83 Cute Anniversary Gifts Your Girlfriend Will Swoon For

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She loves you and it’s your anniversary. Since you love her as well, you will get her something sweet for the occasion. These gifts are meaningful and you are putting thought into what to buy. She will truly appreciate that, and she can’t get enough of you because of the ways in which you show her you care. Good work friend! Now go find that perfect gift.

Connection Bracelets
One of the hardest parts of a long-distance relationship is missing your partner's touch. This bracelet allows you and your girlfriend to connect even when you are apart! You can choose the vibration that mimics your partner's touch and also watch it light up when your significant other is thinking of you.

Love Coupons
These love coupons are a thoughtful gift for her to celebrate a dating anniversary. She can redeem these coupons for a relaxing massage, a movie night of her choice, or a special request. You can show your partner you care and add a new spark to your relationship with these coupons.

Apple Smart Watch
An Apple Smart Watch can be a sweet surprise for your girlfriend. This waterproof watch will allow her to track her fitness, sleep, and heart rate. It also includes a GPS so she can explore new trails safely. She can also keep in touch with you when you are apart!

Silk Pajamas
This 2-piece satin pajama set will allow your girlfriend to feel comfortable and sexy at the same time. It includes a floral shift with a matching robe, and belt closure. The silky material is lightweight, breathable, and wrinkle-free. It's gown straps are adjustable and the elastic at the back makes it a perfect fit for all body types.

Fluff Yeah Slippers
These Ugg Yeah house slippers are so comfortable that your girlfriend may never want to take them off! They are made from sheepskin and wool for a super-soft fit, while the bottoms are non-slip rubber. No more cold feet for your girlfriend with these festive, plush slippers!

Long-lasting Box of Roses
Roses are a thoughtful gift for her on a dating anniversary. However, real roses seem to wilt so quickly, and plastic roses lack charm. You can give your girlfriend a floral gift that will last with these Soho Floral Roses. These real roses from Ecuador are preserved with a non-toxic solution and will last up to 2 or 3 years.

Cozy Blanket
This cozy chenille blanket is made with an attractive chunky knit pattern. It will be a soft, comfort blanket for your girlfriend to wrap up in on a cold day. This throw blanket is a just the right size to leave draped over a sofa. You can share a movie night together wrapped up in this warm, comfy blanket.

Massage Gun
After a long day at work, your girlfriend will appreciate coming home to a relaxing massage. This massage gun relieves tension and pain while restoring muscles and increasing blood flow. It is ultra-silent to create a relaxing atmosphere. This massage gun can make a great gift for a special anniversary.

Diamond 3 Stone Ring
If you are thinking of popping the question, this ring will be hard to say no to! This rose gold ring includes both princess and round diamonds in a stunning arrangement. A dating anniversary will be a perfect time to present this band to your girlfriend.

Diamond Heart Pendant
If you are looking for the perfect gift for your girlfriend on a dating anniversary, this classic necklace is sure to bring a wow-factor. This sterling silver necklace has 3 diamonds at its center in an asymmetrical arrangement. Its delicate form will create add a nice accent to any outfit in your girlfriend's wardrobe.

Compass Charm Necklace
This compass charm necklace is a sweet and thoughtful gift for your girlfriend. It is attached to a note that reads 'You are my compass.' It is made of sterling silver so it won't irritate delicate skin types. Your girlfriend is sure to be charmed by this symbolic gift.

Photo Album Scrapbook
A photo scrapbook can be a very personal and thoughtful gift. This scrapbook comes with 5 postcards, 5 sheets of photo corner adhesives, and 80 pages to hold your photos and memories. You can even start off this scrapbook with a few special memories of your relationship to date.

Love Never Fails Wall Art
Show your girlfriend some love with this set of minimalistic prints. The script 'love never fails' is spread across three separate canvases. The simple black and white lines can work well with any decor. This saying can be a sweet reminder in a living area or bedroom.

Designer Watch
Add a little bling to your girlfriend's wardrobe with this Michael Kors designer watch. This white and rose gold tone watch incorporates crystals for time markers and also includes a window for the date with three subdials. It is water-resistant and safe for light swimming.

Designer Purse
This large leather handbag has a classic, modern design. The simple lines incorporate the gold Michael Kors logo in contrast against the black exterior. This purse includes pockets on the inside and out so your girlfriend can keep all of her items handy and organized.

Diamond Earrings
Diamonds are a girl's best friend and these stunning earrings are sure to be a favorite with your girlfriend! These round shaped, conflict-free diamonds are set in white gold to shine with brilliance. Your girlfriend will be radiant when she wears this pair of beauties.

