9 Unique 59th Anniversary Gifts That Will Feel Grand

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Life is all about the details. Thoughtful gifts may be small in size or price, but it’s the love behind them that makes them too grand to fit into any package. Whether it’s for your parents, your grandparents, or your spouse, make the 59th anniversary one to remember. Share a traditional charity gift with them or something far more unique.

Cherish Every Moment Frame
Celebrating your 59th anniversary doesn't happen every day, so 'YOLO!' as the grandkids would say. And they're not wrong! Just like this modern picture frame suggests, you must 'Cherish every memory and love every moment.' Thanks to the 8 picture openings, you can cherish some of your favorites every day.
Custom Wall Art Print
For the country gal, there's nothing better than the words of George Strait. But if you can't be George Strait, you can give your lady a lyric poster. It's romantic, I know. You can even customize with your picture! 'I Cross My Heart' plays eternally in the distance...
Coffee Maker Plus
For the couple that likes to keep their gadgets simple-- oh boy, this is the coffee maker of their dreams! The Keurig K-Duo Plus is slim and inconspicuous, and it only has one job-- to keep you awake. Able to brew with both K-Pods and ground coffee, this Keurig will remind them of the good old days.
Jet Set Travel Bag
Whether she's going to the supermarket or to Europe, make sure she has an important part of making a trip great: the bag. There's a myriad of choices to find the best bag, we took the liberty of highlighting one of our top choices she will love. Make her 59th anniversary that much sweeter this year.
Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
If you or your partner has been tossing and turning for 59 long years, this pillow is a game-changer. This gel-infused memory foam pillow will keep you cool just in case you get into any kinky positions, plus the softness and breathability are one-of-a-kind. Warning: waking up feeling that refreshed can have all sorts of consequences.
Chronograph Quartz Watch
True to its name, the Diesel Mr. Daddy Chronograph Quartz Watch walks into any bar chest-first. It's bold, it's aggressive, but it might just give him strength for the coming years. Much like the marriage, this piece of fine jewelry is made to last. Or is it made for a bad-ass? Either way, it's a keeper.
Vanille Abricot Eau de Toilette
Sometimes all it takes is a whiff to be transported back to paradise! Even if you didn't have a honeymoon, you can consider this it. The Tahitian vanilla rounds out the dedicated sugared candy tones to make for a mesmerizing time machine in the shape of an Eau de Toilette.
Diamond Cross Pendant
For the woman of faith, it may be important to acknowledge the well from which she drew her strength for all those years. The 1/4 carat diamond cross in 14K gold features a lovely cross and is a great way to honor your wife of 59 years. She'll be thankful most of all for you.
Kenneth Cole Luggage
If Grandma and Grandpa have been commenting on how suitcases are starting to look like cars, it's probably time to get them new luggage. The Kenneth Cole Reaction Continuum carry-on is hardshell and expandable, plus it's fitted with 8 wheels for maximum moveability. Move out of the way, they're coming for the holidays!