51 Ridiculously Good Bachelor Party Gift Ideas for Groom & Bros

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Get the perfect stag party accessories, and gifts for the lads. This collection of bachelor party gift ideas include options for the dead man walking himself and for his bros who will stand up for him on his big day. Funny, witty, crazy and useful. These are party gift ideas for today’s manly man.

WOODIES Polarized Sunglasses
Plan on getting blackout drunk at your stag party? Whether in Vegas or Dallas, you and the boys are sure to have a blast. After a night of shots and dances, perhaps a bit of living the rock n roll lifestyle, you will need sunglasses once the hangover shows up. These polarized sunglasses feature walnut arms, and are very stylish.
Stainless Steel Tuxedo Shot Glass
Shots are a must at any stag party. Throw them back with the lads, with a set of stainless steel tuxedo shot glasses that are perfect bachelor party favors. Whether vodka, tequila or something else, there’s nothing better to accompany the lap dances and wildness of his last night of freedom than shots with the boys.
Beef Jerky Sampler
Give the gift of meat and manly snacks. This collection of assorted jerky treats makes a good choice for best man gifts. What else do you get to thank a man for standing up for you when you're tying the knot. Add in a bottle of whiskey to show the lads your thanks.
Bachelor Party Beer Belt
For your bachelor party weekend, the groom should always have a drink in his hand. Make sure he does with this party beer belt. Insulated to keep the beers icy cold. A total must have that won't dent your wallet... because we know you need those dollar bills for other activities this weekend!
Ice Luge for Cold Drinks
Get those drinks flowing. This reusable ice luge is like a giant ice cube that's shaped like a luge for maximum party effects. The lads and the ladies will love it. Take the iciest cold shots of your life and get this party started. Just add water, pop into the freezer and the next day you're ready to go!
Personalized Groomsmen Beer Mugs
Your boys might not remember your bachelor party (...if it's a good one). But they'll remember all the laughter and jokes for years after the bachelor party with these awesome beer mugs. Bring them back to that moment with personalized steins with free engraving. Capture your memories for a lifetime!
Whiskey Stones Gift Set for Real Men
After tying the knot, he is sure to find many an occasion to enjoy a few shots of whiskey with the lads. This set includes whiskey stones and glasses, it will make it that much easier to enjoy a real man's drink. This gift set is also a good choice in best man gifts, particularly for married men.
Godinger Cigar Whiskey Glass
This is a true man’s whiskey glass, with an indent perfect for holding his cigar. Best man gifts should embrace what it means to be there for your bros. He’s a dead man walking down the aisle, the right whiskey glass will make those shots and gambling just that much better.
Beer Me, I'm Getting Married Shirt
Beer him up. Beer, plenty of shots, lap dances and perhaps a hit of rock n roll are the perfect bachelor party favors. Whether it’s a shotgun wedding or he’s voluntarily tying the knot, your man deserves the best stag party the boys can give him.
Stein Handcrafted w/ Monogram
Best man gifts that are suitable for the manly man include beer steins, particularly this monogrammed stein. Toast to the dead man walking and his fiance, with a stein that is perfect for gifting the groom and best man alike, these steins could help him get black out drunk on the nights he’s sleeping on the couch.
Blow Up Judy Doll
If you’re wondering just what to bring to bachelor party nights, Judy won’t steer you wrong. The lads will all appreciate her talents, and she will definitely complain a lot less than his fiancé when he comes home black out drunk. Judy is the gift that keeps on giving, good for a bachelor party and those inevitable lonely nights on the couch.
Pimp Daddy Velvet Suit
Pimpin' ain't easy, but it ain’t easy giving up the pimp life. Whether his stag party is in Vegas, or it’s going to be wild enough to rival a night in Vegas, the boys should look their pimping best. Remind him of what he’ll lose after tying the knot. No more lap dances and no more nights of rock n roll.