Designer Leather Wallet
This Kate Spade bi-fold wallet is a practical and fun gift for your girlfriend on a dating anniversary. Its compact design has compartments to keep her cards, cash and change separate and organized. The leather material will make this chic gift durable for everyday use.

Sherpa Wearable Blanket
This sherpa wearable blanket will be perfect for keeping your girlfriend warm on a cold day. It is over-sized for a comfortable, loose fit and comes with a hood and a large pocket to stay extra toasty. This is perfect loungewear for a day in or a movie night on the couch.

Shower Steamer Gift Set
A hot shower with aromatherapy can melt away stress after a busy day. This shower steamer gift set comes with 6 relaxing essential oil scents including Lavender, Menthol and Eucalyptus, Vanilla, Watermelon, and Grapefruit and Peppermint. These shower steamers will leave your girlfriend relaxed and refreshed.

Reading Tablet
For the girlfriend who is a voracious reader, this Kindle reading tablet can give her access to an endless supply of books! The thin, lightweight tablet is also waterproof and comes in a cool shade of twilight blue. Your girlfriend is sure to be a fan of this thoughtful gift.

Fresh Flower Bouquet
A fresh flower bouquet is always an attractive gift! This vibrant bundle of flowers can brighten up a room with its orange, yellow, and purple flowers. The flowers are shipped in bud stage to make sure they arrive fresh at your doorstep. This bouquet can be a sweet way to remember a special anniversary!

Apple iPad
An iPad can be a great way to keep in touch with your girlfriend when you are apart and to take selfies when you are together. This Wi-Fi edition can be used for all the great Apple features like facetime, Apple Pay, photos and more. This gift is sure to bring a smile to your girlfriend's face.

Pinky Promise Bracelets
This pinky promise bracelet set comes with a his and hers bracelet. You can each wear a bracelet as a sweet way to remember each other when you are apart. It comes on a card with a thoughtful saying that reads: 'I promise to wear this and remember how lucky I am to have you.'

Girlfriend Infinity Heart Necklace
Your girlfriend will be proud to wear this necklace which pairs an infinity symbol with a heart. It reads 'I'm lucky to be in love with my best friend.' What better gift to give your girlfriend on an anniversary than a symbol of eternal love?

Personalized Song with Photo Gift
This acrylic song shows the name of your song and a Spotify type picture to go along with it. It comes on a wooden stand for a modern appeal. Also, you can play the song directly from the frame when you scan it on your smartphone.

Galaxy LED Flower
This neverending galaxy rose offers a nice decoration for daytime and can light up for a romantic ambiance at night. Unlike a real rose that will wither overtime, this LED rose can last and illuminate. This can be a sweet gesture on a dating anniversary.

Funny Cute Mug
To keep the mood light, you can give your girlfriend this funny mug. This mug offers a double entendre. You are always thinking of her... and her butt. Hey, you get points for honesty, right? The saying is visible on both sides righties so lefties can look at this message while enjoying a cup of coffee with this mug.

Message in a Bottle Gift
This jar may look like a regular pill bottle, but inside you will find that the medicine is actually short testimonies of your love. Your girlfriend can open one capsule of these pre-written love notes per day. Looks like true love is just what the doctor ordered!

Luxury Yoga Pants
These soft and stretchy yoga pants can be exactly what your girlfriend wants in her wardrobe. The high waistband allows for easy movement whether your girlfriend is at yoga class, lounging on a weekend, or dancing with you. These pants also come with a zipper pocket to keep cards or cash handy while on the go.

Spa Tote Bag Gift Set
This spa tote gift bag is filled with goodies to treat your girlfriend to some R&R. It includes bubble bath, soap petals, essential oils, hand cream, a pouf sponge, and much more. The handmade tote bag is made of burlap and stylish oxford cloth. Your girlfriend is sure to love this gift!

Aromatherapy Candle Set
Set the scene for romance with this set of aromatherapy soy candles. This set includes four fresh scents: Spring, Lavender, Lemon, and Mediterranean Fig. The candles have 30 hours of burn time. When they are used up the keepsake tins can be used for small storage or as decorations.

Weekender Overnight Bag
This weekender overnight bag can be perfect for weekend plans. The bag includes a separate compartment to keep a pair of shoes. Also, it comes with a toiletry bag to keep any liquid items away from your clothes. It has inner pockets and outer pockets that can keep your travel necessities organized and handy.

