15 Heartwarming Army Boyfriend Gifts That He Will Cherish

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It’s stressful with a boyfriend that serves in the military. Show him how much you care with the perfect gift this year. We have compiled the top 15 heartwarming Army boyfriend gifts that he will be sure to love. From ball caps to whiskey tumblers there is something for everyone this year.

Tactical Backpack
Nothing says I love you more than the perfect gift for your Army boyfriend. Give him a Reebow Gear Military backpack. This is a gift that keeps on giving and he will love it. With zipper closures and durable Molle webbing, this bag will last. Surprise him this year with a gift he knows you put a lot of thought into.
Eagle Leather Journal
Give your boyfriend something special when he deploys. Finding your Army man the right item is no longer hard with this perfect gift. Give him an American Flag and Eagle leather bound journal. The durability of this journal will work great when he is on tour. His extraordinary gift comes with a matching pen and is made of horse leather.
Sport Military Watch
Getting the right watch can be really hard for an Army man. He needs it to be durable and waterproof. Now you can look no further with the perfect watch. Give your boyfriend a sports military watch. It is extraordinary with a comfy leather band and quartz power. He will never worry about telling the correct time again.
Tactical Long Sleeve Zip Shirt
Give your partner the perfect going away gift before he sets out for deployment. He will love this tactical shirt. There are many different color choices so you can get the one that fits his unit. The sleeves are designed to hold an ID with pockets and patches.
Army Green Tumbler
An Army-green tumbler is a perfect gift for any man. It comes in 30 ounces and has a steel straw and straw cleaner. Your man will never have to worry about keeping drinks hot or cold for many hours to come. You won't have to worry about it breaking and if somehow it does, there is a lifetime warranty.
Whiskey Glass and Stones Set
Gift him with a wooden Army crate. Once he gets inside he will find many goodies. This whiskey tumbler set is unique in every way. This set comes with coasters, 2 glasses, and granite chilling stones. He will be proud to pour a drink in this amazing set.
Army Plaque
Christmas wouldn't be complete without proudly displaying the US Army in the home. Now your spouse will be able to when he opens a beautifully hand-carved Army wall plaque. Hang it on the wall or set it up on the display stand. He will be Army Strong always and he will love this gift.
Flag Patch Army Cap
Add to your boyfriend's hat collection with an Army insignia hat. This cap is black and has a flag patch across the front. There is a different color for everyone so you can give him his favorite. Don't worry about it not fitting, it is one size fits all.
Patriotic Flag Men’s Shirt
Grow his wardrobe while he is deployed. He will be genuinely surprised when he comes home and sees this Patriotic flag t-shirt. The shirt comes in multiple sizes, colors, and is made of 100% cotton. Now he will always be able to proudly display his patriotism everywhere.
Army Pint Glass
Your soldier will be sure to get a kick out of his new beer mug. Specifically designed for the US Army, you will find a real .50 caliber bullet protruding into one side of the tall mug. His new mug will be the talk of every dinner party or get-together.
Army Men Socks
Once home from deployment, your soldier will need a good laugh. Gift him a gift he will love and get a laugh at. He will get a kick when he opens his gift and is faced with tiny army men on his new pair of black socks. He will enjoy these socks for a long time to come
Men’s Lightweight Tactical Boots
Making sure your soldier has the appropriate gear is very important before deployment. Show your boyfriend how important it is to you as well with the perfect choice in tactical boots. These military work boots are 8 inches high and made of suede. You will know he has some comfort no matter where he is in the world.
Stainless Steel Cross Military Tag
Let him know you are always there in spirit with this very thoughtful gift. When he deploys he can add this stainless steel dog tag to his others. He will have you next to his heart always. On one side you will see an engraved cross and on the other is a quote to keep your soldier strong, always.
Patriotic Flag Throw Blanket
When your boyfriend returns from deployment, give him a gift that shows how proud you are. He will love being able to snuggle up with a US flag print, sherpa throw blanket. Whether it is used to keep you both warm or proudly displayed for all to see, he will know just know much you love him.
Army Gift Set
Now a night with the Army buddies can be had with pride. With an Army dice and playing card set, your boyfriend will love this unique and charming card set. Encased in a wooden box with an Army emblem, he will be taking his gift everywhere.