79 Thoughtful Anniversary Gifts For Her To Be Smitten With

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She’s a special one and that’s why you married her. She is your joy and you are her rock; nothing shakes you. Give her an anniversary gift as thoughtful as she is, from this list of creative items. Love is playful. From cute dog-themed gifts for her animal-lover side to fun board games you two can enjoy together, these 79 gifts are perfect for this anniversary.

Engraved Compact Mirror
Show your wife you care with this beautiful compact mirror. Each time she goes to powder her nose or check on how she looks while you are out, she will think of you. This compact mirror is made out of rose gold and is durable enough to last a long time.

Adventure Scrapbook
You have had a wonderful journey together, with lots of memories and laughter. This beautiful anniversary photo album has everything you need to create a keepsake of all those years together. With 80 pages and 5 postcards as a bonus, this is a great way to look down memory lane.

Personalized 3D Moon Light
The moon is everlasting and pure, just like the romance that you have shared together all these years. And this engraved moon lamp is the best option to show your wife how much you care. You can choose from two colors and with a simple tap, it will switch between them as well. This is a great gift certain to light up her life.

Adaptive Foam Mattress
Give her the gift of a good night’s sleep with this adaptive foam mattress. Available in different sizes, you will be able to pick the one that is just right for the bed. Stop with all of the tossing and turning and enjoy a night cuddling close together.

Kate Spade Purse
After all these years together, you know that she likes things that are quality and classy. This Kate Spade New York Purse is a great option to help her achieve both. With several colors to choose from, you will instantly see the quality and durability of this great purse option.

Custom Anniversary Blanket
Customize a blanket that the two of you can share together for years to come. This cozy blanket is going to be perfect on those cold nights at home, during games watching the kids and more. Plus, it is high-quality so you know it will not fall apart for years to come.

Preserved Roses in Music Box
This cute little music box includes a real rose inside. The rose has been perfectly preserved in order to keep it looking beautiful for years to come. And with a manual turn, the music will last forever, without needing to rely on a battery. This is a timeless treasure, just like the love you both share.

Long Distance Connection Bracelets
Connect with one another, even when you are worlds apart. These bond touch bracelets will allow you to always stay in touch with a loved one, no matter where you are. You can send secret messages, pictures, and let one another know how much you care.

Luxury Bath Tray
This luxury bathtub caddy can be the perfect way to relax when it is time to calm down after a long day at work. There are several colors to choose from and room throughout that will allow you to put everything in one place. From room for your books, drinks, and more, this is the perfect gift this anniversary.

Digital Picture Frame
Can’t decide which pictures are the best to keep around and showcase on the mantel? Then this is the best present for this anniversary. This digital picture frame can hold all of the pictures that you want and more, giving you a way to look through all those memories whenever you want.

High Lace Orchid Teddy
Show him your wild side and have a little fun this anniversary. He is going to drool when he sees this cute lace neck sexy teddy, and he will love it even more because it is on you! The hooks and closures are easy to use, making this a hot and romantic night for both of you.

Anniversary Glasses
When you said I Do, you promised to be together forever. These glasses will help you to remember the good times and the fun times and can remind you to grow old together. The set of two can make for the perfect gift as you cheer to so many years together.

Massage Gun
Get ready for a massage that is going to help you feel amazing and comfortable in no time. This massage gun comes with six speeds and seven massage heads. This will make it easier to pick the speed and type of massage that you need to get all of the knots out of your neck and back.

Charcuterie Board
Here is a Charcuterie board with style. If she has been begging to host a big party, then this is one of the best gifts to give. She can choose from any of the different appetizers that she wants along with a nice cutting board inside to keep things together the whole time.

Womens Designer Watch
Stop giving her watches that are bulky and ugly and give her something that has some style. This gorgeous gold watch can work for work or a night on the town and with a resilient design, you know that it is going to last for years to come.