White Pearl Pendant
This elegantly designed necklace can be the perfect surprise for your girlfriend on an special date. The silver necklace has a heart-shaped loop for a teardrop freshwater pearl to rest in. Its asymmetrical, Y-shaped form will be a unique gift for a special someone in your life.

Hug in a Jar Candle
If you are looking for a special way to appreciate your girlfriend, you can get her this Hug in a Jar candle. This soy wax candles is scented with the relaxing aroma of lavender. Light it to set the mood, relax, and then dream sweet dreams after you blow it out.

Luxury Yoga Jacket
This sleek, form-fitting jacket is made for a hike on a brisk day. The 4-way stretch makes it comfortable for an active lifestyle. It also comes with thumbholes in the sleeves to keep your hands warm. This lightweight, breathable jacket looks great and feels great to wear.

Cuddle Pillow
If your girlfriend is a cuddler, she is sure to enjoy this pillow, which was designed for comfy cuddling. This pillow can have versatile uses. It can be used for support for the lower back, a travel pillow, and couple hug pillow. Made from high-density memory foam, it will provide a luxury sleeping experience.

Wine Glass Set
They say that there is truth in wine, and these long stem wine glasses (with a bottle of rosé) can put that saying to the test. Each glass is shaped and handblown and tempered for durability. These lead-free crystal wine glasses can add a romantic touch to a meal.

Funny Cute Candle
This candle can add a bit of playfulness when the gifts come out. It reads 'Just wanted to remind you that I love you and your butt is perfect.' Your girlfriend can be reminded of all your feelings for her every time she sees this candle. This soy-based candle also has a pleasant lavender scent.

3D Crystal Photo
This 3D crystal photo can be laser engraved with a special memory of you and your girlfriend for an anniversary. The photo also includes a stand with LED lights to provide a romantic glow at night. This crystal photo of the two of you will be an unforgettable gift!

Hands Casting Kit
For a fun DIY bonding experience with your girlfriend, you can bring out this hand casting kit. This kit includes the tools you need to make your own sculpture of your two hands connecting. You can create memories together and have a special decoration to put on display.

Crystal Engraved Gift
On the anniversary of your first date, you can give your special someone this heart as a sweet reminder. The heart is engraved with a saying that reads 'Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite.' Your girlfriend will have a sweet reminder of your thought for her when she sees this crystal sculpture.

Couple Art Iron Sculpture
This handcrafted sculpture of two lovers kissing can be a sweet gift to your girlfriend on a special date. It is made out of cast iron and can be the perfect addition to a fireplace mantel or an office desk. This sweet and contemporary design can be a nice accent piece in your decor.

All of Me Picture Frame
A photo frame can be a very meaningful gift! This wood-look frame reads 'All of me loves all of you' with a place for a photo of the two of you. The frame comes with a flip-out stand to sit on your bedside table. Or, you can choose to hang it on a living room wall.

Romantic Message in a Bottle
A message in a bottle always carries a bit of romance with it. This message reads 'You hold the key to my heart' with a key that sparkles with glitter inside the bottle. This simple gift can be a token of the deepness of your love.

The Perfect Adventure Gift Set
If your girlfriend is the adventurous type, she should enjoy this adventure gift set. It includes a few items for exploring the world, and also a few for kicking her feet up at home. You will find a luggage tag, comfy socks, bath bombs, a journal, and a sweet heart necklace in this gift box.

Elephant Couple Figurine
For a unique and decorative gift, you can give your girlfriend this elephant couple figurine. These kissing elephants form a heart with their trunks. The sign they are holding reads 'together forever.' This fun gift can reassure your girlfriend of your lasting love for her!

LED Infinity Wall Sign
If you have an important date in your dating history, you can add it to this personalized sign. The sign is in the form of an infinity symbol and has room to show off your special date along with your names. After you hang it up, you can turn on its backlight for a romantic glow.

Date Night Card Game
This date night card game can be a great way to have fun together in your relationship. You can play this game as a couple, or with other couples to raise the competitive stakes. Learn more about your partner while you have fun together. You might be surprised at some of your partner's answers.

Cool Hardside Luggage
This stylish, retro looking piece of luggage is a sign that it is time to add some travel to your itinerary as a couple. It is a hardside to protect any valuables you pick up along the way. Also, it is expandable so there is always room for a few more items. This can be a practical and fun gift on a dating anniversary!

