77 Wizardly Harry Potter Gifts That Will Charm Them

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Unleash the magic of Harry Potter with this wizardly list of gift items. For both kids and adults, check out the gift boxes and individual items, including quidditch sets, souvenir brooms, magical toys for young kids, and of course – all of the books in the series. You don’t have to travel to Hogwarts to bring the Harry Potter experience to someone special!

Wizard Chess Set
Enter the world of Wizards with this incredible chess set. Compete with your friends to win the wizardly world home. This is an officially licensed Harry Potter product. The set includes 32 chess pieces, playing boards, and drawstring pouches. This is the best Harry Potter gift for kids and adults.

Hogwarts Trunk Collectible Set
The Hogwarts trunk collectible set is a great replica of Harry’s famous trunk. This is the best gift for adults who love the wizarding world. The set includes a realistic Harry Potter wand pen and a detailed journal filled with quotes and writing prompts from the movie. The journal also includes full-color images of scenes from popular movies.

Gringotts Dragon Toy
Take yourself back to the fantasy world of Harry Potter with the Gringotts Dragon Toy. The figure is designed to be 5 inches tall and comes in an attractive box. There are also pocket-sized figurines of your favorite characters; Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Place your figurines atop the dragon and go on a whimsical rise.

Hogwarts Crest Kit
The Hogwarts crest kit is an interesting Harry Potter-inspired item for adept fans of the movie franchise. This is a replica of the Harry Potter crest. The artwork is incredibly detailed. There are over 4,000 pieces in the crest kit, and they are designed to help you have an interesting time. There are about 4 options of Hogwarts crest to create with the kit.

Harry Potter 7 Book Box Set
Learn the real story of Harry Potter from the hands of J. K. Rowling herself. This is a combination of all the books in the set. You’ll read the immersive stories between the lines and learn the adventures of Harry first-hand. The book box set also comes in an attractive chest box too. It’s a perfect gift for adults who love Harry Potter.

Hedwig Socks
The Hedwig socks are an officially licensed Harry Potter product. They are designed to fit those who wear shoes of sizes 4 – 10. Each sock in the set has an attractive Hedwig-inspired appearance. The set includes 5 pairs of beautifully designed socks. It’s the perfect Harry Potter gift for kids and adults who love the franchise.

Time-Turner Necklace
The time-turner necklace is the best Harry Potter gift for adept fans of the franchise around you. It takes you back through your memories of the movie. The stunning Harry Potter-inspired necklace is perfect for casual outfits. It’s made from premium quality materials that do not fade and are incredibly durable.

Cauldron Soup Mug with Spoon
The Cauldron Soup Mug with Spoon is a ceramic mug with a lid and spoon that is designed to look like a famous spell pot from the movie. It’s designed to have the size of a standard mug and can hold 16 ounces. The exterior of the mug is also designed to look like a real cauldron pot.

Talking Sorting Hat
The talking sorting hat can give you a magical feeling and make you feel like you are in the movie. The sorting hat recognizes the wearer of the hat and will choose the perfect house for you to join in Hogwarts. The talking sorting hat would also move slightly as it speaks to you. The hat recognizes French and English commands.

LEGO Hogwarts Castle
Do you remember the legendary castle of Hogwarts where Harry and other powerful magicians were trained during the movie? The LEGO Hogwarts castle set lets you recreate and rebuild this school of witchcraft and wizardry on a smaller scale. Harry Potter fans would enjoy the type of details included in this specially designed model.

Harry Potter UNO Game
If you enjoy the game of UNO, you will find this Harry Potter-inspired version more intriguing. This intense, fast-paced game features characters from the Harry Potter world including Harry, Ron, Professor Dumbledore, Harmonie, and so on. The game is a fun way to spend time with family and friends. It’s the best Harry Potter gift for kids.

Hogwarts Satchel
Show your love for the wizarding world of Harry, Potter, with this Hogwarts Satchel. The bag contains the iconic Hogwarts symbol on an iron emblem. The bag has an interior zipper to close the main compartment and a top flap fold over the top of the satchel. The satchel is made from high-quality material for durability and longevity.