Custom Soundwave Art
There is that one song. You know the one. That song you played at your wedding, the one that brings you together after a fight, and the one that sends you back to those romantic dating years. Now you can give a personalized gift around that perfect song. Pick any recording or song to add to this unique soundwave art.

Personalized Cutting Board
When her cutting board is finally wearing out, get her a new one made of quality without ruining the counters. This personalized cutting board can be changed to fit anything that she wants, giving her a great way to prepare a meal for everyone, without making amess.

Date Night Idea Cards
It’s time for game night and bonding thanks to this couple’s bucket list! It is full of all the fun games that you need to play to make date night a little bit better. With over 100 unique date night ideas, this is the box that you need to spice things up.

100 Dates Scratch Off Poster
It is time to plan the perfect date, without all of the guesswork! This is a unique anniversary gift that you are sure to love with 100 dates that you can choose together. Just scratch off the date from the poster and your date is all planned!

Picnic Basket Backpack
Nothing is more romantic than a nice picnic in the park with the love of your life. And this cute picnic backpack can make planning that picnic easier than ever before. You will enjoy the cooler compartment, the detachable bottle and wine holder, the plates and the fleece blanket to make the picnic perfect.

Apple AirPods Pro
Cancel out the noise and just listen to some of your favorite songs without all the noise. Or you can choose the transparency mode will help you to connect with the world around you. These airpods are a great option for an anniversary gift to help them jam out all the time.

Push Pin Travel World Map
Have you always dreamed of traveling the world together, seeing something new and experience the world through the eyes of love? This dreams and memories custom world push pin map to help keep track of all the places you have traveled together. Get ready to plan an adventure today.

Carved 6 Layer Jewelry Box
While many jewelry boxes are big and impersonal, you will find that this jewelry box is simple and easy to use. The delicate design on the top will be sure to please and all of the drawers will help her to hold onto all of the pieces that are the most important to her each day.

Glass Blooming Tea Set
Get ready for a spot of tea! This is a great way to have guests over or just spend a relaxing afternoon with one another. This is a beautiful tea set that has four glass tea cups, a tea warmer, and removable tea infuser so you are ready to make the perfect cup of tea all the time.

Mini Instant Camera
Capture all of those memories with this Fujifilm instant camera. It comes with everything that you need to take on the go and get some of the best pictures possible each time. With 20 exposures with it, you will be ready to see the results of some picture perfect moments.

50 Fresh Roses
Surprise her with a bouquet that will make her eyes go wide. With 50 fresh cut flowers, she will get to smell the sweet scent of these flowers for the rest of the week. Nothing shows enduring love better than roses, and this one is a great gift for you to choose.

French Press Coffee Gift Set
If your loved one loves nothing better than waking up to a fresh pot of coffee, then this coffee gift box set is the one you need to pick this anniversary. This provides 8 assorted coffees that will help you to try out something new each day!

Purple Comfort Pillow
Waking up in the morning with a sore back and hurting joints can be a pain in the neck. This purple pillow is a great way to provide more support to your spouse and help them to wake up refreshed each day. It is available in an adjustable height, provides neck support, and gives the breathable comfort all the time.

Cat Ear Headphones
These headphones are the cat’s pajamas and will make it easy to sit back and relax to your favorite sons. Listen in style with these limited edition Ariana Grande wireless headphones that are sure to please. Cut the wires and still jam out with these cute cat earphones.

Bluetooth Record Player
Bring back a bit of nostalgia with this Bluetooth record player and multimedia center. It has three speeds that you can use on the turntable and also works as a CD player and cassette player to listen to all of the sounds that you want in a cute little device.

License Plate Date Sign
When you are looking for a unique wedding gift, this is a great option to choose. This customized license plate is easy to make work for your anniversary. Choose from two options to get the gift that works the best for you. add in your wedding anniversary and you are ready to go!

