33 Chemistry Gifts That Every Nerd & Teacher Will Love

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Up and atom! It’s time to amplify that epic nerd noodle with these 33 chemistry gift ideas. They’re sure to set off a chain reaction of excitement with students, teachers, and chemists alike. Make color-changing snow, explode a volcano, or drink from a science-themed wine glass. These high-quality, hands-on geek gifts will keep brilliant minds their element.

Periodic Table Glowing Coaster Set
Let your nimble nerd light up the room with this set of 4 radioactive coasters. Rest your drinks safely onto these Uranium, Plutonium, Radium, and Thorium themed 4-inch plastic plates and watch the glowing effect illuminate. These protectable and durable collectables are great for the science fan in your fam.
Mega Chemistry Kit
Holy exploding rocket launchers! This mega-chemistry kit by National Geographic has 45 knock-your-socks-off experiments geared towards revving up kids' excitement for exploration. From exploding volcanoes to digging for dinos, your curious chemist will be busy for hours learning while playing. The kit includes everything needed for a hands-on adventure.
Chemist's Spice Rack
Whether a chemist or a cook, this rack will spice up your life. This set includes a grand spectrum for your kitchen: 9 test tubes for spices, 4 Erlenmeyer flasks for sugar, salt, pepper, and oil and a tray. The 62 included stickers label myriad potential ingredients from oregano (OR) to thyme (TH), perfect for a kitchen whizz.
Periodic Table Duvet Cover
This science sheets set will create sweet dreams of molecular proportions! Or they can try, anyway. Cozy up with some chemistry underneath this microfiber, super soft bedding. The duvet set will be sure to catalyze an interest in chemical reactions pronto for yourself or your judicial juvenile.
Magnetic Molecular Modeling Set
It's easy to keep your ion the prize with the Happy Atoms magnetic set! Fill your nerd noggin with knowledge while building, scanning, and identifying molecules. The physical and digital set includes 50 atoms, and teaches kids about how they bond. With over 216 activities to choose from, it's safe to say you'll be in your element.
Crayola Color Chemistry Set For Kids
Let your silly scientist color his/her world with chemistry. The Crayola Color Chemistry set encourages kids to learn while they laugh. There are a ton of options for science projects and experiments like glow worms and bouncing colored bubbles that are bound to ignite imaginations everywhere.
One Touch Sparkling Water Maker
Fellow chemists unite and celebrate like it's Mole Day by brewing your own bubbles with a SodaStream. This fizzy gadget has the option of choosing the amount of sparkle you want in your water, and includes a variety of flavors to add like peach, grapefruit, mango, lemon, and lime. It's eco-friendly, and the 60L CO2 cylinder makes it easy-peasy (unlike Avogadro's number).
Clean Water Science STEM Set
Go green with this clean water science kit that could double as literal lifesaver. Serious scientists will learn solar water purification and how to desalinate salt water when they're in the wild. With the help of a plastic filter system, active carbon, sand, rock, and filter paper, your eager Einstein will be on his/her way to saving the planet.
Chemist's Funny Socks
Your feet can do the talking with these silly chemist's socks. Any noble nerd will love displaying these flashy fashion-forward frocks. They are sized to fit both men and women comfortably, and they heed a true warning: 'Never trust an atom. They make up everything.' Lesson learned.
Chemist's Digital Microscope w/ LCD & SD Card
Brilliant brainiacs everywhere rejoice with the LCD digital microscope. The scope lends an interactive look into tiny items with its easy-to-use 12 megapixel ultra-precise focusing camera. It's equipped with dynamite resolution and attaches to computers and TVs for a larger view. The included remote can be used as a practical scientist assistant.
Yoda Best Chemist Mug
Drink up, you will, with Yoda nearby to combat the Dark Side (aka mornings). This high-quality mug carries 11-ounces of rocket fuel and is sure to make any grouchy geek chuckle with its cute, motivational design. Brighten up the morning, and may the force be with you even when the sun is not.
Chemist's Anti Fog Safety Glasses
If you already have 4 eyes, you may need 6 to be safe in this scenario. These Chemist's anti-fog glasses will save your day and your peepers. They're super-light, scratch-resistant, and can be worn over your prescription glasses for extra care. An elastic band holds the eyewear on securely, a perfect option for those spending time around exploding science labs.
Chemist's Copper Bar Paperweight
No need to go mining for copper when you can have it delivered. There's no better way for a chemist to get into his/her element than by being able to hold an element. Radiant with it's periodical table design, this .999 pure copper bar paperweight will keep your papers in place.
Magic Chemistry Set
Did you know that magic and science are kind of the same thing? National Geographic's magic chemistry set has 21 epic experiments that'll make your child's mind explode with colorful ideas. Through thorough analysis, they'll make snow and coins float, and learn tons of fascinating facts from real scientists. A wand and white gloves are included to ensure your wacky wizard looks the part.
