the crocheting pro that she is, with the words 'Don't Talk To Me I'm Counting.'

Wooden Blocking Board
Olicraft came out with a wood blocking board. This board is the perfect design to block all of your crochet squares. Help to shape all of those amazingly designed squares before connecting them into that sweater or dress. The peg holes are evenly spaced on the board to help get the exact finish you are looking to achieve.

Funny Crochet Gift Mug
Nothing goes better with that all-day crocheting session than a hot mug of coffee or tea. People will leave you alone when they see the mug in use. With its funny saying, 'I Crochet So I Don't Kill People,' this is the perfect gift for the serious knitter in your life.

Crochet Queen T-Shirt
Does your grandma enjoy crocheting or knitting every day? Show her that you pay attention and give her the perfect gift this year. She will be overjoyed when she opens up her Crochet Queen t-shirt. It comes in different colors and sizes for the right fit for your grandma.

Knitting and Crochet Organizer Bag
Does your wife's sewing room always look like a truck dumped material and tools everywhere? Help her get organized by snagging this knitting bag. There is a place for all of her yarn and slots to place her different crocheting and knitting tools. She will love this oversized drawstring bag that is available in several color choices.

Personalized Labels for Craft Projects
Show that special someone you believe in her talent by taking her designs to the next level. Gift her with personalized clothing tags that have her name inside. Choose the design, wording, and color, and then the quantity. You can purchase 25 up to 1000 of these labels. Now she will take pride in making her sweaters and scarves.

Throw Blanket
Help dad to come up with the perfect gift for mom this year. She will be overjoyed when she opens this beautifully woven throw blanket. It is 100% cotton and comes in a dark grey color. Now she will be warm while she crochets all of her lovely designs.

14 Size Crochet Hook Set
Sometimes it can be hard to find the right gift. We have searched high and low and found the perfect gift for every crocheter in your life. With these 14 different-sized crochet hooks, your mom can try many different designs and patterns. They have super grip handles to help with those that have arthritis.

Rechargeable Lighted Crochet Hook Set
Now, there are no excuses for why that scarf or sweater isn't complete. Give the perfect gift this year with this lighted crochet hook. It comes in a set of 9 and a case to hold everything in. The best part is it is one body that you can interchange with each sized head.

Retro Radio
Now granny can enjoy all of her favorite songs while crocheting her favorite designs. This retro-style vintage Bluetooth speaker will take her back to the good old days. She can connect her phone and set up a playlist to enjoy hours of her favorite tunes.

Ceramic Yarn Bowl
Every time you go to Granny's, you notice the balls of yarn everywhere and the chaotic disorganization. Now she can be organized and feel more relaxed as she creates cute sweaters for the family. This ceramic yarn bowl has a built-in slit that helps the yarn stay knot-free.

Peace Love Crochet T-Shirt
This adorable shirt is the perfect gift for all your crocheting fans out there. This unique tee is adorned with symbols of peace, love, and yarn. It is available in different sizes and four different color options for the perfect tee for any yarn lover.

40 Skeins of Yarn with Storage Bag
Show your grandma how much you pay attention to her with the perfect gift. She will love how thoughtful you are when she opens up her surprise and finds 40 different colored yarn skeins. This kit comes with everything she will need and a bag she can store everything in. Keep her organized and full of color options.

Snowflake Pattern Book
Make Saturdays a blast with different crocheting activities. When you snag this 100 Snowflakes to Crochet book, there will always be a fun activity to do. Whether you need snowflakes for a play at school or decoration for winter, this has something for every occasion.

Yarn Storage Bag with Dividers
This crochet tote bag is the perfect bag to hold all of your crochet supplies. The bag has many different unique compartments. They are all made to store each tool you use daily. Stock it full of all of the yarn and hooks you can possibly imagine.

Yarn Organizer Bag with Storage
This Sumdirect yarn bag is the perfect way to gift your favorite grandma this year. Fill it with a bunch of goodies like crochet hooks, knitting needles, yarn, patterns, and many more wonderful things. She will know just how thoughtful you are when she opens up her present.

Coffee and Crochet T-Shirt Gift
Crocheting isn't just for older people. You can crochet at any age. Rock this amazing t-shirt with the words 'Just Pour My Coffee Hand Me My Crochet and Slowly Walk Away.' Everyone that reads this shirt will get a kick out of it. The shirt is available in 10 different colors and many different sizes.