Classic Quartz Ladies Watch
When you want to show her elegance and class, look no further than the Bulova Classic Ladies watch. This watch is just the perfect size to make a statement while matching with every outfit. And it is even water resistant to keep up with everything she needs to get done during the day.

Silk Pajama set
Slip out of a hard day and into the silky smoothness of this comfortable pajama set. This woman’s set has seven pieces to mix and match depending on what she wants to wear during the night. From long pajama pants, camisole, shorts, and more, she is certain to find the look she loves.

Personalized Doormat
Welcome others to your home and showcase your love with this personalized doormat. With several options to customize and many colors to choose, this is a great anniversary gift for everyone to enjoy. It is sturdy enough to use both inside and out and the durable design will last for years to come, just like your love.

Personalized Leather Flask
Get ready for a fun night enjoying each other and this gift. This is a personalized leatherette flask gift set. You can customize it with an engraving of your choice and choose between several different colors for the flask to make this a truly amazing gift.

Personalized Anniversary Clock
This beautiful work of art is going to find a comfortable place in your home in no time. The clock is made out of beautiful cherry wood and the Roman numerals add a bit of class to the whole thing. You can laser engrave the face of the clock to include a message or your names to make this truly special.

Personalized Bobblehead Figure
Give them a gift they will not soon forget. Just send in a picture and a short description about the physical face features of your spouse, and you can give them a custom bobblehead figuring for their wedding. This is a fun and unique present that is sure to make them smile.

Custom Photo Canvas
Canvas prints can be a lot of fun and when you add a picture that brings a lot of memories and smiles to your face, you will be able to make an anniversary gift that is sure to be a hit. This simple canvas print can be designed with any picture that you want, helping you get the right personalized for your needs.

Cocktail Bar Set
Bring out the cocktails and get ready to celebrate with this simple cocktail bar tool set! This is a great set to have for your home bar set, including all of the pieces that you need. From the corkscrew to the cups and ice tongs, you are set for a fun night in with the one you love.

Kissing Mugs
This cute and simple gift is going to be a great option for your anniversary. The two cups come together to kiss, and include a white and red option that you are sure to love. Add in a few spoons and you can stir up the romance every day of the year.

Gardening Tool Set
Time in the garden is time well-spent. This is the essential garden tool set that every gardener needs. it provides many tools that you need to take care of all the gardening in your yard. From a shovel to a welding knife and everything else, your gardener will get to spend hours out having fun.

Personalized Apron
Spending time in the kitchen can be romantic and fun and with this personalized apron, you will be able to give them a gift that is truly their own. With several colors to choose from, you can set up a romantic night in the kitchen making some of your favorite meals.

Personalized Decanter Set
A good glass of whiskey can turn any hard day into something that feels amazing. And with this personalized whiskey decanter set, you can make sure the man in your life never has a hard day again. With nine design options and four glasses, it is time to celebrate all those years together.

Monogrammed Beach Towel
Hit the beach together this anniversary and enjoy a beach towel that will never get lost. With many colors and styles to choose from, this gift can be completely unique. Just pick the name that you want and even get one for yourself to have fun in the sun this year!

Plush Personalized Robe
Personalize their comfort with the help of this microfleece robe. It has all of the softness that you need to feel cozy and comfortable during the day or after a warm shower. They will feel like they are at a spa each time that they put this robe on!

Custom Wood Recipe Box
Keep all of those recipes safe and sound in this beautiful wood recipe organizer. You can personalize the top with your name or another engraving that you like and enjoy all of the great tastes that are part of your kitchen for many years to come.

Personalized Engraved Wallet
When their old wallet is falling apart, it is time to get them something new and exciting. This custom engraved wallet can be a great substitute. It is going to be easy to choose the personalization that you need and the quality in the wallet is going to make it the perfect gift this year.

