29 Classy Cigar Gifts Sets That Cigar Lovers Will Roll With

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There’s nothing like kicking back with a nice cigar to celebrate a special occasion or even just a great day. These stogie gifts are classy and are perfect for any cigar-lover. From cigar cutters and rolling papers to lighters and even whiskey sets to go with the cigars, these gifts are smokin’ hot.

Cigar Gift Set
Are you a lover of cigars? Or do you know anyone who enjoys taking his cigars regularly? This cigar gift set would make a perfect gift for them, and easily shows how much you care. The gift set consists of 4 cigars in a leather box. The interior of the leather box is well organized to hold all cigars, even while on the motion.

Cigar Ashtray Set
This cigar ashtray set is a perfect item for any smokes out there. The tray comes with an exquisite design that is evidence of quality craftsmanship and has a tough construction. The ashtray is a great blend of a beautiful design and a tough body. The set also includes a double-cut blade cutter and a windproof lighter.

Cigar Lighter And Cutter Set
Any cigar smoker would love this handy cigar lighter, and cutter set. The cigar lighter and cutter are kept in a small case that is made of black leather. The black leather pouch can also hold as many as 3 cigars. The leather is also lined with cedarwood to maintain the freshness of your cigar. Perfect gift idea for cigar lovers.

Whiskey Glass With Cigar Holder Set
Enjoy a chilled glass of whiskey along with your favorite cigars with this Whiskey Glass with Cigar Holder Set. The set consists of well-designed glassware to enjoy your drinks of scotch, whiskey, or bourbon. The set also consists of whiskey stones and a cigar holder set too. Perfect gift for your father, spouse, or brother.

Engraved Flask And Cigar Cutter Set
The Engraved Flask with Cigar cutter is the perfect package for gentlemen who love to drink, and smoke. The set contains a black flask, a lighter and cigar cutter. This set may also serve as a cigar started kit because it contains all you need to start smoking. Its black color makes it a great gift choice for men who love to smoke.

Ashtray And Whiskey Glass Tray
Double the enjoyment with this Ashtray and Whiskey Glass Tray. The entire tray is made from natural camphor wood and handcrafted to perfection. It’s a great piece of décor for a rustic wood setting. Enjoy a glass of whiskey, scotch, or bourbon while you take a smoke. This tray brings all your pleasures to one place.

Travel Humidor For Cigars
Are you going on a trip and wish to take your favorite cigars along to have a great time? The travel humidor for cigars will serve this purpose for you. As you travel on the road, this special cigar case will help to maintain the humidity levels of your cigars to keep them fresh. The set also includes a cigar holder clip.

Small Cigar Case Humidor
Maintain the humidity levels of your cigars to keep them fresh. The Small Cigar Case Humidor can be used to maintain your cigars at the right humidity. It’s easy to use and features a hygrometer and humidifier for effective results. It’s made from advanced diving materials and comes in a portable design too.

3-Piece Cigar Cutter Set
Did you know that the way you cut open your cigars determines a lot about how you enjoy it? With the 3-Piece Cigar Cutter Set, every smoker gets to cut their cigar the right way. The entire set consists of a v-cut cigar, guillotine cutter, and cigar punch. If you enjoy smoking, you’ll get all the items you need most in one place.

Large Outdoor Ashtray
It’s a sunny day and a great time to take a smoke outdoors. Feel the rush of the breeze against your eyelids as you drag your smoke. The large outdoor ashtray would create a luxurious smoking experience. It would prevent cigar burns and smoke residue all over the floor. The ashtray is made from cedar wood for durability and longevity.

Clip-On Cigar Holder
Even if you don’t have an ashtray, you can still enjoy your smoke without having to place it on the table. Placing a cigar on the table could burn the material on its surface. Smoke and drink at the same time with the Clip-on Cigar Holder. All you have to do would be to clip this holder to your drink and enjoy the moment.

Torch Lighters And Cigar Cutter Set
Are you looking for a heavy-duty cigar lighter that will burn your cigar evenly? The torch lighter and cigar cutter set contains a lighter that is made with triple burners. It can produce the right amount of fire to burn cigars, candle jars, gas stovetops, BBQ grills, and so on. The set also contains a guillotine cutter to cut your cigar evenly.

Refillable Torch Lighter
Every cigar smoker needs a powerful lighter to light their smoke properly. The refillable torch lighter is made with an innovative design that is made of double zinc alloy. The lighter is extremely durable and has a transparent torch for easy usage. It also offers a lot of firepower which is triple the amount on normal lighters.

Cigar Draw Enhancer Tool
The Cigar Draw Enhancer Tool is designed to help smokers correct the draw of their cigars the right way. It offers smokers a more lively experience and works just as described.

