9 Best 70th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for a Platinum Year

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70 years together is an enormous accomplishment. You have been through a lifetime of highs and lows and with so many memories together. Enjoy your platinum year with a traditional platinum gift. Looking for a stand-out 70th anniversary gift? We’ve got some great ideas for parents and grandparents alike!

Great Grandparents Joy Frame
This is the perfect grandparent or great-grandparent gift to help them celebrate their 70th anniversary. Put in one of their favorite pictures or let them choose which one out of many to enjoy. This unique frame is sturdy and designed to work with any home décor that you would like. It is a simple and elegant gift that they are sure to enjoy.
Leather Crossbody
What is a better gift for a 70th anniversary than a high-quality leather crossbody purse? This one is just the right size to hold everything she needs without being so large and bulky that it is hard to lug around. It comes in many different colors to fit every outfit and can be a lot of fun to own!
Coffee Machine and Frother
A hot cup of coffee on a cool morning, taking it slow and enjoying all that life has given you and savoring every last drop. This Nespresso Vertuo machine will help you make one of the best cups of coffee in no time. You can choose the type of brewing that you like to get a cup made without all the hassle.
White Goose Down Pillow
For excellent and relaxed sleeping, this European White Goose Down pillow is one of the best options out there. Nothing is better than the gift of a good night sleep and a good pillow will make all the difference. This pillow is comfortable and high-quality, giving you the soft yet firm that you need to fall asleep fast.
Metal Family Tree
Nothing is better than looking at pictures of the ones you love as they grow and change over the years. And this beautiful family tree makes it easier than ever. Display it on the stand it comes with or hang it on the wall. With 10 picture frames, there are plenty of ways to arrange the pictures in this great gift.
Diamond Round Studs
These gorgeous earrings are a great way to show her how special she is to you after 70 years together. You can choose between ¼ to 2 carat diamonds in the earrings to help you choose the one that you want. These timeless earrings are simple studs that will shine brilliant when your loved one wears them.
Promoted to Great Frame
This custom picture frame is going to be one of the best gifts for that 70th wedding anniversary. There are different sizes available to fit any pictures that you would like to put into the frame and the custom engraving can help to finish the piece off and make it amazing.
Personalized Family Tree
The Family Tree of Hearts is the best in customized gifts that you can find. Choose between framed and unframed along with the size depending on how many names you would like to add to the tree. Personalize the name and the year the family was established to show all the important people in the family for this anniversary gift.
Lexington Chronograph Watch
This Michael Kors watch is the best gift for that man you have loved for more than 70 years. Whether you need a watch to make it through the daily grind or you are ready to head across the world, this watch is going to stand out. Wear it all the time with water resistance and a strong face to last forever.