Nintendo Switch Console
Give her the gift of gaming with this fun Nintendo Switch! This is one of the latest and greatest from the Nintendo family and it has a lot of fun games for her, or the whole family to enjoy. If you are still a few gaming systems behind, then now is the time to upgrade and give her the very best.

Custom Fingerprint Necklace
This necklace is simple and a really cute way to show your love for one another. The fingerprint heart necklace can include your actual fingerprint and is a great personalized gift to share. Choose to engrave one side of both to make a gift that is as unique as her.

Custom 3D Crystal Photo
This is a unique gift that is sure to make an unforgettable present for anyone, no matter the occasion. Just upload one of the best pictures that you have and let the artist get to work, giving you a gift she can keep at the office or someplace special in the home.

Wooden Puzzle Box
This wooden music box kit is something truly different. It is sturdy and secure, providing a 3D music box puzzle that she will be able to put together and then cherish forever. You can choose to give it to her as a puzzle to do together, or assemble the box first to give as a new jewelry box she is sure to treasure.

Classic Faux Leather Jacket
Leather is stylish and comfortable, but finding a leather jacket that looks nice and will last is hard. Thanks to this Levi’s faux leather classic jacket, you can give her the gift of style that she will actually want to wear! Choose from many sizes and colors to make her day!

Vintage Candy Basket
When your loved one has a sweet tooth, nothing is better than this vintage candy box. Bring out all of the favorites of your childhood and have fun walking down memory lane. No matter the occasion, she can’t resist Dots, Pop Rocks, Fun Dip and more!

Custom Tumbler Cup
When she is always on the go and needs some coffee or tea to keep her going, this personalized photo tumbler is the way to go. Choose a picture that you know will make her smile, add a splash of color that is her favorite, and present this gift on your anniversary.

Vanity Mirror With Lights
Bright up her life and make it easier to get ready in the morning and at night. This amazing vanity mirror has plenty of lights and options that will ensure she looks and feels her best before running out the door. It is touch control and provide 360-degree rotation for the best results.

Custom Photo Puzzle
For the puzzle lover in your family, this personalized photo puzzle is going to be a great one to use. Choose one of your favorite pictures, or a few of them, and let your loved one get to work with 500 pieces of true delight!

Granite Cookware Set
Update her kitchen with everything she needs! This 23 piece kitchen cookware set is going to include all the pots, pans, cookie sheets, and more to make a gourmet meal each day. This induction set will work for any kitchen, big or small, providing you with the perfect gift this anniversary.

Rainbow Knife Set
Don’t just get her any old knife set when the old ones become rusted and dull. Get her one that shines like the rainbow. This rainbow titanium knife set includes fourteen pieces for all of your slicing and dicing needs. brighten up any kitchen with this great knife set.

Amazon Fire Tablet
A new tablet is the perfect way to spoil her this anniversary and the Fire HD 9 Tablet is a great one to put on your list. With an HD display and 32GB of memory, this will make it easier for her to browse, look up things online, and watch her favorite movies, no matter where she goes.

Fitness Tracker
Fitbit is one of the best in the market when it is time to track your heart rate and keep up with all of the changes in your active lifestyle. She has been begging for one all year, so make she gets the top quality out there with this Fitbit Inspire HR!

Yoga Wheel and Accessories
Back pain can slow everything down and make you feel miserable. This Yoga Wheel for back pain is able to take care of some of the pain and will provide you with some extra support to feel good as well. For those with chronic back pain, this sturdy and flexible yoga wheel is a great choice.

Crystal Car Accessories
Sparkle and shine no matter where she goes. When it is time to bling up the car a bit and make it look better than before, this Bling Car accessories Set is going to be a great choice. With covers for the steering wheel, console, and gear shift, there will be sparkles no matter where she looks.

Mini Robot Vacuum
Want to help make her life a little bit easier, without having to do all of the chores yourself? Then this robotic vacuum is the one gift that you need to get her this year. It can pick up anything off the ground and is a great way to make the house look great while giving your wife a break.