Cute Couple Pillow
Especially if you have a long distance relationship, it is nice to give your partner steady reminders of your love. This cuddle pillow reads 'Hug this pillow until you can hug me.' The pillow is handmade and machine washable. Your girlfriend will love this thoughtful gift.

Custom Photo Pendant
This sterling silver heart pendant can be printed with a photo of you as a couple. If you have a favorite photo of the two of you, you can upload it from your phone to print it on a charm. Your girlfriend can now have a photo of you that she can keep next to her heart.

Piece of Land Unique Gift
Give your girlfriend a piece of France with this deed. The deed comes complete with a GPS to the actual spot in France you now own. If you make it to France, you can actually have a picnic on this plot of land. What better way to romance your girlfriend than by giving her a key to the country which is the heart of romance.

LED Vanity Mirror
This LED vanity mirror will light up with small LED lights around the frame. Not only does it allow you to see better as you put on makeup, but it adds a touch of throw-back charm. This mirror also includes a 10x mirror so each stroke of mascara can be put on with precision.

Designer Perfume
This French Versace perfume is a gift that keeps on giving. Its sweet, romantic scent of exotic fruits and flowers tantalizes the senses. Your girlfriend can feel fabulous and smell sweet with this luxurious eau de toilette spray. Love and a lingering fragrance are in the air!

Designer Heels
Your girlfriend can feel like a princess in these Steve Madden Heels. This pair of heels include a soft suede upper material that is studded with rhinestones. These heels beg to be brought into the limelight. They can be a perfect accessory for a special date night.

Calligraphy Kit
This calligraphy kit comes with a unique crystal glass dip pen and a rainbow assortment of colors. The glass pens, besides being beautiful, are also heat-resistant break-resistant. Your girlfriend can be inspired to create art or write poetry with this colorfully unique calligraphy set.

French Style Easel
If your girlfriend is an artist or (an aspiring artist!), you can encourage her in her passion with this classic French-style easel. This easel can be a nice accent piece in an art room or it can pack down travel-size for painting nature scenes outdoors. It also has a handy drawer for storing brushes and paint. This is a unique and artistic gift!

What I Love About You Journal
The What I Love About You Journal lets you fill in the blanks to tell your girlfriend the different ways you love her. This journal is simple to fill in and will be a gift your girlfriend will cherish. There are 112 pages that you can write in. You can even surprise your girlfriend with a new way you love her for 112 days!

Personalized Wood Plaque
Choosing to personalize a gift will show that you put extra thought into it! This personalized wood plaque can include a name, a date, and/or a special message. Since this gift is real wood, each one will be unique. You can pay tribute to your relationship with this sweet and personal gift.

Designer Sandals
These Tory Burch sandals can add a subtle statement to any outfit. They are made from cowhide leather with rubber non-slip soles. Since they are an open-toe, thong style sandal, they will be perfect for warm days. Pair this gift with a pedicure and it is sure to be a winner!

Rose Teddy Bear
This rose teddy bear is romantic and whimsical at the same time. Real-look flowers are hand shaped into a cute bear form. This gift comes in a clear gift box for a nice presentation. It can add a fun spark to a romantic occasion.

Biscotti Gift Basket
You may never know what you will get with a box of chocolates, but with these chocolate biscotti cookies everyone's a winner. Each cookie is hand-dipped in chocolate and then coated with various gourmet toppings. These biscotti are also vegan and kosher to satisfy all appetites.

Butterfly Bracelet
This beautiful butterfly bracelet can capture your girlfriend's heart. The crystal butterfly pendant sparkles and reflects color as the light touches it. It comes with an easily adjustable, hypoallergenic band that should be comfortable even for those with sensitive skin. This elegant gift will be a nice surprise for a special date!

Assorted Tea Gift Set
These fair-trade teas come in 3 different original Indian flavors: Himalayan Green tea, Saffron Masala Chai, and Earl Grey Masala Chai. The cozy, spiced flavors can be perfect for a tête-à-tête. These teas are packaged in gold-toned tins which adds an elegant touch to your gift.

Explosion Gift Box
This explosion gift box can be a show-stopper! The box is designed to hold notes, photos, and even flowers. You can add memories that you have shared with your girlfriend. Your girlfriend will be overwhelmed with the thought you put into this unique gift.

Fruit and Nut Gift Platter
Healthy foods can still be fun! If your girlfriend is a healthy eater, this fruit and nut platter is attractively arranged to be a sweet treat. The platter includes apricots, apples, dates, peaches, almonds, pistachios and more! This gift tastes good and it is also good for you.