Groom's Drinking Team Can Coolies
Wondering what to bring to the bachelor party? The boys will flip for these can coolies. There are options perfect for best man gifts and of course one for the groom himself. These coolies will remind the lovely lasses who the star of the stag party is!
Bullet Shaped Metal Whiskey Stones
Shoot for perfection, with the best in gift ideas. These bullet shaped whiskey stones are made from metal, and are sure to hit the target at the stag party. Whether as bachelor party favors or best man gifts, these stainless steel whiskey bullets will always hit their mark. For the man tying the knot, these whiskey bullets will definitely not be duds.
Personalized Toiletry Bags
Best man gifts can be practical, as well as fun. This set of six toiletry bags can be customized for each of the lads in the wedding party. Fill them up with something sensible or with their favorite bottle of whiskey. Today’s refined gent on the go will definitely appreciate the practicality of the toiletry bag, and will absolutely appreciate the whiskey.
Circle Game Funny Meme Socks
Who says that bachelor party favors need to be humdrum? These socks bring the hilarity, with the introduction of the circle game. Prank the boys, or get them their own socks so that the prank can continue no matter where your stag party takes you. Silly, but fun, these quirky socks are a must-have for best man gifts.
Personalized Pocket Knife for Groomsmen
Skip the embroidered doilies. Today’s man’s man will appreciate a personalized pocket knife as thoughtful best man gifts. These bachelor party favors are the perfect gift to bring to a stag party. Whether for the groom himself to memorialize his last days of freedom, or for the groomsmen, these knives cut through the wedding day frills.
Finger Brown Leather Cigar Case
Stogies are the perfect choice for bachelor party favors. This brown leather cigar case includes a stainless steel cutter, making it a great choice in best man gifts to pair with the finest in cigars. Strike a match and celebrate his tying the knot, with a gift that the refined gentleman can appreciate.
All-in-one Cigar Lighter
Cigars are the perfect choice in bachelor party favors, for the refined gentleman. Or for the lads looking to kick back and just enjoy the richness of a quality stogie. No cigar is complete without the right cigar lighter. Ideal for best man gifts, this device boasts several practical functions that cigar aficionados will appreciate each time they light one up.
Whiskey Decanter Globe Set
The refined gentleman will appreciate any best man gifts that allow him to indulge his love of the finest whiskey. Gift him this whiskey decanter set, so he can enjoy shots of whiskey after a long day of following the honey-do list. The set includes a decanter globe with an etched design, and two whiskey glasses; all fit onto an antique-inspired wooden tray.
Credit Card Size Poker Bottle Openers
What would a stag party be without bachelor party favors that are both practical and cool? This stainless steel playing card is a credit card sized bottle opener. Perfect for a night of Vegas style poker, these bottle openers are certain to be a hit.
Bring Vegas to You Set
Bring the fun of Vegas gambling to your stag party, with a set that allows you and the lads to play poker, blackjack, roulette and craps. With everything that is needed to create a wild Las Vegas inspired night of gambling, this set is only missing the cigars and other friends you need to have a perfect bachelor party.
Personalized Groomsmen Flask Gift Set
The refined gentleman will appreciate a personalized flask gift set. Perfect as best man gifts, this set contains the flask, a funnel and two shot glasses. The lads may enjoy the shots, the other friends and the lap dances on the night of your stag party, but they’ll use their flask for years to come.
UGLY TODAY Men's Suits
Dress sharp for your stag party, with snappy suits perfect for your last night of freedom. These suits include the jacket, pants and matching tie. These suits are almost so ugly that they are dapper. Stand out in style and own your look, indulging in shots and hit the club. Get a set for the lads at your stag party. You gents deserve to look stylish.
These Cards Will Get You Drunk
Which of the lads is going to get blackout drunk playing this game? This hilarious booze-infused drinking game will have them doing shots round after round. The game can be played with apple juice, but where’s the fun in that? This game is a blast, and you’re sure to all be blasted by the end of the night.
