87 Man-Tastic Anniversary Gifts For Him He Will Appreciate

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He doesn’t ask for much, but you give him everything you’ve got. You shower him with love and affection, and you are his joy. Get your man a gift that again shows how much you care. From hobby kits to memorabilia and sports items, find a gift from this list of 87 that will make your anniversary extra special.

Anniversary Clock Customizable
Surprise your husband with something personable for your anniversary! This wooden wall clock is customizable for any set of names and anniversary date set between two interlocking hearts. This clock features thick carved wood and gives a rustic look and is made in the USA. Perfect for his office or at your home.

Premium Cocktail Maker
There is no need to go out to celebrate, when you can bring the bar home. This premium cocktail machine is mixologist approved and easy to use! Choose from a large variety of drinks, set your preferred strength and you are ready to go. With this easy to clean design and sleek look, it is a perfect gift for his at home bar.

Anniversary License Plate Dates
Surprise him on your anniversary with a fun rustic wall hanging. This sign is fully customizable and created out of a variety of different license plates. Choose the states you want featured and your celebration date and you are ready to go! Perfect to hang in any man's cave or office.

Smart Golf Swing Simulator
When you can't always play the game, you bring the game to you! Add entertainment to your next anniversary gift by gifting an at home golf simulator. This simulator features a practice club used in the game and the drive you plug into your TV. It is compact to store it when not being used, and easy to install too!

Laser ID Personalized Picture
Make any photo come to life with this 3D crystal photo frame. It is made out of a high quality crystal glass and laser etched with a picture of your choice. Shipped in the perfect gift box, and base included. All you have to do is choose your size of crystal, and then surprise him for your big day!

Grilling BBQ Gift Set
Spice up your grilling recipes at home with some fun new spices! Gift your spouse a BBQ spice gift set that offers a variety of different flavors. This gift set includes a rub, and four different BBQ sauces to use. All items included in the set are gluten free and keto friendly.

Black Modern Couple Sculpture
Modernize your home decor with this sleek sculpture. This sculpture makes a perfect anniversary gift for the husband you never know what to get. Choose from a variety of different metal sculpture colors and poses. This is perfect addition for any shelf, mantel, or office!

Push Pin World Map for Anniversary
Keep track of your travels with a beautiful wall hanging map. This map is designed to pin all the places you have traveled together throughout your lifetime. You can customize this map with your names and your anniversary date at the bottom. This map is arrived ready to hang in your home.

Men's Clubmaster Sunglasses
Buy your husband a great pair of long lasting shades, perfect for your next getaway! These sunglasses are the clubmaster square style that are featured in the Ray Ban brand. These sunglasses feature a glass lenses with UV protection coating on them.

Flight Bomber Jacket
Surprise him with a fun flight bomber jacket. This bomber jacket is made with authentic pigskin leather and is lined with 100% cotton. There is a removable fur collar for when it gets colder outside making sure you stay extra warm. Choose from the few colors they have available and enjoy!

Globe Liquor Decor Holder
Add to his home bar with this rustic glass globe decanter set. This set includes two glasses, a wooden base to hold the pieces, and the glass globe. This set can hold a variety of liquors depending on your preference. It's a great addition and gift he would love.

Golf Laser Rangefinder
Whether it is hunting or golfing, a laser rangefinder is going to come in handy! This rangefinder tool can be used for a variety of sports and hobbies, this will provide you with precise distance measurements and speed measuring. One of the greatest things about it is that it is tournament friendly too!

DIY Whiskey Set
Give the gift of spending time together and doing something fun for your anniversary. a DIY whiskey set is a perfect way to spend some time together and have some fun. This set comes with a variety of ingredients so you can experiment and try new things.

Happy Couple BBQ Apron
Enjoy some time in the kitchen and keep clean with a fun set of his and hers aprons. This set comes with an apron for each, oven or grilling mittens, and a pot holder. When shipped it is delivered in a perfect size gift box and ready to go.

Back and Neck Massager
Give your spouse the gift of relaxation by surprising him with a back and neck massager. This massager can be used on neck, shoulders, calves, or whatever hurts. There is a heating feature that goes along with kneading the sore areas. It's a perfect thing to have after a long day.

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Mens Watch
Give the gift of time with a luxurious stainless steel watch. This men's Tag Heuer watch is a great added accessory to a night out, for day to day wear. Its high end features offers a lifelong investment that he can enjoy for years to come.

Wood Phone Docking Station Holder
Surprise your spouse with a new bedtime organizer. This wooden phone docking station is a great bedside organizer that also offers a rustic esthetic to go along with it. There is space for a cellphone, watch, keys, and more. Keep your charger close by because it also acts as a docking station as well.