Harry Potter Coloring Book
The Harry Potter coloring book gives you a chance to relive the wizarding world of Harry Potter. The 96-page book is written in English and is filled with colorless pages where you get to explore your creativity. It’s a great idea to test your kid’s creativity and interact with the whole family. The coloring book is the best gift for kids and adults.

Harry Potter Advent Calendar
The Harry Potter advent calendar is a one-of-a-kind book that recreates the image of the iconic hall from the movie. There’s also a 13” popup tree in the center of the calendar. The unique calendar is a great choice to help you create an interesting holiday experience. It will also give you a feel of what it means to have Christmas at Hogwarts.

Glasses and Bolt Sweatshirt
Turn up your style with the glasses and bolt sweatshirt. It is designed with 50% cotton and 50% polyester that is soft, comfortable to touch, and durable. The sweatshirt is a great casual outfit option to wear to the beach, vacation, office while still maintaining a cool appearance. It’s the best Harry Potter gift for adults.

Harry Potter Moonrise Blanket
The Harry Potter moonrise blanket comes with a fun Harry Potter-inspired style blanket. It’s a great way to add some decorative enchantment to your entire room. The moonrise blanket is made from high-quality materials that are cozy and soft during all seasons. It’s a must-have addition to the Harry Potter collection for fans of the franchise.

Harry Potter Academic Year Planner
Create an interesting outline of your academic year. The year planner has been made to show one week per spread and offers students the chance to write down a lot of things. The book also has detailed, attractive graphics. The content of the book also includes a sheet of sticker tabs, a ribbon maker, and an elastic enclosure.

Wand Collection
How much do you love the Harry Potter franchise? Identify yourself with the wizards of Hogwarts with the wand collection. Get up close and personal with some of the most popular wands from the movie. Wield your preferred one and unlock the hidden magician in you. This gift is a perfect choice for Harry Potter fans around you.

Hogwarts Express Bed
The Hogwarts Express Bed is a great and comfortable choice for your bed to have a well-deserved night's sleep. The express bed is designed with premium leather upholstery and has the crest of the 4 houses of Hogwarts. The bed has a sturdy wooden construction that is long-lasting and durable. This bed is designed to meet all specifications.

Harry Potter Walkie Talkies
The Harry Potter walkie-talkies are interesting devices to help young kids and adults connect over long distances. The walkie-talkies are designed to have a range of around 2000 feet. The device is easy to use and has an adjustable volume for effective communication. The image of Harry is printed on each walkie talkie and you carry his presence with you.

Hufflepuff Quidditch T-Shirt
The Hufflepuff quidditch t-shirt is a Harry Potter-inspired t-shirt. The shirt is designed with 100% cotton and is one of the most comfortable materials to wear. It’s also an officially licensed Harry Potter product. The shirt is designed for adult sizes. This is the best Harry Potter gift for kids and adults. It's a great casual outfit to wear to the beach.

Harry Potter: Crafting Wizardry
Learn how to craft designs from the wizarding world with the Harry Potter: Crafting Wizardry. The book contains 25+ projects including the chocolate frog or Hogwarts house bracelets. The set includes all of the templates and stencils that you need to complete the projects listed in the book. You’ll also find detailed instructions for success.

Deathly Hallows Junior Collection
Let your kids create different magical effects with the Deathly Hallows Junior Collection. There is a junior-sized cloak that lets the user disappear based on green screen technology. With the app, a user can create digital images of magical duels, battles or create amazing art and pictures. This content may them be sav your smartphone.

Gryffindor Nightdress
The Gryffindor nightdress is a Harry Potter-inspired nightie that is designed like a Hogwarts uniform. These unique magical PJs have the Gryffindor emblem on their chest. It’s an official Harry Potter licensed product. This nightdress is a great way to transform dreamland into a magical adventure. It’s the best Harry Potter gift for kids.

