33 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas to Thank Employees & Clients

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Everyone’s had a case of the Mondays, and nobody likes it. Show the people who walk through your door every day – your employees and clients – how much you appreciate them. Creative corporate gifts to personalized employee thank you gifts, we’ve thought of everything. These 33 gift ideas are guaranteed to be a hit with the business people that matter the most.

Mint Insulated Stainless Steel Tumblers
Whether it's a tight office deadline or screaming school children, it's easy to get bogged down at work. Treat your employees with a mint-colored 'thank you for being awesome' tumbler they can also use to store their much-needed rocket fuel. The color itself brings almost as much joy as the coffee and conversation will later.
Biscotti Cookies Gift Basket
No paper in the copier, but it's always stuck? Is there a holiday party coming up? No matter the occasion, the biscotti cookie gift basket is a sweet tasting way to mellow out the office. Each box contains 24 handcrafted goodies made with natural ingredients from flavors like chocolate craisin to almond cookie crunch. A perfect break room surprise for all.
Field Notes Limited Series
Sitting at your desk all day can be daunting. These vintage-inspired notebooks of the USA's national parks will lend some needed nature inspo to any employee's day. Each series covers three different parks, i.e., Yosemite, Zion, and Acadia, and have graph paper for notetaking. When it's time to use that PTO, these notebooks are ready to get stamped.
Gifted Nuts Gift Basket
Sometimes the best gifts are the snack kind - especially if they're gourmet. This nut gift basket tastes as beautiful as it looks with selections from honey pecans to tangy dried apricots. All are wrapped in a smooth black and gold magnetic sealed box. It's a novel idea for an office party platter or to gift to that client who trusts you with anything.
Meat & Cheese Gift Box
Who doesn't have a meat and cheese lover in their office? Whether it's a friendly client's anniversary or an employee's birthday, this Hickory Farms collection is sure to delight. It has something for everyone: farmhouse summer sausage, sharp cheddar cheese, condiments, crackers, and strawberry bon bons. Work hard, snack hard.
Champagne Flutes for Party
If you want to be a smash at the next holiday event, poppin' bottles with these champagne flutes will make it memorable. Sure to be the life of the party, these sturdy glasses dubbed chambongs (for reasons soon to be seen) are unforgettable accessories for champagne, prosecco, or any type of bubbles. They're shatter-proof, pretty, and ready for anyone to toss one back fast. Cheers!
Deluxe Tri Flavored Gourmet Popcorn
This delectable gourmet popcorn basket isn't just for the movies. The deluxe tri-flavored snack has sweet and salty, cookies 'n cream, and caramel chocolate drizzle options. Plus, it boasts a nod from Oprah. With elegant packaging and mouth-watering bites, office morale will be abundant in no time.
Personalized Decanter for VIP Client
Gift your favorite top shelf client who gives you the VIP business with a personalized decanter for his/her top-notch whiskey. This laser engraved, elegant designed gift holds 27 ounces of libation and includes four whiskey glasses for sharing. It'll look fancy on their home or office bar, and it's great for toasting delights after nailing solid contracts.
Pen Printed With Your Logo
A good-looking staff deserves some attractive pens to write with - preferably ones with a customized company logo. The vibrant ballpoint Quake Stylus holds all the power with its vibrant look and metal feel. With myriad colors to choose from, a metallic finish, and a savvy grip design, each employee will feel honored to have one.
Personalized Titleist Golf Balls
When it's time to get out of the office, taking the team golfing is a classy way to show appreciation. Up your game with personalized Titleist golf balls. They're basically the best in the biz, and now you can place initials, pictures, or logos on each ball. Plus, they ensure your crew will have an unforgettable course performance with Titleist speed, distance, trajectory, and spin.
Gift for Employee Desk
Staring at your desktop for too long is kind of dull for anyone, and it's easy to misplace the office essentials if you're zoning out. This table protector is the cubicle cure to vamp any employee's office space. Waterproof and easy-to-clean with a double-sided, multicolored design, it's fun to look at and makes it easy for all staff to keep track of pens, papers, and phones.
Executive Engraved Da Vinci Desk Clock
Your clientele will feel appreciated for investing their time with you when they receive this executive engraved Da Vinci desk clock. This grand gesture won't disappoint with its dark mahogany elegance that's a perfect size for any desk. Complimentary silver engraving adds that extra professional flair. It's also great for the employee who might need a nudge to keep the time.
Antique Leather Gift Set
Every boss loves that creative colleague who gives a little extra in and outside of work. This antique leather gift set also goes above and beyond. The handmade, vintage journal set comes with a pen and 300 pages thick enough so that ink won't bleed through them. It'll inspire brainstorming and journaling while benefiting Afrinspire, a non-profit for education in Africa.
Monogrammed Whiskey Rocks Glass
It is known you should acknowledge your loyal customers, or someone else might do it for you. These monogrammed whiskey rocks glasses from English Pewter Company will do the trick. Handmade by master craftsmen and women, these 11 oz. old-timey glasses give a feel of nostalgia bound to charm clients old and new. Now there's something to toast to.
Oil Tasting Set
Committed clients deserve creative and tasty gifts for their trust in your work. This all-natural infused extra virgin olive oil set is a unique, delicious for dipping and tasting a variety of flavors. The Basso Italian inspired box includes garlic, chili pepper, rosemary, and basil flavors, and can be used to infuse meats, potatoes, or even veggies. Quality and quantity.