7 Pocket Yarn Bag
Pocket bags are great for crocheters at all levels. You can carry all your tools and crochet with ease anytime and place. Whether for you or as a gift, you can get this in your favorite color and style. You can even use these to teach your daughter.

Christmas Crochet Gift Pattern Book
Stop making the same thing all the time. Don't tell yourself it is all you can do. Instead, try your hands at something new with this crafty magazine full of 29 crochet and knitting patterns. Everyone will have something new a stylish to wear once you are through.

Crafting LED Neck Light
Most people use this amazing gadget to help read at night. We have found an even better use of this LED neck reading light by using it to help you crochet. Now you don't need to have all the big lights on to help you see. This LED light will help you see all the intricate details of your design.

Set of 20 Crochet Hooks for Arthritis
Stay organized with this great case made specifically to hold all of your crochet hooks and accessories. It will hold up to 20 crochet hooks and comes with a complete set. So whether you use this for yourself or give someone special this as a gift, you will be happy you did.

Crochet Lovers Retro T-Shirt
Give out a gift of style. This adorable shirt has a crochet hook and stitching on the backdrop of a rainbow heart. Show off your good taste with this shirt that is available in different colors and sizes. Everyone has a chance at rocking this shirt.

Standing Gooseneck Lamp
Does your grandma always complain about the poor lighting in her sewing room? Surprise her with a LED floor lamp. There are four different lighting settings, so there is the perfect setting for every occasion and every person. She will put her new light to use daily.

Large Capacity Yarn Organizer Bag
Storage tote bags are now stylish and practical. This bag is large and comes with a bonus drawstring bag to hold the yarn. Keep everything organized in one place. The tote has specialized pockets to hold all of your crochet needles and extra tools that are used while creating unique designs.

Yarn Winder
Every time a crafting project gets started, yarn always gets tangled everywhere. Craft Destiny has come up with a yarn winder to eliminate all of the headaches crocheting sometimes causes. Give your mom the perfect give. She will love winding up her yarn on this winder. It will keep everything organized and save a lot of time.

Stylish Ceramic Yarn Bowl
Yarn bowls are a creative and stylish way to keep your yarn in place while you create new fashions. Place the ball in the ceramic bowl and string the yarn through the slot. This process will allow the string to flow smoothly and prevent delays caused by knots.

Soft Touch Crochet Hooks Set
Just because you crochet doesn't mean you can't do it in style. Give all the women in your life a set of these hooks. There are 12 pieces, and each one has a differently designed handle. The grips are ergonomically designed so your arthritis won't be affected.

Flexible, Rechargeable Neck Light
Keep your lights hands free and focused on your crocheting in front of you. This is a great gift for all of your crocheting lovers. It helps your eyes from straining because of the poor lighting on your loops. The rechargeable LED neck light is perfect because it comes with 9 different brightness levels.

52 Skeins of Yarn with Storage
Acrylic yarn is a unique style that gives you a sleek feel for all of your scarves and t-shirts. With this tote, you get 52 different colors of acrylic yarn and all the tools to go with it. Everything is organized nicely in this tote your family will be genuinely surprised by this gift.

Funny Crochet T-Shirt Gift
Crochet lovers have a sense of humor too. Let them display their passion proudly with a quirky saying on their t-shirt. The shirt reads, 'I Crochet So I Don't Choke People Save A Life Send Yarn.' Every person that reads this shirt will get a good laugh.

Chunky Knit Blanket
Weighted blankets are a great way to comfort yourself after a long day. Now they have a comfortable blanket that is chunky knitted in a purple-grey. This blanket is stylish and will sit great in your living room or great room for those great movie nights.

Complete Crochet Cactus Kit
Get creative during family night this month with this fun yarn kit. You will be able to create cute little crocheted cacti in pots. Give each one faces with googly eyes and help them come to life. Everyone in the family will get a chance to learn a fun technique.

63 Piece Complete Crochet Kit
Give your daughter this fun crochet starter kit and pass down all of your crafting knowledge. This kit comes with 63 unique pieces. Inside the bag, you get 24 acrylic yarn colors, hooks and needles, and access to an online instruction booklet. This kit is great for starters or long-time crocheters.

Modern Crochet Pattern Book
Change up your crochet style with a fun new crochet book. Each design and pattern has a special flair that allows you to get creative. You will learn many new tricks to help step up your crochet game. Everyone will be asking you to design their next chair covers and table cloths.