Harry Potter Paper Models
The Harry Potter paper models let you create the special magical building and landmarks from the popular movie. You will get to revisit some of the popular locations in the movie. The book will also teach you how to make small, cute figures with a 76-page instructional book. It’s the best Harry Potter gift for kids and adults.

Harry Potter Drapes
The Harry Potter Drapes are a perfect addition to your kid's home. They have a beautiful and long-lasting design that will transform your room. These drapes are designed with bold and fun colors that are great for daytime or bedtime. The drapes are made from durable fabrics that do not fade in sunlight.

Hogwarts Candle and Ring
Aromatherapy has never felt better than with this Hogwarts candle and ring. Turn on the candle and you will get to enjoy 40 hours of sweet-smelling fragrance. As you burn your candle gradually, you’ll discover your ring gifts that are wrapped in a protective foil bag. You’ll find a total of 3 rings in the Hogwarts candle.

Wizard Candy
Kids enjoy eating candy a lot. There’s no better candy for Harry Potter fans than the wizard candy. You’ll find Harry Potter slugs, Harry Potter jelly beans, and chocolate frogs. The candy also includes a collectible wizard card that you can show to your friends. This is the best Harry Potter gift for kids who enjoy the franchise.

Harry Potter Party Game
Enjoy a thrilling wizarding game with your friends and family. The Harry Potter party game is a great way to spend time with your friends at a small backyard party. The game will test your knowledge of all the details in the movie franchise. Take turns guessing and discovering the adventures of Hogwarts. There are tokens to win for everyone.

Harry Potter Baby Set
The Harry Potter baby set is an interesting addition to your kitchen. The set is made from durable food-grade materials. The baby molds can easily be released from the entire pack. They are heat resistant and can be used in the oven, freezer, microwave, or dishwasher. The baby set is great for making soap, candy coating, butter, etc.

Elder Wand Pen
The elder wand is one of the most interesting items to grace our screens from the Harry Potter universe. The elder wand pen is a replica of the famous wand in the movie. This is a must-have addition to your Harry Potter list of collectibles. Use the power of wizardry to write down your thoughts, ideas and make notes.

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook
Express your love for Harry Potter with this unique cookbook. The unofficial Harry Potter cookbook is a detailed book filled with different tips, recipes, and ingredients on how to make some of the delicious meals that appeared in the Harry Potter universe. You’ll get to apply your creativity and whip up these magical delicacies.

Hogwarts Houses Knit Scarf & Beanie Set
The Hogwarts houses knit scarf & beanie set is an officially licensed Harry Potter product. The beanie and knit scarf are available in the colors of the four houses. They are designed to be used for kids and adults to keep warm in the cold. They would also make a great outfit for cosplay, Halloween, or other special events.

Triwizard Cup Lamp
This one-of-a-kind item is a must-have for all lovers of Harry Potter inspired franchise. The lamp is a complete replica of the Triwizard cup and is designed to be about a foot tall. The cup lamp makes a great piece of interior décor for the tables in your bedroom, living room, and other parts of the house. Best Harry Potter gift for adults.

Harry Potter: Travel Magic Set
The Harry Potter Travel Magic Set takes you back to the magical world of Hogwarts. In this set, you will find prop replicas from the movie which are designed as stickers, postcards, and other pieces of stationery. This book will also teach you some of the stories of Hogwarts and show you magical moments from the movie.

Platform 9 3/4 Decorative Bookends
Support the books in your library with these unique Platform 9 3/4 Decorative Bookends. It’s a Harry Potter inspired item that has accurate details and is hand-painted. These decorative bookends are made from stone resin for durability and longevity. These books are the best Harry Potter gifts for adults around you.

Personalized Deathly Hallows Necklace
The personalized deathly hallows necklace comes with a customizable name plate that allows you to personalize the gift for the receiver. It can be worn as an everyday necklace on different outfits. Made from sterling silver and lobster claw, the deathly hallows necklace is an attractive neckpiece. Its versatile design also makes it stand out.

