33 Simple 6-Month Anniversary Gifts for Her | Girlfriend Gifts

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Guys throughout history are always stumped by the 6-month milestone. To acknowledge or not to acknowledge? To celebrate or not to celebrate? Well, for starters – always celebrate! Just because your love is young and new doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. Impress her with a 6-month anniversary gift that reflects how much you’ve cherished her since Day 1.

Customized Soundwave Art (Any Sound)
For a gift that's meaningful without going overboard, try Customized Soundwave Art. Just upload any song - try the first song you danced to, or even your first kiss - and watch your memories become beautiful art. The frosted watercolor soundwaves make for a fun and stylish centerpiece. When you want to hear your song, just scan the QR code with any smartphone.
5 Foot Giant Teddy Bear
Nothing says young love quite like a 5-foot Giant Teddy Bear. A cute gift for a teenage girlfriend or young couple, this Giant Teddy Bear is plush and soft, with plenty of room for cuddling or lounging. Pair with a cute card for a romantic anniversary gift.
Bath Bombs Gift Set
Every lady appreciates a luxurious spa day. With this Bath Bombs Gift Set, she can feel pampered from the comfort of her own home. Featuring 12 handmade fizzy bath bombs, this gift set is made to delight and moisturize with its bright colors and natural ingredients. Soft skin is just a side effect.
High Waist Yoga Pants
Give your girlfriend a flattering and comfortable pair of yoga pants for your anniversary. She will love them. You will love them more. A perfect combination of softness and stretchniess, these yoga pants have a non see-through fabric that fits each pose she strikes. Put her mind and body at ease with these yoga pants.
Couples Gifts Romantic Photo Holder
Every couple has a story - tell yours with a romantic photo holder. The distressed wood lends it a farmhouse chic vibe, while the string art is uniquely delicate. As 'The Story of Us' evolves, so does your photo holder. The 6 cute clips display your favorite photos and are ideal for an easy switch out.
24K Gold Dipped Rose Forever Gift
How do you say 'forever'? The 24K Gold Dipped Rose Forever Gift was created by a gardener who wanted to gift his lover a rose that would never fade away. After a careful selection process, the rose is pruned and dried before being preserved in gold. Give a gift meant to last as long as your love.
Godiva Chocolatier Gift for Girlfriend
Chocolate is a classic sign of love. It's rich, decadent, and indulgent. It's luxurious. And who does luxury better than Godiva? This gift box is comprised of milk, dark, and white chocolates stuffed with Belgian fillings of the highest quality. She'll melt when she tastes the signature Godiva flavors like dark chocolate ganache and coconut fondant. And if you're lucky, you might get a bite.
Sexy Nightshirts for Girlfriend
Who says the 'honeymoon' phase has to be over at 6 months? That's when you're just starting to get comfy! For girlfriends who value their down time at home, this sexy nightshirt allows for both comfort and playtime. The soft material and boyfriend-style fit make it optimal for everyday lounge wear, while the high-low hem and scoop neck flatter any figure.
Rose Teddy Bear
If you've been waiting for an excuse to get cute, you've got it. The Rose Teddy Bear is a romantic gesture that fits any occasion, but especially anniversaries! This handcrafted teddy bear is made of artificial roses and comes in different colors and sizes. Gift set is completed by string lights and a card. Mark your milestone with a grand gesture of love!
Summer Picnic Kit
For a cute date idea, surprise your girlfriend with this California Picnic Basket Set - complete with wine glasses, silverware, and a waterproof blanket - for the ultimate socially-distanced celebration. Made of natural wicker with heavy-duty brown straps, this picnic basket is optimized for the perfect day outside. She'll feel like she's in a Jane Austen novel. Pinkies up!
The Couple’s Bucket List Game
Think of it as less like a game, and more like date night in a box. The Couple's Bucket List comes with 100 date night idea cards, which can be separated into Things To Do, Doing, and Done. Pick a card like 'Make breakfast in bed' to show off your kitchen skills, or pick one at random for a day neither of you will forget.
Preserved Real Rose with Love You Necklace
If you're not sure how to say those three little words, don't just say it. Show it with a stunning 'I love you' necklace, which features the phrase in over 100 languages set in a delicate stone. It's subtle and sophisticated, housed in a delicate heart pendant. The necklace comes packaged with a preserved real red rose to properly set the stage. Good luck!
100% Pure Cashmere Knitted Loungewear
There's no better time than the present to bunker down and binge your favorite TV series. Sure, you've got Netflix and lots of snacks, but do you have the proper attire? With 100% cashmere loungewear, she'll never want to go out again. When Netflix asks 'Are you still watching?' you'll already know what her answer is.
Shiatsu Neck Back Massager
If your lady has been working hard since you've known her, she might need some help winding down. Make sure she's always relaxed with the Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager. With easily customizable settings, heat options, and a sleek design, the Shiatsu Massager kneads and loosens muscles while allowing the user to decompress in style.
Personalized Custom Throw Blankets
Long distance relationship? No problem. Assure her that you'll always be there for her with a Personalized Custom Throw Blanket. The Airmail design hints at the sweet nostalgia of faraway love, while the soft fleece will keep your love warm until you can be together again. It almost feels like a hug from you. Almost.
Romantic Couple Pillow Cases
This is the perfect gift for young couples. First, you start keeping a toothbrush at her place. Maybe you meet her parents. Then, the next natural step - Couple Pillow Cases. Keep one at your place so you can feel close while you're apart, or use for sleepovers. Such a thoughtful gift is sure to keep her smiling in her sleep. Sweet dreams!