Ace Of Spades Stainless Steel Flask
Best man gifts for the man burly man include these edgy Ace of Spades flakes. Get one for every gent standing up for the groom, and perhaps for the father of the bride too. These bachelor party favors are sure to be used for years to come, at weddings, church service and those dinner parties the wife insists on throwing.
Maison Lambert Ultimate Beard Kit
Maintaining his magnificent beard is something every bro can agree is an essential part of looking his beastly best. Gift the lads a beard care kit that contains everything he needs to keep that ruggedly handsome beard from becoming unruly. The finest beard comb, beard oil, beard balm and other beard care essentials are included. This is truly a magnificent gift for a man.
Italian Crafted Crystal Whiskey Set
The sophisticated gent knows just how important it is to have the right accessories on hand when enjoying a perfectly aged whiskey. Whether as best man gifts or as a thoughtful gift for the groom himself, this Italian crafted crystal whiskey set will ensure he is always in good spirits. The set includes a decanter and four glasses, perfect for enjoying whiskey with the lads.
Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Game
Take Las Vegas fun to new levels of tipsy fun, with a roulette drinking game. Go all in, spin and see where you land. The shots can be as tame as a favorite beer or perhaps take a wild walk with tequila. The game is perfect for the boys looking to bring a bit of extra drinking fun to a stag party.
Make it Rain Money Gun
Make it rain, boys! This money gun can shoot out fake bills or real bills, depending on your mood. The club will be just that much more interesting with the Benjamins flying around. Or keep it tame with Washington's. This is a fun way to liven up any stag party.
1920s Mens Gatsby Gangster Suit
Hosting a themed Vegas or roaring 20s stag party? This chic set includes a vest, faux pocket watch, faux cigar and more. The boys are sure to get into the swing of things when dressed up as a character stepping straight out of a gangster movie. Bring on the other friends and tommy guns, and be thankful prohibition is over.
Blonde Bombshells Novelty Golf Tee
Going golfing as a part of your stag party? These bachelor party favors feature a blonde bombshell perfect for setting your balls on when you’re ready to take a swing. The boys are sure to appreciate the added titillation these little ladies bring to your bachelor party.
Bachelor Party Decorations
Remind him of what it truly means when he’s tying the knot. The same everything, for the rest of his life. With fun and witty statements on these decorations, he is sure to enjoy his stag party. Even if his wife did say no other friends. That doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy lap dances.
Bourbon & Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee
There’s nothing like the perfect cup of java to kick start your day. Best man gifts that combine coffee and booze are sure to be a hit. This four bag set of coffee includes beans that have been aged in barrels, to produce a rich brew that will definitely deliver a kick. Perfect as bachelor party favors, and great for the groom himself.
Sterling James Co. Bachelor Hat
The old lady said no other friends! These hats are the perfect accessory for his stag party, at the strip club. While the lads are enjoying lap dances from the lovely ladies. The perfect bachelor party favors, these hats leave no doubt about the celebration. Get one for each of the boys, and grab a stack of dollar bills. It's going to be a night.
Alcohol Shot Gun (Load, Aim, Shoot)
Get ready to shoot your shots, with a must-have for any stag party. Load the gun up with rum, vodka or something else entirely. Pull the trigger and watch the fun get started. The club, other friends, & rock n roll are just the beginning of a night to remember.
Prestige Diamond Decanters
Thank the lads for standing up for you when you're tying the knot, with a well-designed whiskey decanter they will appreciate for years to come. The design of the decanter is all at once elegant and rugged. Don't forget to include a bottle of the finest whiskey, so they can toast your big day.
Bierstick Beer Bong Syringe
Forget shots at your stag party. This giant beer bong syringe is the better way to chug the brewskis. Simply fill it up and get ready to down a pint in two seconds flat. When you're to skip the rock n roll, rather get blackout drunk with the lads. This is a must when you're wondering what to bring to bachelor party nights.
