45 Craft-Inspired Crochet Christmas Gifts to Create Together

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Have you been searching 359 days for that perfect crafty and unique to you gift for your loved ones? If so, look no further for your next crochet Christmas gift. We have created a cheer-worthy gift list all about getting your crochet needles tuned and ready, so come join us in your crafting journey. You’ll be the Secret Santa they’ve been waiting for.

Christmas Crochet Costume
Santa's Little Helpers come in all shapes and sizes, but your bundle of joy is guaranteed to be the cutest! With a crocheted hat and matching foot warmers, this handmade Christmas costume is extra special because it won't fit your little elf forever. But those pictures will be around for a long, long time.
Womens Winter Leg warmers
If you know someone that's always cold, make sure this is their most comfortable (and most fashionable!) winter ever. The cable knit keeps these legwarmers from sliding down, plus they're the perfect way to spice up lazy day leggings. Brownie points: pair with hot cocoa mix for a cozy evening at home.
Crochet Christmas Ornament
If crocheting is part of their personality, this ornament was made for them! This handcrafted Christmas ornament is made in the Old World style-- painted by hand and blown by mouth. They'll love the thoughtful tribute to their favorite craft. After all, you can only gift so much yarn.
Cricut Maker 3
For all the major tastemakers out there, the Cricut Maker 3 is the trifecta of creation. The premium fine tip blade guarantees every cut is precise and on point, so every embellishing project is professional-grade. Plus, it's compatible with all Cricut Smart products, making the creative process easier so you can spend more energy being...creative.
Handmade Crochet Throw Blanket
This handmade crochet blanket takes cottage core kitsch to a whole new level. Quaint and cozy, this blanket almost acts as a time machine, transporting us back to a simpler time. It might not be your granny's, but it sure does feel like a hug. It's the perfect gift for your favorite homebody.
Cotton Slouchy Crochet Beret
There's rarely a crocheted accessory that doesn't stand the test of time, but a good beret will shine throughout history! This cotton slouchy crochet beret is casual enough for the moody teenager, but sophisticated enough for a crisp night on the town. The flower details are stunning and might even inspire you to pick up a crochet hook!
Newborn Crochet Booties
Little crochet baby booties-- what could be more adorable? Crochet booties topped off with a satin ribbon! The small size highlights the incredible detail in the artwork and make any occasion photo-worthy. They're almost too cute to wear! Good thing these boots won't see much walking.
CTM Women's Crochet Crossbody Handbag
For the earthy lady on the run, a crochet knit crossbody handbag is the cherry on top. Featuring a back wall zipper pocket, 2 slip pockets, and 3 card slots, this boho bag is the ideal cool companion. Everything she'll ever need, but make it art! Plus, the zipper closure offers maximum security.
Chunky Knit Weighted Throw Blanket
Since a weighted blanket can help with anxiety, this chunky knit throw is a gift that anyone can appreciate! Thanks to the knit technology, the weight of this 15 lb blanket is evenly distributed and traps just the right amount of heat. But be careful who you gift it to-- you may just lose your cuddle buddy.
Crocheted Baby Boy Dinosaur Outfit
On top of the sleepless nights and endless feedings, parents of newborns have to worry about those monthly (even weekly!) photo announcements. There are only so many things that a baby can dress up as! But this crocheted dinosaur outfit exists to remind us that cuteness and creativity are not extinct. Okay, so the little dinosaur might be grumpy, but he's the star of the show!
Crochet Cactus Set
This DIY crochet kit of 3 amigurumi cacti is the perfect companion for the notorious plant killer in your life. Including the hook, needle, and yarn, they won't even have to get off the couch to make their masterpiece! Keep the trio together for a cute 'collection' or give them away as beautiful handmade gifts.
Yarn Travel Case
This yarn travel case is the definition of a game-changer. Finally, a yarn travel case created with knitters and crocheters in mind! Featuring several compartments and pockets, this canvas bag makes it so you never have to stop creating. Work on multiple projects on the go! Wide grommets keep yarn from tangling as you work, and don't worry-- there's no velcro.
Crochet Cat Projects
What's cuter than a cat? A crochet cat! This adorable kit is a great gift when you're not sure if they're ready for a real animal yet. Including a hook, needle, yarn, stuffing, and safety eyes, Crochet Cats kits make creating accessible for everyone! And with the illustrated instruction booklet, you can't go wrong.
Crochet Projects for Christmas
If you've already got all the supplies but you're lacking in the ideas department, this Crochet Projects for Christmas book has got you covered. Everything Christmas, everything crochet...it's a winter wonderland! Tea cozies, tree skirts, bathmats, dishcloths, and ornaments will fill the days until Christmas. And when you've mastered those 15 projects, you can put your own twist on them!
