31 Inspired Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Dear Friends

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Celebrate your friend’s big day. They’ve been a part of your life for so long. Show your friend how much you value your relationship with a thoughtful and personalized gift. From unique friends anniversary gifts to friend gift boxes. We’ve compiled a list of 31 unique anniversary gifts that you can ‘toast to their love’ in style.

Customized Bed Blanket
Looking for the perfect couples anniversary gift? This customized fleece blanket ensures a cozy night at home. With a gift this thoughtful, everyone might even get some snuggles. Who needs to go out when you can 'Netflix and chill' while celebrating your love at the same time? Just upload a high-resolution picture and get wrapped up in love.
Game Date Night Box
Spice up date night with the Loopy Date Night Box. With 150 playing cards designed to improve communication and strengthen connections. This couples game will have your friends feeling like it's the first time again. Add a blindfold but make sure to keep an open mind. They might be surprised by their partner's innermost desires.
Mr. and Mrs. Cheese Board
For the couple that loves to wine and dine, introduce them to the luxury of a Mr. and Mrs. Cheese Board. Made of 100% organic bamboo with scoped edges and a hidden drawer, this charcuterie board is shaped for easy presentation of all your meats and cheeses. Toast to their love with a gift that reflects their good taste. Cheers!
Married AF Beer & Wine Gift Set
For the friend that's newly married or the couple that's been married a little too long, this Married AF Beer & Wine Glass gift set is sure to bring a couple laughs. Perfect as a wedding gift or anniversary present. Pair with their favorite bottle of wine and 6-pack, and they might just invite you over.
My Side Your Side Pillowcases
If you want to send a message while expressing your love, say it on a pillowcase! These 'My Side' and 'Your Side' pillowcases don't play around - they'll let you know who's boss while staying silky soft and breathable. The pillowcases are high quality while still being machine washable (and wrinkle resistant!), making this the perfect anniversary gift for any couple.
His And Hers Aprons
For your newlywed friends who haven't quite perfected their 'Just Married' dynamic, make it easy for them with 'Mr. Right' and 'Mrs. Always Right' aprons. He'll be sure to remember his place, and she'll be reminded of why she married him when they slip into their His and Hers aprons.
Large Willow Picnic Basket Gift
Nothing says whimsy and romance quite like this large willow picnic basket equipped with service set for 4. This gift set includes the handcrafted picnic hamper and cotton lining, ceramic plates and stainless steel flatware for 4, wine glasses, napkins, corkscrew, food cooler, and a blanket so that when you sweep her off her feet she'll have somewhere to sit.
Extra Large Picnic & Outdoor Blanket
If you're looking for anniversary gifts for a platonic friend, it can be hard to find something that accurately represents your appreciation. This extra-large picnic and outdoor blanket is perfect for beach days, dog park days, and outdoor concerts. The striped tartan design is simple and sophisticated, and the three layers are proven to keep you dry and comfortable.
Led Flame Table Lamp w/ Bluetooth Speakers
For couples and young parents that want to set the mood without creating a fire hazard, we have the DIKAOU flame speaker lamp. The 96 LED lights mimic flickering flames while the Bluetooth capabilities allow you to sync to your favorite slow jams. This unique gift is great for couples that like it hot, but not bothered.
Etched Whiskey Globe Decanter
No matter where in the world your man is, he's sure to appreciate this etched Whiskey Globe Decanter. This special conversation piece includes a wooden ship, wooden stand, bottle stopper, and pouring funnel and is guaranteed to have everyone talking. The decanter holds 850 mL, making it the perfect gift to pair with his favorite bottle of liquor, and is dishwasher-safe. Read: Husband-safe.
Electric Wine Bottle Opener
A serious wine drinker knows the importance of an efficient bottle opener. This electric wine bottle opener unwraps the foil and removes the cork in a split-second, allowing for even more wine time. When she invites the girls over to gush, they won't be able to keep up with all the bottles she'll be popping.
24K Gold Plated Happy Anniversary Ornament
Sometimes there's no better way to say 'Happy Anniversary' than a Matashi 24K Gold Plated Ornament. This thoughtful memento features two delicate hearts with dangling crystals hanging above the inscription. This piece enhances the aesthetic of any desk, bookshelf, or office and serves as a beautiful reminder of each year spent together.
Insulated Wine Carrier Bag w/ Tumblers
Have you ever noticed the way a woman's eyes light up when the phrase 'To-go wine' is mentioned? Keep that fire burning with the Tilvini Insulated Wine Carrier Bag with Tumblers. The genuine leather bag is fashion-savvy with adjustable straps and pockets and is guaranteed to keep beverages cool even on the hottest days.
Stainless Steel Skinny Tumbler Set
Celebrate your favorite new union with a Stainless Steel Skinny Tumbler Set because we all know one of anything is not enough. His razor? That's hers now. His most well-lived-in hoodie? Oh, that's been hers for years. With this tumbler set, dudes can rest easy that they've got one thing they can call their own...for now.
