21 Purrfect Cat Dad Gifts That Will Leave Him Feline Great

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Shoutout to all the cat dads out there, givin’ scratches and scoopin’ poops! Since cat is unlikely say thank you anytime soon, show your favorite cat dad some love. And if we know anything about cat dads, it’s that they are proud of their purrfect baby. Cat shirt? Check. Cat socks? Check. Cat coffee? Check. Now that is some big kitty energy.

Cat Dad Hat
If one thing is true, it's that cat dads are loud and proud. They love letting people know how sensitive they can be. Help your favorite cat dad show off with a 'Cat Dad AF' dad hat. The unstructured crown and adjustable buckle just add to the whole cool dad vibe. And you know what I heard? Cat bods are in for the summer.
Cat Dad Sweatshirt
People love a little sweet and savory. Even more, people love a man that is strong, yet soft. This deadlifting' cat hoodie is perfect for the dude who downs his protein shakes with his kitty on his shoulder. Let's just hope he's not counting his cat's macros.
Best Cat Dad Ever Mug
Okay, we all know that the cat's never gonna pitch in for a Christmas present. But that doesn't mean we can't pretend that the cat is grateful for his human. This 'Best Cat Dad Ever' mug features a mean-muggin kitty flippin' the bird, because...well, isn't that how we all feel before coffee?
Cat Dad T-Shirt
I mean, if you don't have a 'Best Cat Dad Ever' shirt, do you even have a cat, bro? And if all the single ladies don't immediately flock to you while wearing this shirt, do you even want those kind of women in your life!? *Sigh* Well, even if there are no absolutes, at least wearing this tee will separate the cat-lovers from the others.
ScoopFree Automatic Cleaning Litter
I don't know who needs to hear this, but just because you have a cat doesn't mean you have to have a stinky house. Both you and your cat can live untethered to the litter box! Oh, that grainy prison. You, the warden, scooping the poop. But the ScoopFree Litter Box self-cleans and eliminates odors and messes. You can leave it alone for weeks! Ah, freedom.
Cat Dad Tank
How can you look at this and not smile? Don't ask questions-- a cowboy cat riding a shark on a rainbow? Who cares! The key word here is cat, and this fun tank is the ultimate cat dad gift. He might even like it more than his actual cat.
Best Cat Dad Beer Glass
Hey, cat dads drink just as much beer as dog dads, ok? Don't be fooled by the feminine grace of the feline. This cute 'Best Cat Dad' beer glass is the perfect gift for the proud cat dad. The cat might not agree, but he's pretty disagreeable to begin with. So cute, but so so prickly.
The Catfather Shirt
Dad jokes. It's a thing because dads just love puns. They can't help it. But cat dads and cat puns? That's another layer altogether. For the lover of classics and cats, make him purr with a 'The Catfather' shirt. So legit you have you double-take. Meeeoooooww.
Crazy Cat Dude Socks
What makes a crazy cat man? Is it the amount of cats he owns, or is it the amount of cat-themed clothing he owns? Well, if he's not already a crazy cat man, make him one with this colorful and eye-catching ode to cat love. Cat love is crazy sometimes, man.
Cat Dad Keyring
Cat Dad Keyring-- it's how all the other cat dads find each other at parties. Pop a cold one open and all of a sudden, it's like, 'What's your cat's name?' Purrrfect for making friends, because let's be honest...the cat's at home having his own party. Cat dads commiserate.
Cat Parent Gift Set
Real ones know -- cat owners always need a new tumbler for their cat to knock over. Real ones also know -- lids save lives, I mean, furniture. Keep the cat happy with two new tumblers to push from high places. Keep the cat parents happy with two new tumblers to secure that much-needed coffee. Come and get it, kitty.
Cat Grass Growing Kit
If the cat dad in your life is all 'one love, man,' hook him up with that good-good. You know, cat grass. This growing kit is simple enough for any hippie to grow! The special mix of barley, oats, rye, and wheat is an excellent digestive aid for furry friends. And it helps with hairballs! Just don't let anyone roll it up and smoke it.
Riot Society Graphic Cat Shirt
Take it up a notch with cat-inspired streetwear. Riot Society comes through again with sharp front and back graphics and lettering down the sleeve. Preshrunk to comfy cozy with a soft cotton feel, this shirt even looks good with cat hair on it. Now that's the real test.
Cat Dad Work Boots
Our favorite cat dad is doing the ol' nine-to-five to provide for his fur baby, so get him some work boots to keep him focused. His cat is the number one priority, after all. Wiping sweat from his brow, he'll look down at his Caterpillar work boots that simply say 'CAT.' And it will all be worth it. Who knew work boots could be cheeky?
Cat Lover Coffee Sampler
Coffee and cats go together like catnip and...cats. But honestly, what doesn't go well with cats? This Sillybean Coffee Sampler geared toward cat lovers features 8 different coffees with cute cat names like 'Freak Meowt' and 'Curious Kitty.' They are fresh, gourmet, and 100% small batch Arabica coffee. Cheers to that cat life!
Cat Dad Picture Frame
Cat dad humor isn't for everyone, and it's certainly not for cats. Luckily, they can't read! Whether meant sincerely or sarcastically, 'I work hard so my cat can have a better life' is a sentiment we could all learn a little lesson from. Prop it up on the desk and wait for the cat to knock it over. Aw, isn't he cute?
Cats and Stars Blanket
If you know a cat that likes to snuggle, chances are that cat dad would appreciate a dreamy cat-themed blanket. The fleece is super soft and machine washable, so don't worry about those little cat hairs. And if your favorite cat dad is between the ages of 15 and 30, chances are he could use a 'blackout curtain,' better known as a blanket.
Fat Cat Teaser Toy
This Fat Cat teaser toy is the ultimate gift for hands-on cat dads. It's not just any tether wand-- it's a crawdad wearing a shirt and tie! It's unknown why cats are so triggered. Perhaps they hate crawdads or perhaps they just hate business casual in general. Either way, Mr. Crawdad provides a nice outlet for kitty's rage. Please, anything but the couch.
Funny Cat T Shirt
Oh. My. God. Cue the Celine Dion. As the James Cameron classic floods our memory, we can't help but wonder. Why hasn't anyone made a cat remake? And while yes, the water scenes may be difficult to film, two cats can definitely stay afloat on a door. Take that, human Rose.
Cat Dad Swim Trunks
We all know that cat dad who is EXTRA. But you can't fault a cat dad for loving his kitty too much! These swim trunks are an homage to everything good in the world-- cats, burritos, hard shell tacos...and more cats. While kitty might not go swimming, these trunks are quick-drying so you can get back to snugglin'.