Geeky Chemistry Science Christmas T-Shirt
This one's for the 'BAZINGA' guy or gal in your life. It's always fun to have a festive and punny holiday tee on hand. This geeky-graphic Christmas tree-inspired shirt will be a hit at the teacher's holiday party in the chem lab or if you're cutting down your own CHEMIST-tree. Get it?
Nerdy Wall Clock
This gift would bring torture to most - but then there are the nerds. This wall clock is the perfect present for those who really love numbers. In each place where a number should be is a math equation fit for a mega-mathematician's wall. It could also be a unique addition to a teacher's classroom.
Chemist's Geeky Science Scarf
Be a brilliant brainiac in style by adding this science scarf to your look. The multi colored periodic table squares covering the circle scarf will ensure everyone knows your favorite subject. It's a great conversation piece, and casual enough to wear to school or the lab.
Teacher Mug of Student Tears
Finally! A mug all teachers can relate to for a good laugh: a fresh cup of student's warm tears. Okay, coffee still wins, but you get it. This 100% ceramic cup is a great way to make student's nervous, bond with co-workers, and become a legend in the teacher's lounge. Drink up!
Gold Foil Periodic Table Art
Give the gift of class with this intricate gold foil periodic table. The handmade masterpiece shines bright onto a blank matte background. This tasteful wall art is a charming accessory for any cool chemist's office. It's also a perfect way to find equilibrium in between the chaos of constant nerd alerts from the lab.
12pcs Funny Chemistry Bookmarks
Any bookworm deserves amusing place holders to mark their page. These 12 punny bookmarks are sure to coerce laughter from any humorless highbrow. They're perfect for those who spend a lot of time cooking up formulas indoors and need to let off some steam. Colorful and eye-catching, these bookmarks make for a good time during any scholarly occasion.
The Chemistry of Bacon T Shirt for Nerds
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So why not gift your clever chemist this t-shirt that will bacon-em crazy. When this witty tee combines symbols from the periodic table - barium, carbon, and nitrogen - it makes 'BaCoN'. Can you hear the savory meat sizzling already?
Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker for Chemists
You're mixing chemistry in each cup when you brew your coffee with this bulletproof beaker from CHEMEX. This special carafe is non-porous and uses tempered glass, just like those in a lab. The bond filters will concoct hot and iced beverages alike, like coffee and tea. Expect a delicious libation to get your noodle moving.
Chemistry Pen for Students and Teachers
This pen is a great way for teachers to brush up on their elemental knowledge or for students to cheat (just kidding!). This innovative chemistry pen has the option of a pull-out periodic table. It's color-coded so those studying-up can distinguish between metals, solids, liquids, and gases while they learn each symbol. GeNiUS!
Chemistry Molecule Necklace
If you're a maverick with molecules, you know this one is the most mellow of all. Wearing this THC compound necklace represents the euphoric feeling dopamine gives from THC or CBD. It's 19 inches and comes in black, rose gold, and silver, and will remind everyone it's 4:20 somewhere.
Organic Honey Gift Set for Chemists
Let your lucky chemist perform a different type of experiment: the gourmet kind. This set will take you to the honey pot, and to the rainforests of Brazil. The unique gift comes in four organic flavors: Acacia, Pink Pepper, Quince, and Wildflower. All of which you can spread over cheese, toast, and granola. Something to bee grateful for!
Retro Visual Science Art Decor
Focusing and innovating are mad feels in this retro inspired science painting. Vibrant colors showcase a brilliant canvas brain at work with the creative right and the logical left. Decorate your office for stimulating conversation or your room for solid brainstorming. After all, studies show art is a science!
Explosive Kitchen Lab Set for Nerds
A dynamite way to learn more about chemistry is to blow stuff up! Any neuronic nerd will be thrilled to receive the explosive kitchen lab kit designed with 26 wacky demonstrations. Launch lemon rocket fuel, scribble coded messages, or induce foaming egg whites! There's so much jam-packed fun you'll forget it's science.
Caffeine Molecule Mug for Science Teachers
Fake 'em out at the research-atory with the borosilicate glass mug that's fashioned just like a 16-ounce beaker. The mug is great for both hot and cold brews, like coffee, tea, and lattes and also doubles as a measuring cup. Coffee is one of earth's greatest inventions!
Chemist's Beaker Wine Glass
Any vino imbibing mixologist will be buzzing to drink out of this chemist's wine beaker. Perfect for teachers and science sommeliers, this Periodic Tableware glass will ensure you give just the right pour with its precise measurements. It's elegant, scientific, and holds a complex and sophisticated potable to boot.
Chemistry Window Drapes
Transform your judicious genius's bedroom with curtains made for a chemist. Vibrant teal and yellow planets, microscopes, and books dot across the black background of these super-fun drapes. They're sure to instigate a hypothesis or two from any eager Einstein, and they're environmentally friendly to keep the earth safe.
Chemistry Set for Kids
Cold and dreary outside? Bring some cool arctic fun inside with the Crayola chemistry set for kids. Complete with step-by-step instructions and 50 awesome experiments, curious kids will be thrilled to learn. Control the variables together by creating a 3D winter tree, a snow globe, and even color-changing snow!