Microfiber to my Husband blanket
There isn't a better way to remind your spouse how much you love them then with it written on a soft blanket. This soft micro fleece blanket is available in several different sizes, just to ensure you have the right fit. Printed on the front is a cute husband poem printed throughout the whole blanket. This is perfect for any anniversary.

Moon Anniversary Decor Lamp
Instead of having to go outside to see the moon, bring it inside to your bedroom. This beautiful gold tone moon lamp is a perfect surprise for your anniversary. At the base of the moon is printed 'I love you to the moon and back'. With the multiple dimmable settings, it will set a perfect ambiance as you wind down at night.

Wireless Headphones
Allow him to enjoy his favorite music and podcasts without having to worry about a cord getting in the way. AirPods are a great surprise that can be used in many different ways. These earbuds offer a sound barrier feature allowing you to keep outside sounds out but still able to have a great listening experience when in use.

The Perfect Game Night Cards
Enjoy a fun game night with your spouse and keep the conversations going with a date night card game. This game features a variety of different cards that allow you to keep the conversation growing and get closer than ever before. Many of the cards has different unique conversation starters that can allow you to dig in deep and open up new conversations.

Customized Pocket Knife for Him
The one thing your spouse probably always has with him is his pocket knife. So why not surprise him with a customized high quality one! This pocket knife has 6 different functions, and is full length with a wood handle. You are able to customize the handle and engrave a note on it just for him!

Massage Gun for Neck and Back
Bring the relaxation to your spouse and surprise them with a high speed massage gun. This massage gun is great for muscle soreness and back pain. It comes with a variety of different attachments, a long battery life, and a great carrying case for when you are on the go.

His and Hers Travel Mugs
Is your spouse a fisherman? This coffee mug set is a great gift for someone who loves to fish. It has a funny saying on the front, one for you and him! This mug is designed to keep drinks hot and cold for extended periods of time, and has a strong suctioned lid as well.

Premium Fountain Pen
Surprise him with a wedding anniversary gift of a premium fountain pen. This beautifully designed pen has 14k gold accents, a resin inland, and a variety of different inks. A pen like this is designed to last and displays an elegant display as you use it.

Vintage Leather Journal for Him
Enjoy writing and journaling even more with this vintage leather journal. This journal is a perfect addition to any spouses man cave or office. It displays a semi precious stone on the center and inside is filled with handmade vintage paper. This well crafted journal looks like it came right from history.

Engraved Anniversary Gift for him
This 50 cal bottle opener is a unique engraved anniversary gift for him. This is a great tool to always have on the go. When received it is packaged in a front opening gift box, so there isn't even a need to wrap it.

Steel Rose Flower
Who says men can't like flowers? This hand forged iron rose is the flower that would change anyone's mind. This is a carefully crafted rose made out of iron that will last a lifetime. It offers a rustic esthetic, and is the perfect anniversary gift that can be cherished forever.

Engraved Mens Wooden Watch
Give him the gift of you always being with him by surprising him with an engraved mens wooden watch. This hand-made watch is made with natural wood. On the back of the watch there is a romantic 'To my husband' quote that will make this watch the perfect fit.

Custom Face Boxer Briefs
Give your spouse a good laugh by surprising him with this funny set of boxer briefs. These customizable briefs allow you to design them with a picture of you printed throughout the whole pair. While the briefs themselves are comfortable, they will also have a comical joke that goes with them, giving you something to laugh about years down the road.

Beef Jerky Gift Box
Sometimes the way to your husbands heart is through meat. Surprise him with jerky heart box assortment instead of chocolate for your anniversary celebration. This set includes 10 different jerky flavors whether it is sweet or tangy. The heart box the jerky comes in adds the perfect aesthetic to the gift, making this a gift he won't forget.

Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit
Allow him to keep his gun necessities all in one place by gifting him this unique gun cleaning kit. This aluminum bullet set has all the needed tools to help when cleaning any firearm. It offers a fast set up and a compact case making it perfect for on the go.

Men' Quilted Flannel Shirt
Surprise your husband with a comfortable quilted flannel shirt. This mens wrangler hooded jacket is a perfect addition to any wardrobe, there are a variety of colors to choose from. Every jacket has a fleece hood, is lined on the inside, guaranteed to keep you warm.

Personalized Record Print
Always remember your wedding day by surprising him with a personalized record print wall hanging. Choose the lyrics of any song that reminds you of each other and your special date. This print is beautifully framed with the frame you choose and is delivered ready to go for you.