Harry Potter Sheet Set
The Harry Potter sheet set includes all the items you need to make bedtime more interesting for your kids. The sheet is made from 100% super soft polyester material that also has an attractive design. The sheet set includes pillowcases too. They will give you a cozy feel and get your kid through the night. It’s the best Harry Potter gift for kids.

Gryffindor Tie
The Gryffindor Tie is your chance to have a unique, magical item in your daily life. It’s designed to suit your formal outfits. The Harry Potter-themed item may also be added to costumes, cosplays, or any whimsical wear. It’s made from high-grade materials and finished with a bright color scheme.

Harry Potter: Crochet Wizardry
Learn how to create about 20 crochet projects with this Harry Potter instruction book. There are projects for all skill levels. Each of them is based on interesting themes, items, and characters from the movie. The crochet wizardry book also teaches you to make a replica of crochet items worn by movie characters.

Molds For Chocolate Frogs
The molds for chocolate frogs are a creative way to add some level of creativity to your meals. It’s made from food-grade materials that are safe to eat with. These chocolate frogs are designed to be heat resistant. They can also be used for candy coating, soap making, butter, cream, jelly, frozen yogurts, ice cubes, and so on.

Marauder's Map Journal with Wand Pen
The marauder’s map journal gives you a chance to jot down the activities of your daily life. You get to use a magical pen that is just like the wands displayed in the movie. This is the best Harry Potter gift for adults and kids of all ages. It’s time to go on different adventures with the magical marauder’s map journal.

Wizard Makeup Brush Set
Say goodbye to boring makeup brushes and get ready to use this magical set. The Wizard Makeup Brush Set is designed based on the 4 house crests that were featured in the movie. Each of them has a durable metal stem. The brush set is suitable for use at home, in school and can be carried around in a small velvet bag.

Potter House Pajamas
This has got to be one of the most unique Harry Potter-inspired items on the market. The Potter house pajamas is an officially licensed Harry Potter product. It’s designed with the Gryffindor crest on it. They also have a unisex design that suits boys and girls. The pajamas are designed to be soft and comfortable to wear for everyone.

Hogwarts Robe
The Hogwarts robe is real harried Potter gear. It’s perfect to be used when dressing up or as a Halloween costume. Dress up your kids like the wizards training at Hogwarts. This unique roble is a full twill robe with a hood and a shiny red satin lining. You’ll also find a detailed Gryffindor patch on the front of the robe.

Electronic Plush Mandrake
This is an interesting toy for Harry Potter fans to play with. The mandrake is designed to cry and shake when it’s pulled out of the pot. It keeps quiet when stuck back into the bot. The mandrake is a magical creature that is featured in the movie franchise. This toy makes the best Harry Potter gift for adults and kids.

Ravenclaw Reversible Pillowcase
Designed after the legendary Ravenclaw in the Harry Potter franchise, this reversible pillowcase is a great way to welcome the magic into your home. This unique pillowcase is attractive and has an interesting design. It’s designed with soft polyester microfiber that is durable and long-lasting. It’s a great gift box for Harry Potter fans around you.

Harry Potter Page to Screen
The Harry Potter Page to Screen book is written to reveal the legacy of the Harry Potter movies. The book explores the history behind each film including the locations they used. They also describe the sets and props that made the movie popular. There are more than 1,200 photographs in the book to explain intricate details about the Harry Potter franchise.

Harry Potter Stampers
The Harry Potter stamper is a full box of stampers designed to look like the main characters from the movie. The stampers may also serve as small figurines that are used as decorations, party game props, or cupcake toppers. Feel the magic in every stamp as you use any figurine of your choice. It’s the best gift for a Harry Potter fan.

Hogwarts Clock Tower
Create a replica version of the famous Hogwarts tower from scratch with this building set. The Hogwarts clock tower is designed with interesting details like the real deal. You’ll also find your way to some of the popular rooms in the large tower. There are 8 mini-figures in the set that you can add to the rooms of the big tower.