Girls Christmas Crochet Dress
Think handmade knit sweater, but elevated! Add some organza cuffs and a sweet tutu, and your little elf will feel like the belle of the ball. Made specially for ages 3 -7, this comfy crochet knit dress is always a hit at holiday parties. No more scratchy tights-- simply pair with leggings and you've redefined 'dressing up.' Everyone wins!
Limited Edition Crochet Coat with Hood
With its bright colors and long, wide sleeves, this crochet coat is the statement piece that will stay with you. Complete with a hood for that magical feel, this limited edition crochet coat is sure to cast a spell on pretty much anyone! Take any outfit from zero to ten, or wear as a housecoat to turn your pajamas into a bohemian dream.
Crochet Blouse Shirt Hollow Out
Here's a little secret: a crochet tunic is a great way to spice up your suitcase. It's ideal for throwing over your swimsuit, layering over your PJs for breakfast, and you can even wrap it around yourself and your LBD after dinner. Thanks to the intricate detail, this crochet tunic is effortlessly hobo chic. And hey, who said you had to be on vacation?
Spring Netted Crochet Cardigans Sweaters
Didn't you know that oversized cardigans are the MVPs of the sweater world? The crochet knitting and ribbed hem lend it a cool 'vintage' vibe, plus the oversized quality makes it easy to gift to all your friends that are working from home. They'll wonder how they ever survived Zoom meetings without it! Grab your coffee and snuggle up in the lightweight spring netted folds!
Knitting Machine
If you know someone that's churning out the chunky knit hats, give their fingers a little break. This knitting machine does the work for you, creating professional quality knit products with the crank of a handle! The Addi Express was designed to exacting standards, working at lightning speed, for high-quality chunky knit products.
Funny Crochet Shirt
Hey, sometimes anger management can take some curious forms, but we don't judge! If you know someone that would rather be crocheting than working through their problems, this graphic tee is cute way to poke some fun. They can't be mad if you pair the gift with some yarn.
Extra Slouchy Summer Beanie
What to do on those hot summer days when you're having a bad hair day? Sometimes a baseball cap just won't do, but these extra slouchy summer beanies can add some flair to an unsightly mop! The crochet knit style allows for breathability and comfort. With maximum stretchability, the possibilities for styling are endless!
Collection Crochet Throw Pillow
Everything comes back in style, so it's no surprise that the retro flowers and fabrics of the 70s are back! This crochet throw pillow case adds that little touch of home with its soft aesthetic and familiarity. Prop it up front and center! This is one of those accessories that goes with pretty much anything. (Insert not included.)
Crochet Fringed Poncho Cape
This isn't your grandmother's sweater! It's like a security blanket, with a little style mixed in. This fringed crochet poncho turns its wearer into a bohemian babe, no matter the season! It just might become your favorite garment. And since it's easy to fit, it makes for a great go-to gift.
Crochet Top Women Long Sleeve Blouse
If you've mastered the crochet blanket, the crochet cape, etc., let us introduce you to the crochet long sleeve blouse. Requiring a bit more skill, this project is a great way to challenge yourself and impress your friends! The end product is a one-of-a-kind creative celebration made with love.
Crochet Macrame Throw Blanket
One can never have enough throw blankets, especially when it comes to crochet! The gentle designs make for a comfortable and stretchable shroud, yet they're beautiful enough to make a chic accessory. Simply throw one over a couch or table for a minimalist decorative touch.
Crochet Summer Beach Bag
Crochet summer beach bags have never really gone out of style, but recently we've seen a resurgence of them on the runways. Think Audrey Hepburn, Jane Gainsbourg, Princess Diana, the timeless classics! But why buy designer when you can make it at home? This crochet bag is so effortlessly 'it-girl' that it might only fit a book and baguette!
Crochet Bags
We know that crochet bags are the 'it-girl' accessory of the season, but a crochet bucket bag is truly a staple of any wardrobe. Think of it like a tote bag, but more...sophisticated. This shoulder-shopper is ideal for school, work, and play. Be prepared to fend off compliments!
Women's Cover Up White Crochet
Don't be afraid of full coverage at the beach! If you'd like some protection from the sun while having a fashion moment, this cover-up with long bell sleeves has fat tassels fit for royalty. Who says you need to sacrifice style when in-between dips? You can have your cake and eat it too!
Fringed Poncho Cape
Give the gift of layering with a fringed poncho cape! Ever wanted to just roll out of bed and start your day in your blanket? Well now it's possible! It's fringed for that extra delicate touch, plus you can wrap it up in countless ways. Express your creativity through comfort with a crochet 'cape.'
Hand Crocheted Water Bottle Holder
Don't forget to stay hydrated! A hand-crocheted water bottle carrier makes a thoughtful gift for anyone in your life. It's a nice way of saying, 'Take care of yourself!' And not to mention, it's super cute! Use it crossbody for your daily walk, trips to the park, visits to the gym, or the long-awaited music festivals.
