65 Stellar Astronomy Gifts For Curious Minds in 2022

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No need to go to Infinity and Beyond to find the best gifts for astronomy lovers. This list has you covered. From telescopes to glow-in-the-dark galaxy posters, anything your favorite star-gazer could want is here. Get them a framed telescope photo of their birth sign constellation, or get them a gift card to a planetarium. Gift the gift of the cosmos.

Brass Armillary Sphere Astrolabe
This brass armillary sphere would be perfect for an astronomy lover who is also a collector of interesting things. This would look great on a bookshelf or the corner of a desk. It is a perfect gift for anyone you know who is looking for a unique item to liven up a room in their home.

Astronomical Refractor Telescope
Do you have a young astronomer in your family? This telescope would be the stellar gift from them. With a 70mm lens to help make the stars and planets look bigger and brighter, your young astronomer will want to look at the night sky every night before bed. The tripod is adjustable so children of all heights can use it.

Stargazing: Beginner's Guide to Astronomy
Do you know someone that is interested in astronomy but is unsure of where to start? This useful guide to astronomy would be the perfect gift for them. The 244-page book teaches readers about astronomy in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Buy it now and they will be thanking you for a long time.

Home Planetarium Star Projector
Planetariums aren't so easy to find. But with this home planetarium star projector from SEGA, you can bring the stars and planets home to your family. The projector displays 60,000 stars onto the walls and ceilings of whichever room you choose. The planetarium comes with 2 discs of stars, and there are 30 other discs available to purchase.

3D Solar System Model
This small gift would be perfect for any astronomy fan in your life. The crystal ball displays the solar system and is lit up by changing lights that come from its base. It would look great on a desk, nightstand, or even a bookshelf. It would be a great gift for dad on his birthday.

SkyMaster 20X80 Astronomy Binoculars
You can get these for your dad or brother or any astronomy lover you know, and help them to see the stars better. These durable and water-resistant binoculars have a powerful lens meant to bring the stars closer to the user. If they want to go hands-free, they can attach the tripod adapter and use the binoculars that way.

Samsung Galaxy Watch
Do you have an active friend or family member? This Samsung Galaxy watch would be the perfect gift for them. The watch can track their resting and active heart rate, how they sleep, and the number of calories they burn in a day. It's also a wonderful gift for those people looking to become more of an active person.

Superbreak Galaxy Backpack
Having a cool backpack is one of the best parts of going back to school. This lightweight JanSport backpack is covered in stars and constellations that will help your young astronomer stick out. The 100% polyester bag has two compartments and adjustable straps. It would be a wonderful gift to give to your future astronaut this school year.

Astro II Constellation Watch
This stainless-steel watch would make the perfect astronomy gift for that dad or boyfriend who is obsessed with the stars. The watch's face is covered in beautifully detailed constellations. Each time they look down at their wrist to see the time, they'll be reminded not only of the stars and planets but also of the kind person who gave them the gift.

Glow in the Dark Constellation Blanket
This unique cover would make a great gift for anyone. The blanket is covered in constellations that glow bright green when the lights are turned off. It's the perfect astronomy gift for that person you know that not only loves the stars but a good nap, too. And if it ever gets dirty, don't worry. The luminous blanket is machine washable.

Celestron Sky Maps
This exciting glow-in-the-dark map can help you find out where the constellations are at any given time. The maps show you charts and locations of the constellations during summer, winter, spring, and fall. The book is meant for the Northern hemisphere only. A child who is a lover of astronomy and maps will enjoy this gift.

Astronomical Sphere Ring
Moms, girlfriends, and wives are astronomy lovers as well. These armillary sphere rings will help them show off that love of the stars in a stylish and sophisticated way. The ring is a combination of 5 rings in one. After a quick measurement to figure out the right size, they'll be ready to wear this gorgeous ring everywhere.

I Need My Space T-Shirt
This is the perfect astronomy gift for your friend or family member with a sense of humor. This quirky 'I Need My Space' tee is unisex and made of 100% cotton. The lightweight shirt ranges from sizes small up to an XX-Large. The shirt would make a perfect gift for that introverted space fanatic in your life.

Night Sky Almanac
Here's a great gift for that person in your life who is looking to learn more about the night sky. This Night Sky Almanac is a month-by-month guide to what's happening in the skies above North America. The 120-page book will take readers through helpful information about binoculars, constellations, and terms to help them become astronomy experts.