Catch The Golden Snitch Board Game
Are you interested in a thrilling board game to spend time with friends and family? The Catch the Golden Snitch Board Game is the top choice for you. It’s a fun game to play with your family. It brings the intensity and excitement of a quidditch match into your home. Everyone gets to play this fully interactive game.

Herbology Plants T-Shirt
Herbs are vital to every wizard’s spell. Show the whole world that you are adept with witchcraft when you put on the Herbology Plants T-Shirt. It’s designed with soft, comfortable materials that do not fade quickly. The plant shirt is a casual outfit to wear to the beach, party, and other important events. It’s the best gift for Harry Potter fans.

Marauders Map Mug
The large ceramic mug is designed to be heat sensitive. Reveal the marauder's map on the side of the cup when you pour in a hot liquid substance. When the mug is cool, it has a solid black appearance with some footprints. There’s nothing better than having a mug with mystical abilities in your kitchen. It’s the best Harry Potter gift for adults.

Harry Potter: Film Vault Book 1
Learn about the popular concept illustrations and behind-the-scenes action in the popular movie franchise. The vault book also comes with a frameable art print that can be used to beautify the wall of any room in your home. Learn how all the scary creatures like centaurs, merpeople, and horn-tailed dragons were created.

Harry Potter Quill, Ink, Wax, and Stamp
How much of a Harry Potter fan are you? Display your love for the franchise by purchasing these unique items. They can be used to create and recreate different written material. You get to see firsthand some of the main writing instruments used in the Hogwarts academy of wizardry. It’s the best Harry Potter gift for kids and adults.

Deathly Hallows Trinket Box
Do you wish to be in control of death with this one-of-a-kind trinket box? This trinket box is designed with an attractive electroplated, silver exterior. You’ll also find the Deathly Hallows symbol on its front. The box can be used to store jewelry, keys, candy, tea, potion ingredient, and so on. It’s a perfect item to help you relive the Harry Potter universe.

Harry Potter Bookmark
These Harry Potter bookmarks are ideal to map out your reading progress. This is a set that is officially authorized by warner bros. The set includes 4 bookmarks in an attractive wooden box. Each of the bookmarks is made from diecast metal and stainless steel for longevity and durability. It’s the best Harry Potter gift box for fans.

Harry Potter House Cup Competition
It’s time for the annual house cup competition at Hogwarts. And this year, you will be a part of the participants. This game will test the strategy of players as they compete in this unique game. Players will use gained knowledge and magical powers from the game to learn lessons, complete challenges, and move forward.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Learn what happens behind the scenes of this award-winning movie. It's a great recap material for fans of the movie. The book contains interesting details, insightful interviews, attractive sketches, well-detailed notes, and backstage photos that describe the production process of the movie. It’s the best Harry Potter gift for your friends and family.

Harry Potter Stemless Wine Glasses
Get ready to have a tasty glass of wine with your friends with the Harry Potter Stemless Wine Glass. This glassware set is a way to enjoy drinking from a vintage glass while showing your love for the popular movie franchise. Each of the 4 stemless wine glasses has gold designs and symbols on them from the book and movie.

Wizards Welcome Muggles Tolerated Sign
Welcome your guests to your home with high-level wizardry using the Wizard Welcome Muggles Tolerated Sign. The sign will fit into most rooms in your home too including your kitchen, basement, living room, bedroom, balcony, and garden. They could also be used as a piece of décor for a special event or photoshoot.

Alohomora Wall Hooks
These unique wall hooks are a space-saving solution to add to your living space. It makes your home more attractive while providing a safe place to hold your keys. It has a solid black color that is black powder-coated to make it corrosion resistant. It can also be used as a form of interior décor for your living room, lobby, or bedroom.

Harry Potter: A History of Magic
It’s the 20th anniversary of the Harry Potter series. This special book was released to celebrate the event. The Harry Potter: A History of Magic book contains a long list of magical artifacts and original drawings from J.K. Rowling. The book will offer you a different perspective of the series than what you are used to.