Slim Leather Wallet
This slim leather wallet is a great addition for your husband. It offers a RFID safe card feature which helps prevent any fraudulent activity. There is extra security ensuring your cards won't slip out and can hold up to 12 cards. There is a variety of different colors to choose from and all are made with genuine leather.

Smart Dumbbells
Bring the gym home to your husband by adding a set of Bowflex dumbbells. This set of dumbbells offers a variety of different weight adjustments ranging from 5 lbs to 52lbs. This is to help eliminate the clutter of multiple sets. There is a 2 year warranty included with every set.

Cooking Griddle
Add a new grilling station to your husbands collection for your anniversary with a Blackstone griddle. This outdoor griddle offers an extra large cooking station and is propane powered. There is a prep station to the side and features an easy clean up when all finished.

Men's Facial Razor
Add to his self care regimen by surprising him with a new razor. This men's grooming kit has a variety of different attachments and a base trimmer. Their blades are designed to stay sharp up to five years, and has a 5 hour lithium battery run time.

Torch Light Bluetooth Speaker
Add some ambiance to your music by gifting him a new set of speakers. These torch light speakers can be used indoor or outdoor, they are bluetooth compatible, and you are able to sync up to 100 speakers to each other. There are 3 different lighting modes and for energy saving purposes you can control the light and the music separately.

Tactical Box Gift Set
One of the best anniversary gifts you can give him is a combination of his few favorite things. This gift set features a set of whiskey glasses, whiskey stones, and delivered in a unique tactical box carrying case. The tactical carry case is a rustic military designed style and will fit any man's taste.

Men's Cologne Gift Set
Surprise him with a wedding gift that he can use on your wedding day. This 5 piece Armani cologne set is a great addition to any men's collection.

Precisionist Chronograph Watch
A precisionist chronograph watch is a perfect gift for any anniversary. This precision watch is made with a stainless steel base, and features a Japanese quartz movement along with an analog display. The esthetic this watch has is a rustic and modern look. Choose between the stainless color of your choice and you won't be disappointed.

Vintage Handmade Leather Briefcase
Who says a husband can't have a bag of their own? Surprise him with this handmade leather briefcase and he won't be able to put it down! This crossbody briefcase is fully hand made. It is designed with a crossbody style for comfortability. It is perfect for laptops, paperwork, and any other office materials needed when you are on the go.

Men's Lounge Pant
Give your husband the gift to wind down at home with a comfortable pair of lounge pants. These soft knit lounge pants are machine washable, have an elastic closure, a loose fit style. There is a variety of different colors available, and make the perfect pair of pajama pants.

Breathable Boxer Briefs
Update his briefs with ultimate comfort by gifting him these breathable bamboo cotton briefs. These briefs are machine washable and has a unique blend of fabrics making them fit perfectly. There are a variety of colors to choose from and they include 7 to a pack.

Old Fashioned Glass with Cigar Holder
While he is celebrating your anniversary with a cigar, surprise him with an old fashioned glass that has a notch out of it designed to hold his cigar. This whiskey glass holds up to 15 fluid ounces, and is designed with a heavy duty glass base. This is a great gift for a guy who has everything!

Beard Grooming Kit
Give him the ultimate self car package with a beard grooming kit. This kit has all the necessities needed to take care and maintain your beard. Included is a brush, conditioner, shampoo, and a few other needed items too. All items are made with natural ingredients and have the perfect fresh scent.

Doorbell Camera
Put him to work by upgrading your home security system and install this Ring doorbell camera. This easy to work doorbell connects with your wifi and hangs next to your door like any regular doorbell. Anytime someone is at your door it will alert you and start recording. Perfect addition to any home!

Motorcycle Jacket
Surprise your husband with a night out on his motorcycle with a new jacket. This faux leather jacket has a removable hood, added waterproof lining, and a full zipper closure. This is fashionable for all seasons while your out and about and is even waterproof too.

Golf Chipping Net
Let your husband level up his golf game by practicing his swing. This pop up golf chipping net features an easy set up for either indoors or outdoors. Artificial grass is included to help give an authentic feel and really capture the movements of his swing.

Watch Display and Organizer
Add an elegant display for all of his watches and jewelry for your anniversary. This jewelry box features a modern look with room for 4 different watches to display. A pull out drawer underneath for any additional jewelry or special items needed to stow away.

Men's Skincare Gift Set
Add another step to his nightly routine by surprising him with an elegant skincare set. This nightly skincare gift set has toner, moisturizer, and a foam cleansing wash included. All the items have red ginseng as a main ingredient providing the utmost hydration for his face. It is all packaged nicely in a gift box just waiting to be wrapped.