Nebula Duvet
This gift will give that astronomy lover in your life the chance to be covered in the stars and galaxies as they drift off to sleep at night. This duvet cover is made for a queen size bed and made of polyester and polyester blend. It would be a great gift for adults and kids.

Qurious Space Card Game
You can give the future astronaut or astronomer in your home the chance to have some fun while learning something new at the same time. This box of flashcards has matching games, puzzles, and quizzes that focus on the universe. You and your child can sit down anywhere and learn a few things while having some fun.

Personalized Star Map
A personalized star map could be the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. These unframed maps come in varying sizes and allows you to add names at the bottom. It could be used to commemorate a special day, like a wedding or anniversary, or it could just be a fun gift to give to that lover of outer space you know.

Sky Lite LED Laser Star Projector
This wonderful LED projector can shoot stars and constellations on any wall of a house. The projector comes with simple controls so that even a child could use it. It would be perfect for that friend or family member with a den or home theatre. The star projector makes every room that is in better.

Guide to the Stars Chart
Do you have a friend or family member that is a fan or gazing up at the night sky? Now you can help them to identify what they see with this guide to the stars. It is perfect for both beginners and more veteran stargazers and astronomy fans. It would be perfect for your dad or boyfriend.

ROXANT Grip Scope High Def Monocular
This beautiful Roxant monocular is a wonderful gift for that person in your life who loves to travel, hike, and camp. The monocular comes with a neck strap so they can keep track of it and have easy access to it. The cloth and case will help keep the monocular pristine exterior safe and clean.

NASA Piece of Space - Meteorite
Do you want to blow your astrology loving friend's mind? Gift them this piece of meteorite that comes with a bag and a certificate of authenticity. The gift can be personalized to have a name added to the certificate. It's the perfect gift for anyone you know that has a love for space and the stars.

Moon and Stars Mug
This gift will give the astrology lover in your life the chance to start their morning off with the cosmos. The 12.8 oz porcelain mug would be a thoughtful gift for mom, dad, or a boyfriend. It is covered in stars and different constellations. It won't take long for this mug to become their favorite.

Moon Torch Projector
This Moon Torch projector will allow your child to take the moon with them wherever they go. All they have to do is turn the torch on and point it at a wall, ceiling, or floor, and they will see the moon. The light is a fun and educational toy for kids who love science and arts and crafts.

Personalized NASA Photography Name Gift
Here's a wonderful astronomy gift that can be personalized. You can spell out your friend's name with this unique wooden block that has the letters of the alphabet made of space items. There are planets, stars, the moon, astronauts, craters, and so much more. It's a unique gift that they can hang in their home for everyone to see.

50 Things To See With A Telescope
This is a gift for kids ages 7-10. This small book contains 50 different things that your child can look for in the night sky with a small telescope. The pages are full of images of constellations, galaxies, and nebulae. Each page comes with a descriptive view of what the item will look like, making it easier for your child to find the real thing.

Earth from Outer Space Wall Art
A beautiful piece of art can bring a dull room to life. This canvas wall art will help the astrology lover in your life spice up their home. This artwork is cut into 3 panels which are all displayed next to one another to complete the photo. A small toolkit to hang the panels is included with the gift.

Do you have a board game lover in your family? If so, this game is t for them. Space-Opoly takes after the world-famous Monopoly, but with a few twists. Players have the chance to choose between different colored rocket ships as their game pieces as they travel around the board buying planets and spaceships.

Smart Watch
This Apple Watch is a wonderful gift idea for that outdoorsy and active person in your life. The watch can track blood oxygen levels, ECG, and how long a person sleeps. It is also Bluetooth capable. You can even sync your favorite music, podcasts, and audiobooks to the watch to listen to while working out.

Astronomy Instruments Print
A home can never have too much beautiful artwork. Why not give that astrology lover that you know some more art to put in their home? This photo of astronomy instruments and tools comes unframed so you can choose the frame you want. It's a great photo to hang in a home office or den.

Name a Star Gift Box
This is an astrology gift that the astrology lover in your life will go crazy for. This Name A Star gift box is just what it sounds like. You, or whoever you buy this gift for, get the chance to name a star! The gift box comes with a map so that they can hang it on a wall and find their star.

The Night Sky Postcard Set
Have you been looking for a cool gift for your dad? This box of postcards of archival images would be the perfect thing. The box contains 50 images of the night sky and everything beyond our planet. It comes in a beautifully designed box that will look great on a bookshelf. Your dad won't stop thanking you for this gift.