Designer Perfume Set
Versace is a name of grace and class and this Versace gift set is going to really wow her this year. You can enjoy five of the classic scents from this brand, enjoying a lot of change from one day to another. Give her a gift that will make her feel elegant all in one!

Handbag and Wallet Set
A purse is so important. It holds onto all the papers, the keys, the wallet, and more. Instead of letting her go around in her old bag that is falling apart, why not treat her to a new bag that is going to look great and make her feel sophisticated and proud. This Michael Kors travel tote will do just that!

Deluxe Painting set
Help the love of your life to enjoy their creative side with this deluxe artist set. With 137 pieces of professional art paint supplies including paints, desk easels, and brushes to help her get started. Whether she has always loved art or is excited for a new adventure, this art set is the perfect gift this year.

Heated Eye Massager
Warm those eyes and give them a break they need after a long day at work or having to get things done on the computer. These eye warmers are simple and gentle, relaxing some of the eye strain and dark circles that are around the eyes. Help her to feel better and get the good sleep she deserves!

Women's Running Shoes
Give her the comfort of a good pair of shoes this year. These New Balance Women’s sneakers have all the style and comfort that she will need. Whether she needs to work on her feet all day or is looking for a great shoe for that perfect workout, these New Balance shoes will fit every wish list.

Designer Sunglasses
Why put her eyes to chance with a pair of cheap sunglasses when you can treat her to a bit of luxury with these Michael Kors designer sunglasses. The plastic frame make these comfortable and she'll have UV protection.

Cashmere Shawl
On those cooler fall nights when you are ready to take her out for some fun, a Pashmina silky shawl wrap is going to be a great way to impress and surprise her. The luxurious material makes this feel like a warm blanket is hugging her all night long, making for the perfect accessory no matter where you plan to go!

Sewing Machine
Let her sew and craft to her heart's’ content with this computerized sewing machine. With 60 stitches already built into the machine, it is going to make it easy for even a beginner to learn how to sew. With all of the accessories, a fixed needle bar and more, this is a gift she is sure to enjoy.

Custom Engraved Coasters
Has she been nagging you about using a coaster on the end table? Well now you can give her the gift of a coaster you will actually want to use. These custom engraved coasters can be monogrammed and will look great with any décor. Add your names and important dates for this high-quality gift.

Belgian Coffee Maker
Making your morning cup of coffee has never been this elegant or fun. This sophisticated coffee balance and syphon will change the way that you enjoy your coffee each morning. With a flavorful and clean taste that is bold and green, you will be enamored by how much fun this coffee maker can be.

Standing Bird Feeding Station
Support her love of nature and let her go wild with this bird feeding station. It comes with everything that you need to hook on different types of food, water, and more to encourage all the birds to the yard. This bird feeder is simple to put up and can be a lot of fun for both of you.

Liz Shopper Tote
Give her a taste of luxury with a purse that will actually last, no matter how many totes she has gone through over the years. This MCM Women’s shopper tote is large enough to hold onto almost everything and with a monogram print, you are sure to make her eyes go wide with surprise this anniversary.

Pet Collar and Matching Bracelet
She treats her dog just like her baby, so why not give them matching bracelet and collar set for them to show off when they are out and about. These are fashionable and comfortable to wear, and made out of a soft, vegan leather that is sure to impress. Choose the right size to make sure that she can walk the dog in style.

Personalized Sequin Pillow
Release the inner child and enjoy something that is sparkly with this personalized flip reversible sequin pillow cover. On one side, the sparkly pillow can brighten up any room. When things are flipped over though, you can enjoy a personalized picture of your choice that she is sure to enjoy.

Solitaire Diamond Stud Earrings
Why not surprise her with something sparkly and shiny this year. These 1 carat solitaire diamond stud earrings are a great choice to make her smile. The simple nature makes these easy to match with any outfit and can be a fun way to surprise her this year.