Handcrafted Cigar Case
Are you a cigar lover who is looking to buy a bunch of luxury-looking cigars? Or are you looking to gift someone a quality cigar box? The handcrafted cigar case is a great choice. This cigar case is finished with handcrafted leather and specially treated wood. It’s designed to be able to contain 25 – 50 cigars and keep them fresh.

Portable Cigar Holder And Ashtray
Do you need a cigar holder and ashtray on the go? The portable cigar holder and ashtray perfectly fit the description. It’s made from high-quality nylon and can be attached to different spots in cars, cart modes, boats, RVs, and workbenches. The portable cigar holder is designed to hold different cigar types, including large and light ones.

Monkey Cigar Ashtray
Are you on the market for a one-of-a-kind smoking accessory? The monkey cigar ashtray fits the bill properly. It can serve as an ashtray or an interesting piece of décor for your home. It’s convenient to use and portable to carry around. This monkey head would also be a great décor for your office table or a small garden.

Cigar T-Shirt
Openly declare your love for cigars with this stylish and trendy shirt. It’s a great conversation starter and would give your new friends a quick impression of who you are. The shirt is made from a combination of materials that are soft, comfortable to touch, and durable. It’s also incredibly attractive and a great addition to any casual outfit.

Quick Charge Lighter Adapter
Are you interested in a vehicle accessory that eases your smoking and makes the experience more enjoyable? The Quick Charge Lighter Adapter is designed for charging 4 devices at once. It’s compatible with different smartphone models. There are also 3 lighter sockets in the body of the adapter for increased convenience.

Whiskey Stones And Glasses Set
Enjoy your next glass of whiskey with the Whiskey Stones and Glasses Set. The whiskey stones in this set are designed to have a larger surface area and will chill your drink faster. These cubes are also corrosion-resistant and made from high-grade stainless steel. The set also includes impressive glassware to enjoy your drink.

Iron Standing Ashtray
The iron standing ashtray is an attractive cash iron ashtray. It’s designed with premium quality material. The design of this unique ashtray is such that it supports easy dumping. The height of this unique ashtray is also adjustable. It’s a perfect accessory to help you smoke on the patio. It’s a great gift idea for smokers.

Old Fashioned Glass and Cigar Holder Set
What’s better than attractive glassware that can also hold your cigar at the same time? This unique piece of glassware is an old-fashioned whiskey glass that can also serve as a portable cigar holder. It’s made from a lead-free crystal that is safe for drinking. This is a perfect gift idea for your spouse, brother, or father.

Funny Cigar T-Shirt
The funny cigar shirt is designed for smokers or anyone who loves to create a funny impression. This is an interesting conversation starter and could also serve as a lounging tee. It’s made from high-quality materials that are soft t touch and comfortable to wear. It’s a must-have accessory for anyone who wishes to declare their passion for smoking.

Leather Portable Cigar Case With Flask
The Leather Portable Cigar Case with Flask comes in an elegant and modern design. It’s capable of holding 2 cigars at most. It also contains a ring gauge too. The flask is made out of high-grade stainless steel. The set includes a flask, funnel, cigar cutter, and cigar case. It’s a perfect gift idea for any smokers that you may know.

Digital Cigar Humidor Box
Protect your cigars from changing humidity and keep them fresh. The Digital Cigar Humidor Box helps to store your cigars properly. The box features a sliding, velvet-lined magnetic drawer to hold your cigars. There is also a digital display that tells you the level of humidity within the box. It’s a perfect gift idea for any smokers you may know.

Cigar Spray
Smokers and cigar lovers out there enjoy getting quality, well-packaged cigars. This 4-piece set is made up of 4 different types of body sprays shaped like Cuban cigars. Redefine your smoking experience with this one-of-a-kind body spray brand. It’s a perfect addition to casual wear. The sweet-smelling scent will last for long periods too.

Cigar Socks
How passionate are you about smoking cigars? Let the whole world know with these fashionable cigar socks. They are designed from premium quality materials that are breathable and keep your feet comfortable. It also features special lettering that is attractive. It’s a perfect gift idea for any smokers that you may know.

Cigar Coffee Mug
If you are the type of person interested in unique items, the cigar coffee mug will thrill you. It features a beautiful digital print that motivates you to smoke a cigar. The mug is perfect for drinking tea, coffee, or water. It also has a solid white background that makes it incredibly attractive.

4 Cigar Travel Case
Will you be heading on a trip soon and wish to take your favorite brand of cigars along? The 4-Cigar Travel Case is the ideal choice. The travel case has a cedar wood-lined interior and a leather exterior. The case is capable of holding 4 cigars. The entire set includes a lighter, humidifier, wood tray, and stainless-steel cutter.