Polarized Aviator Sunglasses
Keep his eyes protected with a pair of polarized aviator sunglasses. Every husband needs a good pair of sunglasses that will last him more than one season! These sunglasses are just that! They are an aviator style, created with a wood frame and have a bamboo case for storage.

Gold Plated Rope Chain
Show your husband you care by gifting him an elegant 24k plated rope chain. This rope chain is designed to last, it is double plated in 24k gold to minimize any fading. There is a variety of lengths to choose from as well. This is a great chain to wear either by itself or with a pendant.

Nuts Gift Basket
Nuts are a top favorite, so why not surprise him with a variety pack gift set? This nut basket gift set has 6 different unique nuts and nut flavors included. All the nuts are prepackaged in a resealable bag, and placed together in the perfect funny men's gift box. This is a great surprise for your husband who already has everything he needs.

Men's Wingshooter Boots
Upgrade your husbands boots to a brand new pair of Wingshooter boots. These mens boots are made with 100% leather, they are waterproof, and will lace up in the center. They feature rubber soles and a waterproofing dri fit technology to ensure an all day comfort.

Pullover Skull Hoodie
Contribute to your husbands closet with a Harley Davidson's hooded pullover sweatshirt. This sweatshirt is a limited edition military style Harley Davidson style. It has a kangaroo pocket in the center and lined with fleece on the inside to keep you comfortable. This hoodie is true to size and easy to wash!

Leather Bomber Jacket
Go all out for your anniversary and surprise your spouse with a men's leather bomber jacket. This jacket is a similar style to the air force A2 flight jacket. Inside the jacket is imprinted the WWII U.S flag and is fully line for comfort. This is a great gift for anyone who loves a piece of history they can wear.

Shooting Headphones with Bluetooth
Send your spouse to the gun range with a set of bluetooth shooting ear muffs. These electric shooting ear muffs are a great tool to protect your hearing when at the gun range but still be able to have normal conversation with others. It has a wide bluetooth connection range so you never have to worry about being disconnected.

Men's Leather Slippers
Stay cozy around the house with a pair of leather Ugg slippers. These mens slippers are lined with pure wool lining on the inside and genuine leather on the outside. They feature a rubbersole to add a non slip surface whether you are inside or outside.

Rechargeable LED Flashlight
Add a new tool to your husbands toolbox with it being a rechargeable flashlight. This LED flashlight comes in a perfect storage compartment case, has several different attachments to go with it. The best part is you don't have to worry about running out of batteries. It is rechargeable!

Men's Leather Dress Shoes
Surprise him with a wedding gift he can wear for your big day. These men's Oxford shoes are carefully crafted with genuine leather, removable leather insoles, and a textile lining. They lace up down the middle and come in several different colors, allowing them to match any suit.

Personalized Firearm Name
Gift a personalized firearm wall hanging for your spouse for your anniversary! This is a great addition to any man cave needing a personal touch. This wall hanging features We The People in the background and the name is made with different parts of a firearm or ammunition. This is the perfect amount of rustic style that can match anyone's style.

Whiskey Stones GIft Set
Enjoy a night out celebrating and end the evening at home with your husband while enjoying your favorite drink out of this perfect decanter gift set. This gift set features a twisted crystal decanter, whiskey glasses, and whiskey stones. This is a great addition to your liquor collection at home, and something he can enjoy at anytime.

Refractor Telescope
Surprise your husband with a night of stargazing. This refractor telescope is an easy set up scope with fully coated glass optics and an adjustable tripod. There also is an astronomy software package to help you understand what you are looking for. This gift gives high quality imaging, but is still user friendly for anyone starting out.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Bring the celebration with you by enjoying this portable bluetooth speaker. This is a Bose speaker that is able to connect via bluetooth to play anything you desire. This speaker may be on the smaller size but it has a lot of sound when played. You won't be disappointed!

Ship in a Bottle Building Kit
Challenge your husband fine motor skills by surprising him with a ship in the bottle LEGO building kit. This set includes all the needed pieces to fully build a ship enclosed the included bottle. There is almost a thousand pieces to build this ship, and is a great hobby to spend your free time on. It is encouraged to help build patience and skill.

Full HD Projector
Bring your movies outside by hooking up this full HD projector. This projector can plug in directly to your phone, allowing you to play anything you desire. All you need is a white backdrop and you will think you are still looking at a normal TV screen because it is that clear.

Outdoor Drone with Camera
Surprise your husband with his own outdoor drone. This drone does have a camera feature, allowing you to capture pictures of video footage from in the air. This drone has many different features to help make flying it easier and several settings to help hover it in place for a photo. This is a fun tool for anyone to go outside and enjoy.