Harry Potter Wallet
This is the officially licensed Harry Potter wallet. It’s made from faux leather to ensure its durability and long-lasting nature. The wallet also features a metal name plaque with Harry Potter inscribed on it. There is a durable zipper closure to give easy access to the main compartment of the wallet. It’s a must-have fashion item for Harry Potter fans.

Ceramic Spice Jars with Hogwarts Houses
What better way to show your passion for the Harry Potter series than with these Ceramic Spice Jars with Hogwarts Houses. Use these ceramic jars to hold all of your magical potions. Each of these jars is designed with cork-lined stopper lids that prevent the potion from spilling its content. They also have different house crests engraved on them.

Hedwig's Theme Music Box
This is an ideal Harry Potter gift for adults. If you have been looking for the perfect item to gift a Harry Potter fan around you, this music box is a great option. The box features a hand crank that is used to play music at a steady pace. The music box is small enough to sit on a table.

Golden Snitch Ring
Are you interested in owning a special piece of the Harry Potter franchise? The golden snitch ring is a reasonable choice. It’s made from silver-plated brass. The ring comes in a ready-to-gift box that is also attractive. This gift is a great choice for family and friends on birthdays, anniversaries, mother’s day, valentine’s day, and other important occasions.

Harry Potter Movie Quiz Game
How much are you familiar with the movies in the Harry Potter franchise? Are you ready to test this knowledge through a simple game? The Harry Potter movie quiz game is a perfect choice for movie enthusiasts. The game is easy to play. All you have to do is choose your favorite house and begin a different type of adventure.

Dumbledore Figurine
Are you familiar with the main characters of the Harry Potter franchise? Then, you should know who Dumbledore is. This figurine is made from POP vinyl and designed to look like a famous magician. It’s a must-have item for anyone who has a collection of Harry Potter-inspired items. It’s the best gift for Harry Potter fans that you know.

Golden Snitch Lamp
Brighten up your room and transform its theme at night with the beautiful golden snitch lamp. This one-of-a-kind lamp features the golden snitch in see-through glass. This lamp can be used to beautify your space. It’s an eco-friendly material that is completely safe to use. If you are a fan of Hogwarts, you’ll wish to have this item.

Dumbledore: The Life and Lies of Hogwarts
How familiar are you with the stories of Hogwarts famous headmaster? Learn more about him and his actions in this book. The book focuses on the insightful details of Dumbledore’s life and highlights them. Here, fans get to review the decisions he made and have a final say on his big role in the Harry Potter Series.

Slytherin Shower Curtain
Transform your bathroom with the special Slytherin Shower Curtain. It’s made from superior quality and materials that are long-lasting and durable. The shower curtain is available in the other house crests too. The shower curtain is an ideal gift for your spouse, child, niece, son, or daughter who is a fan of the Harry Potter universe.

Harry Potter Crochet Kit
Did you know that you can make magic from your bare hands just like characters in the Harry Potter universe? Yes, it's possible with the Harry Potter Crochet Kit. You’ll receive instructional guidelines on how to create as many as 22 different paper models. Some details will teach you to make amigurumi dolls of Harry and other characters.

Marauders Map Throw
Do you know the story behind the Marauders? Are you a fan of how they impacted Harry Potter and the interesting adventures they embarked on? The marauder’s map throw is another chance to go on another magical adventure. It’s made from soft, comfortable, and durable materials. It’s a wide blanket with decorative designs on it.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Blocks
Hogwarts is the learning place for all the witches and wizards of the Harry Potter universe. With these building elements, you can create the legendary structure from scratch. You even get to include some rooms in the final structure. The building set includes the story’s main characters and Fluffy, their 3-headed dog.

Harry Potter Charm Bracelets
Go around with some magic on your wrist with the Harry Potter Charm Bracelet. The bracelet consists of many of the movie’s main characters and artifacts. There are 12 charms made from cut stones that are attached to a metal chain. The bracelets are designed to fit any size of wrist, including adults and kids.