Custom Groomsmen Bobbleheads
He’ll be nodding his head and saying, “Yes, dear!” for many years to come after tying the knot. Just like one of these custom bobbleheads. They make great bachelor party favors, and are thoughtful gifts for the lads. Get one for each of your guys, perhaps as a reminder that their own days of lap dances and shots could be coming to an end.
Abusive Balloons
Decorate his stag party, with bachelor party favors that set the right tone. He’s a dead man walking, his days of fun and frivolity over with now. The same lady with his pair in her purse, for the rest of his life. Happy ever after? Or under new management? This set of balloons is simply perfect for his bachelor party.
Groomsmen Bundle
Best man gifts that appeal to his favorite activities, like taking the occasional shots from a flask, are sure to be a hit. This set includes a custom can coozie, stainless straw, shots glasses and sunglasses, perfect for the hangover after the stag party.
Bachelor Sash (Required)
What better accessory for his stag party than a sash announcing his groom-to-be status. Perfect for wearing out on the town in Vegas or while he's getting lap dances all night long, the sash is great fun. Keep it for the next time one of the lads takes his turn to be the dead man walking.
Macallan Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskey
With rich vanilla and toffee flavors that soothe the senses, this single malt Scotch whiskey makes a thoughtful choice in best man gifts. Perfect for enjoying with the lads or at home alone after a long day, this 12-year aged whiskey is sure to be appreciated.
Golden Girls Shot Glasses
Are you a Dorothy, Blanche, Rose or Sophia? This set of four Golden Girls shot glasses is sure to add an extra element of sass when you’re doing shots with the lads at your stag party. They make a thoughtful choice in best man gifts, and are sure to elicit a grin from the boys each time they toss back a shot of vodka.
Personalized Groomsmen Flasks
Perfect for sneaking shots, these flasks are an ideal choice in best man gifts. Personalize each one with his initials, for a gift he is sure to use quite often. The lads standing up for you on your big day deserve only the best. This set of flasks ensures you have one for every gent when you’re handing out bachelor party favors.
Just Meat and Cheese Gift Box
Just meat and cheese. What more does a manly man need? Whether it’s for the groom tying the knot, or you need perfect best man gifts, this set is sure to please the lads. Combine it with a six pack of his favorite brewskis and they will agree that no finer gift has ever existed.
Chunky Gold Necklace
Whether his stag party is in Vegas, or is Vegas-themed, this chunky gold necklace is the perfect accessory for the man about town. Tipping other friends, getting the best in dances, and embracing his last night of rock n roll, he will look his dashing best in this chunky necklace simply perfect for the player tying the knot.
Custom Engraved Oak Aging Barrel
Customized gifts make the best impressions. These custom engraved oak aging barrels are a thoughtful option in best man gifts, or for the bachelor himself. With the groom and his bride’s name added to the aging barrel, they’re sure to display it with pride. Don’t forget to gift them the perfect bottle of wine.
Hydration Powder Sticks
He may be a dead man walking as his wedding day approaches, but he doesn’t need to feel half dead after his stag party. Whether enjoying bachelor party favors a bit too much, or getting blackout drunk doing shots, these hydration sticks will restore his dehydrated self. These are probably the most sensible accessory for his stag party.
BenShot Bullet Rocks Glass
Shoot for successful best man gifts, with whiskey glasses featuring a genuine bullet. Whether having fun throwing back shots or getting loaded and black out drunk celebrating tying the knot, these whiskey glasses will hit their mark every time. Each glass is hand-crafted and ensure the quality he deserves.
Bachelor Party Hat and Veil
Announce his status as a dead man walking, with a hat and veil that speaks just the truth. No more other friends and lap dances, and definitely no more new lady zones to appreciate after tying the knot. The boys are sure to mock him mercilessly when he dons this at his stag party.
Personalized Whiskey Set in Wooden Box
With everything that he needs to enjoy an evening of the finest whiskey with his bros, this personalized whiskey set is sure to impress the lads. Best man gifts should embody what it means to stand up for the man who is tying the knot. Add a bottle of his favorite whiskey and this is a gift set perfect for savoring and for doing shots.