Crochet Dog Projects
It's hard not to smile down at a tiny crochet dog! This crochet dog kit includes everything you will need to whip up the adorable canine whimsy of your dreams. Pick from a variety of patterns such as a corgi, labrador, dachshund, or pug, and get to smilin'!
Crochet for Christmas Book
This Crochet for Christmas book offers 29 fun patterns for creating all your own holiday gifts. Try your hand at iPad cozies or draw inspiration from the dainty crochet pillowcases. The hedgehog makes a good alternative to the in-demand squishmallows, and my personal favorite is the 'Silver & Spice Hood.'
Yarn Holding Bowl
Sometimes the vessel is just as important as the item it carries! A yarn holding bowl can be extremely helpful for big projects. This one is handmade from Indian Rosewood by local experts and easily feeds your yarn for a knitting experience free of tangles. It's heavy enough to stay in place while you work-- plus, it makes for a pretty centerpiece!
Hand Crochet Hook Flower Bed Cover
Shield your eyes-- this one's a stunner! Achieve that rich farmhouse aesthetic or rugged Victorian feel with the simple beauty of a crochet flower bed cover. Instant makeover! Throw it over any bed or armchair, use it as a photography backdrop, or bring it out as a formal tablecloth. It's timeless but versatile for the ultimate decor hack.
Easy to Do Crochet Kit
And for the beginners, this easy-to-do crochet kit provides for three items. Choose from a belt, a purse, coaster, or placemat, and then get to creating! It's a great way to incorporate art for kids, but don't forget the adults! The kit includes 2 hooks, 1 needle, and 7 yarn colors, so each creation is personalized and special.
Chunky Knit Blanket Throw
There's nothing that says luxury like an oversized, puffy, cable knit throw blanket. A visit to the cape, anyone? The quality materials in this knit work as a weighted blanket to reduce anxiety and stress. It's a great gift for those that are homesick or in long-distance relationships. Give the gift of a hug!
Wooden Blocking Board
If you're wanting to make your own crochet shawl or throw blanket-- you know, with the cute floral squares-- this wooden blocking board is the ideal companion. Featuring a stand along with steel rod pins, this handmade board is the easiest way to work and display your masterpiece at the same time.
Slouchy Hat Boho Street Crochet Cap
Crochet beanies offer just the right amount of slouch for that streetwear-casual appeal. Thanks to the crochet design, this cap is lightweight and airy, making for the ideal year-round accessory. You'll wonder how you lived without it! Zoom meeting in 2 minutes? No time for styling, no problem.
Handmade Crochet Backpack
This handmade crochet straw daypack will fulfill all those picnic fever dreams. With a simple design, this backpack has one large compartment with a slip pocket, protected by a magnet closure and flap. Some might say it's the perfect size for your stuff, but it's also the perfect size for a bottle of wine (or two!) and some cheese. Cheers!
Boho Kimono Crochet Knit Long Sleeve
In-between seasons can prove to be a confusing time for sweater wearers. To wear or not to wear? If you're weary of the evening chill, this boho kimono crochet knit is the answer to your prayers. The intricate knit details give the garment a high-quality feel, and the billowing sleeves create a beautiful silhouette. Crochet kimono knits are a seamless way to sprinkle a little elegance.
Harry Potter Crochet Kit
Create magic this holiday season with a Harry Potter crochet kit. Your loved ones will absolutely adore these. This book has 76 pages of adorable characters that you can make magically appear. The book lays out all the tools and instructions to conjure these friendly faces up.
Christmas Crochet Beanies
Santa hats can get a little cheesy, but who says cheesy can't be cute? This crochet Santa beanie keeps the festive spirit alive while keeping heads warm with the close knit design. Make matching ones for the whole family! Beware: these hats are keepers and may stay on your head longer than anticipated.
Crochet Slouch Cap Hand Made
If you don't know by now, well...you can never have enough slouchy crochet beanies. They're not like other beanies; they're breathable, delicate, unisex, and fashionable! Make any old outfit worthy of a selfie with a fair-trade crochet slouch cap. Your friend will be shocked at the detailed handiwork!
Girls Crochet Mermaid
This Berinfly crochet 'mermaid tail' blanket will have your little one snuggling up next to you on the couch. Don't let the good times pass you by! The cotton material is soft and cuddly and the mermaid shape is great for little imaginations, making even downtime fun.
Baby Christmas Crochet Outfit
If you're ready for a cuteness overload, get inspired by this tiny Santa costume! Featuring a crochet Santa hat and complete with classic storybook overalls, this crochet ensemble is picture perfect. The drawstring closure makes it easy to secure any tiny tot. Ho ho ho!