Bluetooth Beanie Hat
Keep his ears warm but entertained by surprising him with this bluetooth beanie hat. This beanie features a double knit to ensure you will stay warm. The sound feature allows you to listen to music and take calls whenever you are connected from your phone.

Old Fashioned Game Console
Add nostalgia to your wedding gift by surprising him with this super video game console. This console features over 50,000 different old school games. It is 4k compatible, includes 2 controllers, a remote, and instructions. This game will bring back so many fun memories you won't be able to put it down!

Portable Fish Finder
Up his fishing game with this portable fish finder detector. This lucky fish finder can be used in a boat, kayak, or canoe. It gives real time display of the current water depth, background light, and a fish detector. This is a perfect tool for your favorite fisherman.

Precision Bits Driver Kit
Never have to worry about not having the right pieces for your drill by surprising him with a precision bit set. This set includes 112 different sizes of drill bits that are all displayed in the perfect carry case. There are two different aluminum screwdrivers as well to fit the bits included.

Ultraboost DNA Shoes
Let your husband run at ease with a pair of Adidas ultra boost tennis shoes. The ultra boost shoes are designed for running long distances allowing for a lightweight feel but added support. There is a variety of colors to choose from guaranteeing there is something for everyone.

Gold Plated Bar Bracelet
Surprise him with the perfect mens bracelet for your wedding day. This 24k plated mens bracelet adds the perfect amount of elegance to any attire. This bracelet is double plated to ensure durability and is diamond cut to glisten when it catches the sun. There are several different wrist sizes available to choose from, and is packaged in a perfect velvet pouch.

Fitbit Activity Tracker
Allow him to stay on his fitness goals by gifting him with a Fitbit for your anniversary. The Fitbit charge can connect to your phone via bluetooth. You are able to track your steps, activities, and your workouts while wearing it. You are also able to track your sleep details as well!

At Home Push Up Press
Work on growing your at home gym with getting your husband an at home push up press. This press helps you work through a variety of push ups in different positions to help focus on chest, back, shoulders, or etc. It features an easy set up and easy storage for when you are finished!

Smokeless Fire Pit for Outdoors
Enjoy the ambiance of a firepit but without the spoke by gifting your husband a smokeless fire pit. This firepit still burns a normal flame but without giving off the terrible smoke. It is lightweight and easy to use, compact enough to come in it's own storage bag, and offers an easy clean up!

Smart Display At Home Tablet
Keep your husband in the loop by bringing an Amazon Alexa into your home. The echo show offers a smart display screen and many smart home capabilities. With an Alexa you are able to control thermostats, lights, set reminders, and also sync up your calendars just to ensure someone never misses a special date.

Customized Compass for Him
Add a sentimental gift for your anniversary by surprising him with an engraved sundial compass. This sundial features free engraving on the golden brass sundial. This is a great gift that you can always keep with you, or in your pocket. The sentiment behind it will last a lifetime.

Game of Thrones Books
Surprise your book lover husband with the series of A Game of Thrones. This gift set includes the first 5 books of the bestselling fantasy that was featured on HBO. This is a book you won't be able to put down, it is a great gift for anyone who loves to read and is in need of some new novels.

Hot Sauce Making Kit
Spice up your anniversary at home by surprising him with a DIY hot sauce making kit. This kit is a great bonding opportunity and to make some delicious hot sauce at the same time! Included in this set is everything needed to make your hot sauce batches. There is also included the world's hottest pepper, try if you dare!

Men's Gold-tone Watch
Add to your spouses watch collection by gifting him this modern Bulova men's stainless steel watch. This watch features an anti scratch quartz face and a gold plated stainless steel band. There are diamonds embedded inside the face to add an additional sparkle to his style.

Cheese Board with Serving Plates
Enjoy an elegant charcuterie board on your anniversary by using this cheese board. This set includes 2 bowls, 2 serving plates, and a variety of utensils needed when enjoying a cheese spread. This board is made with all natural bamboo and has drawers tucked underneath it for extra storage.

Distressed Leather Jacket
Amp up his style with this rustic style leather jacket. This distressed jacket fits true to size and also offers zippered pockets throughout for extra storage. It also features a zip out liner for when it gets cold. This is a jacket your husband won't be able to take off!

Inflatable Challenger Canoe
Embark on an outdoor adventure for your anniversary celebration by going out on the river. This inflatable kayak includes aluminum oars and is designed for one person at a time. It has a cargo net for storage and an air pump for easy inflation. The best way to have fun is to get outside.