Crochet Stitch Dictionary
Gifting just got really fun with this awesome and creative book. Your mom will love opening up her gift and finding a fun stitching dictionary. There are over 200 pages full of step-by-step instructions, pictures, and ten different styles of stitching. Your mom will love your thoughtfulness.

Tiny Crochet Creations Book
Tiny products are a fad that even crocheting has dipped its toe in. Use this book as the perfect gift. It has over 100 micro designs so you can create a bunch of different items. Each one of these crochet patterns are very tiny and fun to make.

12 Yarn Skeins with Starter Kit
Crochet starter kits are a great way to share your passion with others. Snag a few of these and pass them around as gifts at any big event. Each kit comes with 12 large skeins of acrylic yarn along with hooks and all the additional tools you would need to get started.

Retro Turntable
Play your favorite tunes with this retro Bluetooth record player. Whether you use the cd player, record player, or attach it to your phone and stream all of your downloaded music, you will be able to enjoy all of your favs. You can't go wrong when you get this.

Wooden Yarn Holder
The wooden yarn holder is a top-notch gift. Give one to your grandma and teach her how to use it. All you have to do is string your yarn around the holder for a more seamless crocheting session. There will be no more tangles and knots and no more headaches.

10 Crochet Projects for Dog Lovers
Knitting has never been as fun as now. With different yarn kits, there is always something fun to do. Whether you snag this for family night or as a gift, knitting yarn puppies has never been so fun. Follow the step-by-step instructions and start crafting adorable animals.

Learn to Crochet Kit
We have found an amazing gift that everyone will love. It comes with colorful yarn and crochet hooks to start making different projects. The kit comes with a crochet book that has many different patterns and designs. The yarn also comes in a unique pattern so your ponchos and blankets pop.

10 Crochet Projects for Horse Lovers
Making crochet animals is something that has taken off. We have shown you many different styles but the horses and ponies really take the cake. They are adorable crochet equestrians adults and children will enjoy creating. Follow the steps in the guide and learn how to make 10 different style horses.

Tunisian Crochet Hooks Kit
You haven't crocheted until you have tried to crochet with Tunisian bamboo crochet hooks with beads and cable. These hooks make knitting blankets easier with the fluid style and guiding ease. You will easily make quality blankets in half of the time because these quickly go through each skein.

Aluminum and Bamboo Hook Set
I have always found using wooden crochet hooks to be a more pleasant experience. When you pick up this hook kit you get 24-pieces. This kit will include both wood and aluminum crochet needles. This makes sure everyone has a hook that fits their style and needs.

Crochet of Thrones T-Shirt
Proudly rep your favorite pastime and display it on your t-shirt. Available in different colors, and sizes your family will get a kick out of this. It says, 'I Crochet, That's What I Do, And I Know Things' Your sense of humor will shine through with this fun shirt.

Rosewood Yarn Bowl
When you pick up this wooden yarn bowl, you not only get a tool for crocheting, you also get a bonus storage bag. Now you can keep all of your yarn organized and then place it in the bowl for an easy crochet jam. Pick this up as a gift for your best friend or mom. They will love it!

Yarn Storage Travel Bag
Whether you are meeting up with the girls for your weekend sewing circle or you are heading up to your daughters to watch the kids, this bag is perfect. With a yarn storage bag, there is a compartment for each tool you use. You won't be stuck digging for items because they will be in place.

Handmade Beech Wood Crochet Hooks
Check out this beautiful set of beach wood crochet hooks. Each hook is a different size so you can make bigger holes and smaller hole patterns for a unique design. This set makes a perfect gift, or use them for yourself. The lightweight feel of this set is a great help with functionality.

Crochet Stitch Markers
These multi-colored flower beads are a great way to mark your path while creating different unique designs. This set of 6 beads are fun and the eye of each hook is big enough to protect each of the strands of yarn, no matter what the size.

Fox Handle Crochet Hooks
Whether it is for your mom's birthday or just a thank you, this gift is a great way to say I love you. Give her a set of rose gold plated aluminum fox crochet hooks. This flawless set is so pretty that she may want to try and put them on display instead of using them.

Wire Crochet Jewelry Designs
These crochet books have really stepped it up a notch. This book is full of elegance and new techniques most haven't tried before. Instead of using yarn, you can use wire for some fun and creative designs. This book is a great gift for all of your crocheting friends.

200 Crochet Pattern Book
Learn a new technique while being at home this year. Take all of your crochet designs and step them up a notch with a book containing 200 different designs and patterns where you can stitch words into each different design. Sign your name or add seasons greetings, no matter what, each person that receives your designs will love them.