White Rustic Wall Art
Sometimes the rush of everyday life can overwhelm the little moments that taught us how to love. No matter the occasion, allow yourself to be reminded of what is really important.
Soothing Wind Chimes for Couples Gift
For the couple building a life together, give them the gift of quiet mornings. Whether the birds are chirping or the dogs are barking, these deep-tone wind chimes bring peace and tranquility. The deep tenor and bass sounds imitate church bells, making this a fitting anniversary gift.
5pc Cooking Gift Set
Food is considered a love language to many, and there's no better way to show your everlasting love than with a Chinese Soup Dumpling Kit. The kit includes authentic Chinese cooking tools like a bamboo dumpling steamer and agar agar powder, ensuring an unforgettable dim sum experience from the comfort of your home.
Premium Whiskey Stones Gift Set
There are whiskey lovers, and then there are whiskey lovers with their own whiskey stones set. Let your friend or loved one separate themselves from the rest of the pack with 2 heavy, ribbed whiskey glasses and 8 natural granite whiskey stones to keep their drink cool without diluting it. Tongs, coasters, and a gorgeous wooden gift box complete this quality gift set.
Skull Head Couple Love Wall Art
Celebrate your best friend's free spirit with skull wall art. This ready-to-hang contemporary painting has a fun silhouette and is a perfect addition to bedrooms, recreational rooms, and bathrooms. Not only will it remind your friend of countless good times had at happy hour, but it will remind them that they are loved by you.
Natural Spa Kit for Couples Relaxation
Give the gift of relaxation with a Natural Spa Kit. This Lavender-themed gift basket includes shampoo, body wash, bubble bath, bath caviar, bath bombs, massage oils, and candles in addition to plush slippers and bath mitts to round out the at-home spa treatment. All products are 100% paraben and cruelty free, making this ideal for beauty and animal lovers alike.
Beer Stein & Moscow Mule Mug Set
Spice up your routine with a Moscow Mule Mug Set. The galvanized iron beer steins are great for chilled cocktails or hot holiday beverages, and the matching shot glasses just might be a bad influence. The vintage farmhouse aesthetic makes this set a welcome addition to any collection.
Personalized Anniversary Family Tree Artwork
Memorialize a special occasion or anniversary with personalized Wall Art. Everyone loves a custom gift, especially when backed with love and thoughtfulness. This customizable canvas features a tree with two birds, followed by the Bible verse 'Love is patient. Love is kind.' Finish your masterpiece with personalized names and dates.
Customized Soundwave Acrylic Art (Any Sound!)
Surprise your friend with the unique gift of soundwave art. Customize your Artblox by uploading a personal recording or 'your song' and watch your love come to life! Your eye-catching soundwave art plays the audio on your device when you scan the QR code, so you can feel close even at long distances.
Personalized Humidor Cigar Box
I don't always smoke cigars....But when I do, it's out of my personalized humidor cigar box.' If you haven't heard your man say this, it's probably because he doesn't have a personalized humidor cigar box. Luckily for him, you're on it. Made of MacIntosh Oak with a Walnut finish, this cigar box holds up to 50 cigars and includes 1 round humidifier.
Vacuum Sealer for Cooking Couples
For couples who have everything, make it even easier for them. With the vacuum sealer machine, they can have two of everything - one for now and one for later. With two different sealing modes for wet and dry food, the vacuum sealer is easy to operate and extends the life of your favorite foods.
Scratch Off Map of The World
Every weary world traveler sits down at the end and says, 'If only I had a scratch off map of the world!' Luckily, you've gotten them an extra-large scratch off map of the world so they'll never stop bragging about the places they've been! The vibrant colors reveal the places traveled, and the wood magnetic hanger frame makes for easy and personalized decor.
Family Tree Picture Frame Stand
When you've run through your options, a picture frame will always save the day. But this isn't just any picture frame! Wow your best friend or significant other with with the Family Tree Picture Frame Stand with 6 Hanging Wallet-Sized Frames. It's a love story that is automatically the centerpiece of any room.
Mr. and Mrs. Coffee Mugs
Pamper your newlywed friends with a Mr. and Mrs. Coffee Mug Set. This beautiful marbled set includes two mugs complete with lids and spoons. It's a nice way of saying to the happy couple, 'Even though you share everything now, don't forget to take time to yourself.'
Romantic Card Game for Married Couples
It's easy to put your marriage on the back burner when life gets in the way, but this card game for Christian couples will make sure you feel as close to your partner as ever. 88 Great Conversation Starters is a great way to bond and nourish your relationship through God. Make your time together quality time.
Personalized Cutting Board for Couples
For the couple that loves to cook new and exciting cuisine, fuel their dreams with a personalized cutting board. These cutting boards are high-quality bamboo with a rich chocolate finish, and the laser engraving gives the gift a luxurious feel. Use for food preparation or for presenting appetizers, charcuterie, and bread.