Dundie Award Trophy
From 'Busiest Beaver' to the 'The Snackmaster', the Dundie Award, based on The Office, is made to exemplify the quality and dedication of each individual employee. While the superlative is up to the giver, the shiny trophy is a keepsake for the recipient to brag about later. This golden statue of grandeur will definitely make the office laugh - even in the HR department.
Custom Lanyards
This is the kind of gift useful for anyone - especially employees. Personalize it for your team by adding a company name, colors, phone numbers, or choose from a variety of icons. The exceptional soft fabric is comfy around bare skin and easy to carry. The lanyards are also excellent for advertising companies or special events, and for keeping tabs on often lost employees.
Wine Country Gift Basket
If your company can't make it to wine country, bring it to them! The wine country gift basket is filled with everything but the wine (important if you want to get work done, too!). Sundried tomato and cheese baguettes, exquisite chocolates, olive oils and tapenades will spread joy throughout the office, and even make a great surprise if your team is WFH right now.
Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses
Nothing says, 'Thank you! You're incredible!' quite like a personalized wine glass. These stemless 9 oz. glasses are customizable to represent an individual, your office team or favorite customer. They're made with high quality glass, are dishwasher safe, and make perfect souvenirs for company events. Drink up, friends!
Personalized Card & Pen Holder
Any desk-dweller deserves something fancy to put on top of their daytime lair. This card holder doubles as a clock and comes with a matching pen. Personalize the rosewood wedge with golden calligraphy to make it extra eye-catching and opulent. A wonderful gesture to give a colleague credit where it's due.
Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee
Whether they work right beside you or sit in front of you for advice, you can't go wrong by gifting this epic combo: bourbon coffee. The bourbon barrel-aged set comes in three 4 oz. flavored whole beans: Sumatra Whiskey, Ethiopian Rye, and Rwanda Rum. Keep it in the lobby or break room so everyone can savor the smooth, fresh scent before they savor it.
Tea Sampler Gift Box
When your staff needs a nice savasana, look no further than this tea set. Show 'em the love with the gift of wellness with the Vahdam tea sampler. They'll experience robust black tea, delicate spices, and all the intriguing aromas the tea offers. Plus, Vadham is ethically responsible and donates a percentage of their proceeds to benefit children's education. Om to that.
Godiva Gift Basket
Remember the rich, chocolate bouquet emanating from the Godiva counter? Alluring and decadent, it pulls anyone into its grip, which is why this gift basket is an epic thank you to customers and employees alike. They'll go bonkers for the dark, white, caramel, and milk chocolate options, and can use the mug long after the truffles are devoured.
Personalized Company Polo Premium T-Shirts
Let your team feel like they really count by delivering individualized premium polos. They're resistant and lightweight, perfect for a game of golf or a day in the office. Choose from a wide array of shirt colors, and then decide on the custom embroidery. Matching the recipient's name, superlative, or work position to the comfy polo is the fun part for everyone!
Customized Company Totes
Who said bags are boring? Your coworkers will love receiving these reusable tote bags. They're a great addition to any company, and they're customizable for events or to advertise corporate logos. You have the option of choosing between navy blue, black, or orange, and they'll be awesome to carry your gift swag around at the next big convention.
Leather Business Card Holder
Ever heard of imposter syndrome? These leather business card holders will knock that feeling right out your employees. They'll feel like solid professionals in no time when they hold one of these sleek, sharp, compact wallets. The metallic clasp and array of color options add an extra touch of luxury, making it the ideal gift for any business-minded employee.
Engraved BBQ Set for Client
Gift your quality client with outstanding gratitude they won't soon forget. This personalized bamboo BBQ set will thrill anyone who winds down by grilling out. Strong and durable, the wooden tools can also be laser engraved to make the package even more exciting. Maybe they'll even flip you a thank you burger with their savvy new set at the next picnic.
Personalized Company Pens
Every employee deserves something they use all the time that personifies their work ethic. These soft touch ballpoint pens have stylus tips with medium black ballpoints, made specifically for signing that idyllic signature. There are myriad color selections to choose from, and the rubberized barrel makes for a comfy hold to an eye-catching utensil. Personalize it to your satisfaction to make it a memorable tribute.
Bamboo Tumbler with Tea Infuser
Have an employee or client who always keeps calm and surpasses expectations? Give it right back to him or her with the bamboo tumbler tea infuser. The 100% natural bamboo bottle keeps drinks hot or cold, and the two-piece tea infuser ensures the perfect loose-leaf brew for any occasion. It's design is unique according to the bamboo used to make it. Gotta love that.
Wisconsin Cheese Party Gift Basket
Surprise your staff with a legendary platter packed with enough goodies to make moody Mondays tasty instead. The Wisconsin cheese party basket has a vast selection of meat, cheese, crackers, and condiments to surpass anyone's expectations. It's a cheddar-ific way to show you appreciate them and good snacks, too. Break open the night before if the Sunday scaries are hitting hard, as well.
Gourmet Cookies Gift Baskets
Keep your clients delighted during tedious meetings with this gourmet cookie selection. These thick, gooey milk chocolate cookie sensations come in an ornate box and beg to be devoured. You might find a few more are missing than expected when that meeting's over because no one could get enough. It's not cheating when customers keep coming back for more business - and perhaps cookies.