Glow in the Dark Wall Decals
The space-obsessed kid in your life will love this gift. These glow-in-the-dark stars and planets stickers are the perfect bedroom decorations. The stickers include 8 planets and the sun, as well as 19 different size stars. Just charge the stickers in sunlight or under a lamp, and then stick them on the wall and watch them glow at night.

Starry Night Party Tablecloth
Do you have to plan a birthday party soon? Why not buy these starry night tablecloths to spice up the event? The tablecloths will fit over any table, and they are easy to clean in the case of a mess. The kids will have an absolute blast eating at the table and looking at all the stars.

Earth and Space: Photos from NASA Archives
Here is a great astrology gift for your astronomer dad, girlfriend, or boyfriend. This photo book from the archives of NASA is full of photos of Earth, our solar system, and tons of other wonderful images of outer space. At 176-pages long, there are plenty of photos to scan through and enjoy for hours on end.

Galaxy Sky Tapestry
Help the space lover you know liven up their bedroom with this wonderful tapestry. if they don't want to hang it in their bedroom, then it would be perfect in the living room, basement, or anywhere in their home with enough space. The starry sky will light up and make any room feel a bit nicer.

Galaxy LED Crystal Ball
This galaxy crystal ball is the perfect mixture of simplicity and beauty. The crystal ball's LED base lights up with multiple colors and brings the galaxy inside to life. When it's not lit up, it makes the perfect decoration for an office, bedroom, and even a classroom. Whoever you buy this for will appreciate the value it brings to the room they put it in.

Solar System Bracelet
This bracelet is a cute and subtle gift for the astrology fan you know. The bracelet is made with different stones to represent the planets and universe. The bracelet is adjustable and can expand to fit any size wrist. Not only are you buying a great gift, but 5%of the money goes to help children in need.

Inflatable Solar System
Here's a great gift for a young fan of the planets, or even a teacher you may know. These inflatable planets will help teach young ones how the solar system works. Children can get an idea of how the planets rotate, their order, as well as looking at how big they are compared to one another.

Solar System Stress Balls
These solar system balls are the perfect tools for helping students learn about the planets. Students can engage and learn by being able to touch and see the planets. The balls come in a net bag to carry them in. Not only can the balls be used for educational purposes, but they also double as stress balls.

Personalized Natural Gemstone Solar System
A personalized gift is always so special. This wooden stand that comes with 9 planets is a great gift for dad, a significant other, or just a friend. The wooden stand can be engraved with any text you want to put on it. You could celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or even just add something silly to make your friend laugh.

Boy's Solar System Pajama Set
This matching pajama set is perfect for any little boy you know that loves astronomy. They'll enjoy naming all the planets covering their chest and legs as they climb into bed at night. Bedtime will become their favorite part of the day with this gift. The pajama set is made of 100% cotton to ensure a comfortable sleep.

Stars and Planets iPhone Case
Here's a fun little gift for an iPhone user that you know. This shockproof phone case is meant for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro. The case will keep their phone safe and clean, as well as allowing them to show off their love for the solar system. It's a bright and colorful case that will have people asking them where they got it.

LED Moon Lamp
This LED moon lamp comes with 16 different colors. It makes a perfect decoration for bedrooms, living rooms, and would even look cool in a dorm room. It can also be used as a nightlight for a younger astrology lover. The light comes with a remote control that allows the user to be up to 30 feet away.

Globe with Illuminated Constellations
Here's a gift that would be good to give to a child or an adult. This 3in1 gift is a world globe, a constellation globe, and a nightlight. In the daytime, the world globe is visible with countries and bodies of water. At night, LED lights light the globe and show constellations and where they are located in the sky.

Constellations Music Box
Looking for a unique gift for a friend or family member that they will never forget? This vintage music box with constellations and zodiac signs is what you have been searching for. The music box's melody is played when the crank on the bottom is turned. It will stand out in any room and is sure to have people asking lots of questions about it.

Nebula Lanyard
This is a simple and cool astrology gift for the young space lover you know. This nebula lanyard would be the perfect thing for them to hold their house key on. The fabric of the lanyard is soft so skin is not irritated while it is being worn. It always includes a break away portion that detaches from the main lanyard.

Men's Space Socks
These fun space socks have planets and stars on the soles and ankles and would be a lovely astrology gift for your dad. The socks are made of cotton, polyester, spandex, and can fit men with a shoe size between 7 and 13. The quirky socks will help him to stand out and they will quickly become one of his favorite pairs.

Solar System Wall Art
This canvas wall art is a fun way to add something cool to your child's bedroom. The wall art is of the planets and would complement a bedroom perfectly. The planets could hang above your child's head as they sleep, or hang on their wall and be the first thing they see when they wake.