I’m Never Not Thinking of You Mug
Remind your woman that she is appreciated - every bit of her - with the I'm Never Not Thinking of You(r Butt) Mug. This high-quality ceramic mug is white with text on both sides. Fill with her favorite candies or make-up (or underwear!) for the ultimate 'I know we just started dating but I really like you' gift. Works every time.
Da Vinci Code Creative Romantic Unique Gift
For couples that are known to nerd out together, pull her geek string with this Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex. See if she can crack the lock with the default password of ILOVEU to find another surprise inside. Just make sure she doesn't think you're proposing. But hey - this is a good start!
Bees Knees Honey Sampler Gift Box
The pandemic has dealt a blow to our taste buds in more ways than one. Gone are the days of brunching with exquisite pastries and coffee cocktails. If your lady loves brunch - and let's be real, who doesn't? - bring her tastebuds back to life with a Bees Knees Honey Sampler. Featuring Spicy, Meyer Lemon, and Salted Honey, this set really is the Bees Knees.
I Love You with All My Heart Necklace
A mature woman needs commitment. A mature woman needs fine jewelry. Give her both with a I Love You With All My Heart Necklace. Made with Swarovski Crystals, the necklace is elegant and refined while still being the center of attention, thanks to the eye-catching heart pendant bearing those three special words: I love you.
Picture Frame Gifts for Girlfriend
Perfect for a girlfriend in college or her first apartment, this picture frame is adorned with unique string art and the text 'I love you to the moon and back.' It's easy to hang on the wall or stand on her desk, so you can be sure you're never far from her mind. Just make sure you pick a good picture of her...
THE COMFY Teddy Bear Quarter Zip
This year, the gift that keeps giving is THE COMFY Teddy Bear Quarter Zip. Some might classify it as a hoodie, others say it's a wearable blanket. Either way, this highly-rated product takes comfort to the next level. The oversized style ensures that one size fits all, with plenty of room to snuggle up. Get comfy - neither of you are going anywhere.
Spa Bath Gift Set for Women
Six months together might not warrant a beach trip, but you can get your girlfriend beach ready with this ocean scented Bath Gift Set. Including a candle, bubble bath, bath salts, soap, shower gel, shampoo, and lotion, this premium Bath Set will have her feeling the wind in her hair and the sand in her toes. Major sand castle princess vibes.
Love Me Tender Couples Glasses
It's not cute to drink and fight. However, it is cute to get Love Me Tender matching whiskey glasses! Made of hi-ball glass and featuring a romantic cartoon on each, they're a playful take on classic barware and guaranteed to bring a smile to the lips of its drinker. Here's to the couple that drinks together - cheers!
Gourmet Popcorn Gift Box Amazing Flavors
What Oprah says goes - and Oprah says you better fill this gourmet popcorn tin with flavor! In particular, she means sweet & salty, cookies & cream, and caramel chocolate drizzle. This artisanal popcorn is handcrafted in small batches for the highest quality and makes the perfect casual snack or light dessert. It even gives you a reason to get close on the couch. Win-win!
Handmade Genuine Leather Bound Daily Journal
If you're suspect every time you see your girlfriend jotting things in her iPhone notes - it's a poem about YOU - let her organize her thoughts in a Handmade Genuine Leather Bound Journal. Positive or otherwise, her writing is bound to flourish in this premium 240-page vintage distressed journal. Hey, she might even say something nice about you!
Warmies Microwavable Scented Sloth
The early stages of love are arguably the sweetest. Consequently, the early stages are also the hardest to be apart. Soothe your girlfriend's loneliness with a Warmies Microwavable Scented Sloth. The plush toy is super soft and safe for all ages - it's filled with grain and dried lavender for a therapeutic and calming effect. It's great for falling asleep and relieving stress.
Girlfriend Rose & Jewelry Gift Box Set
The fashion-loving girlfriend knows the value of versatility and she'll love how this Watch and Jewelry Gift Set can be taken out on the town one day and spicing up her sweats the next. This trendy set includes a rose-gold toned watch, necklace, earrings, and ring. The clean face of the watch makes it sophisticated while the steel mesh band completes the look.
Couples Romantic Picture Frame
Make sure your love is the first thing she sees every morning with a romantic and rustic picture frame. Featuring handmade string art and the text 'I love you the most. The end. I win.', the frame not only settles the age-old argument, but it highlights a special moment of your love - as long as it fits into a 3x3 square.
Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet
Jewelry is always considered a romantic gift, but what's more romantic than jewelry that has her emotional and mental wellbeing in mind? With the Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet, she can relieve anxiety and stress while accessorizing. The bracelet comes with 8 felt pads to hold the oil for an all-day scent, and the leather band is dainty and feminine. Pair with lavender or eucalyptus.
Laser Engraved Musical Gift Box
With a Laser Engraved Wooden Music Box, there's no room for the message to be muddled. It's simple - just crank the handle and listen to the sweet melody of 'You are my sunshine.' The tiny wooden music box is small enough to hold in the palm of your hand and is engraved with a tender message to your loved one.
6 Teas in Luxury Gift Box
For those already deep into their 'Netflix and chill,' upgrade her levels of comfort and luxury with a VAHDAM World Tea Gift Set. Featuring 6 award-winning teas sourced from some of India's best tea gardens, this set guarantees freshness and quality while giving back to farmers and their families. Sipping with a clear conscience just feels good, you know?
Unique Bike Lights for Her
Of course we want to protect the ones we love, and now we can do it under the guise of cool. Standard bike lights can only be seen from the front and back, but Activ Life Bike Lights increase visibility from all directions while turning heads with flashing, colorful lights. They're easy to install and are currently the brightest bike lights on the market.