Engraved Ice Cream Spoon Set
These ice cream spoons are engraved with 'his ice cream' on one spoon, and 'her ice cream' on the other. Now you can both enjoy an ice cream social and stake your claim to your spoon (and your half of the ice cream carton). This gift is fun and thoughtful with a spark of playfulness.

Personalized Puzzle
Puzzles can both relax and stimulate the mind. Your girlfriend will be pleasantly surprised to see that the two of you are pictured on this personalized puzzle. It won't be too challenging to put this 30 piece puzzle together. Also, it will look great framed on a game room wall.

Professional Hair Straightener
This professional hair straightener can give your girlfriend the look she is wanting. It heats up quickly and promises not to snag or tug on hair. You can use this hair straightener with all hair types. Your girlfriend will love her silk-smooth hair after straightening it!

Rose Gold Wine Glasses
These wine glasses give you the warm look of copper with the reliability and safety of stainless steel. The glasses can be washed in the dishwasher and they won't break like those made out of glass. You can raise a toast with these glasses.

Classy Champagne Flutes
Champagne is a perfect addition to a romantic evening or a special anniversary. These classy handmade champagne flutes will add a contemporary touch to your table. This set of 4 lead-free and tempered crystal glasses will be perfect for sipping champagne on double date with friends.

Chenille Socks
Your girlfriend will appreciate these warm and comfy Ugg socks, especially as colder days are around the corner. These Ugg chenille socks are aesthetically pleasing besides being ultra-soft to the touch. You can choose from a variety of different colors, or go with the classic cream color.

Satin Pajama Set
The satin-silk pajama set combines classic elegance with comfort. These deep wine red pajamas are soft to the touch and also lightweight without being sheer. They can pack easily in a duffel bag for a weekend trip and they are also perfect for lounging at home.

Women's Silk Robe
Girls love pockets and this silky lounge robe has 2 nice sized pockets for hands or for handy items. The robe is lightweight but not sheer. It comes with a tie closure and is machine washable. This robe will be a gift that will make your girlfriend smile.

Electric Wine Opener Set
A glass of wine is a nice way to wind down at the end of the day. This electric wine opener takes the struggle out of a opening a bottle of wine. With a simple press of a button, this handy tool opens the bottle for you. It comes as a complete sommelier set including a foil cutter, a wine aerator, and a vacuum stopper.

Monogram Wine Corker Holder
This monogram wine cork holder is a perfect way to keep a memory from special occasions. This framed letter allows room for about 95 corks. You can create memories with your girlfriend and have some sweet souvenirs to save from wine tours, events, or important occasions.

Tabletop Terrarium
This tabletop terrarium is perfect for creating a little green space in a house or office. The set comes complete with everything you need to build this small plant stand, including a screwdriver. You girlfriend will be able to choose a few plants to add to this sleek-looking arrangement.

Hanging Chair
This indoor/outdoor hanging chair is perfect for a patio or sunny garden room. It comes complete with the egg-shaped chair, weather-resistant cushions, and hanging stand. You can remove the cushion covers for easy cleaning. This is a chair that both you and your girlfriend can enjoy!

Blow-Dryer Brush
Girls are used to multi-tasking, but it is nice to get a break from this from time to time. This blow-dryer brush finally allows a girl to both brush and blow-dry using one tool. The blow-dry brush has been teste by many and also won the Good Housekeeping 2020 Beauty Award for Best Hair Tool. This tool will be a nice surprise for your girlfriend.

Fitbit Inspire
This Fitbit Inspire watch is a way to keep track of your time and your fitness habits all in one. It can sync with your smartphone to give instant alerts when you receive calls, texts, or other app notifications. This can be a thoughtful gift for a girlfriend with an active lifestyle.

Stylish Ladies Shoe
This sleek-looking, tone-on-tone pair of Adidas shoes are perfect for an invigorating run. The shoes provide a lightweight-snug fit and also give your feet the support they need for speed. This can be an especially thoughtful gift if you take runs together as a couple.

Foot Massage Machine
This foot massager can be gift that will create a relaxing experience for your girlfriend. The massages using heat and Shiatsu deep-kneading pressure to relieve tired feet. It fits a wide variety of foot sizes up to a men's size 12. Sometimes a thoughtful, practical gift is the most romantic kind!

Soulmate Pendant
This necklace is inscribed with a romantic quote from Wuthering Heights that your girlfriend should love. It reads: 'Whatever our souls are made of, yours and mine are the same.' This unique piece of jewelry is romantic and is made of upcycled silver to also be eco-conscious.