Blue Galaxy Hoodie
This pullover hoodie features a 3D picture of the galaxy printed all over it. It ranges from a size small to 3XL and would be perfect to lounge in. Buy your child this hoodie and let them take the universe with them to school, practice, or even the movies. They will love slipping this comfortable hoodie on.

Astronomy and Solar System Flashcards
This set of 52 flashcards can be the perfect aid in helping any young astronauts in the making you know learn about outer space. The cards include photos of major and minor planets, galaxies, clusters, and satellites. They could play a guessing game with the cards, or just flip through them and look at the pictures

Space Print Men's Boxer Briefs
Here is a fun pair of boxer briefs that you could buy your boyfriend. The briefs are covered in stars, moons, and constellations. They are made of a fast-wicking material so that he can stay dry and comfortable while wearing them throughout the day. These comfortable boxer briefs will quickly become a favorite clothing item of his.

The Art of Urban Astronomy
Not everyone lives in an area where it is dark enough to look up and see the stars. This book helps those that live in urban areas find what they are looking for in the night sky. The book is full of facts, charts, and a beginner's guide to stargazing. This would make a good gift for that friend that lives in the city,

Stemless Universe Glasses
These stemless wine glasses are for the more sophisticated astronomy lovers in your life. The 15 oz glasses are covered in the matching constellations of each of the zodiac signs. Is your friend a Libra, Gemini, or an Aquarius? It doesn't matter. There is a glass for every sign. Get one for all your friends and have a party!

Glow in the Dark Throw Blanket
This glow-in-the-dark throw blanket would make a great gift for any young space fan you may know. The blanket is decorated in stars and words that light up when the lights go out. It is made of a soft and comfortable fleece that will keep whoever uses it warm as they cuddle up on the couch.

Blue Galaxy Crystal Charm
Jewelry is always a good choice. This charm will spice up any jewelry collection that it is added to. The bright blue sphere is surrounded and encased by bands of beautiful sterling silver. Your daughter, mother, or sister will love wearing this charm out in public. They won't be able to stop talking about it.

Hubble's Universe, Image Portfolio
This is a huge gift! This 332-page book of images taken by Hubble will amaze any astronomy lover that you know. The book is filled with clear and high-quality photos of Hubble's discoveries from over the years. Each photo is given a description to help the reader to know what they are looking at. They will spend so much flipping through the pages.

Death Star T-Shirt
Here's a cute gift for a Star Wars fan in your life. This cotton shirt comes in a variety of colors and features the infamous Death Star. It would be a great gift to give to a friend or significant other during the holiday season this year. They'll laugh and appreciate that you were thinking of them.

Astronomy Today
This textbook would make a great gift for that young astronomy fan who just can't seem to get enough of the stars. The book is full of clear pictures and text to keep them interested and entertained. They will spend hours turning through the pages and learning about the universe. This educational gift may be what inspires them to be an astronaut.

Solar System Mobile
This solar system toy is great for kids. They will get to see how the planets are arranged, and how they move around the sun. It attaches to the ceiling and spins when turned on.

Solar System Building Kit
Do you have a child who likes to build things with their hand? This may be the perfect gift for them. Your child will have fun while they learn about the solar system. This orrery of the Earth, Moon and the Sun spins and rotates once they have put it together. They will love watching it spin and will feel accomplished from building it.

Occupy Mars T-Shirt
People have been talking for years about Mars being the next planet for humans. Some people are more ready than others to move there. Do you know anyone like that? If you do, this shirt is for them. This 100% cotton shirt comes in several colors and will allow the astronomy lover in your life to show their love for the big red planet.

Jupiter Glow in the Dark Keychain
Keychains are always a good choice when it comes to gifts. This one glows in the dark. Whoever you buy it for will love looking down at their keys and seeing their favorite planet. They will always think of the kid and considerate person who bought it for them. It's a small gift with a big punch.

NASA Phases of the Moon Poster
This poster would make an incredible astronomy gift. The poster shows the different phases of the moon and gives brief descriptions of each phase. It's a big poster that will draw attention from whoever sees it. Whoever you buy it for will enjoy looking and starting at it whenever they see it hanging in their home.

Our Year Lunar Calendar
2022 is still a few months from now, but this unique calendar shows the lunar phases of the moon for the upcoming year. This would make a perfect gift for someone who is always curious about which phase the moon is in. It's something that people will ask questions about when they see it hanging on the wall.