9 Brazen 32 Year Anniversary Gifts to Melt Their Hearts

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Sticking together for 32 years is no small feat! Celebrate the big anniversary with a heartfelt tribute or spoil your loved one with a luxury gift. Some say the traditional gift is bronze, but if time has built a hard shell, melt it away with these sweet odes to forever love. They put in the work, now it’s time to relax!

Custom Song Lyrics
For an anniversary as big as this one, it's important to reflect on those special moments. Think of all the milestones: first kiss, first house, first addition to the family...the list goes on! With this custom song lyric framed print, the happy couple will never forget 'their' song. It's a sweet nod to lasting love.
Candace Satchel Bag
For a timeless love, you're going to need a timeless fashion. Kate Spade is renowned for sophistication and structure, and no clearer does it show than with the Candace satchel bag. If you still don't know what your lady likes after 32 years, not to worry-- this bag's a bestseller.
Ultimate Pillow for Side Sleepers
By the time a couple is renovating their empty nest, the cuddling years are long behind them. Why the formality, after all? They know that sleep is precious! This Eli & Elm Ultimate Pillow for side sleepers ensures a good night's sleep every night. Your only concern should be the pillow becoming the main character.
Swiss-Quartz Watch
Hello, handsome! The Salvatore Ferragamo Swiss-Quartz watch is so sleek and sexy, it's pretty much a sports car. With a blue leather calfskin interior-- I mean, strap-- this alpha accessory guarantees that he's always going 100. The best part: he'll need something equally stunning to go on his left arm! *hint hint* That means buy yourself a dress! Happy Anniversary, honey.
Grandkids Photo Frame
Remember, it doesn't have to be bronze to melt their hearts! For the grandparents celebrating their anniversary, create a sweet tribute to the family they've built. The Cocomong Grandkids Photo Frame makes it easy for everyone involved! The rustic wood frame is perfect for the kids to string along pics. And it comes ready to mount! Win-win.
Coffee Maker
When life gives you life hacks, make your own coffee! This Keurig Coffee Maker was made for the office, so you know it's strong enough to fuel those golden years. The touchscreen makes the morning brew fun, so naturally it's the perfect anniversary gift for him, for her, for mom, or for dad!
3 Piece Suitcase Set
If you've been searching for a more modern anniversary gift, why not give the gift of comfortable travel? The COOLIFE hardshell 3 piece suitcase set makes jet setting as easy as possible, with TSA locks and spinner wheels. Don't even mention the lightweight and ergonomic design! And with a range of rich colors to choose from, there's no way they can lose their luggage again...right?
Bronze Family Tree
A perfect anniversary gift for parents or grandparents is something that the whole family contributed to. This bronze family tree picture frame puts a creative twist on the traditional family portrait. You can even acknowledge generations. aka. Put Grandma and Grandpa on top! They're who you are celebrating, after all. The beautiful thing is that you can always add more family.
Diamond Round Stud Earrings
After so many anniversaries, it's not uncommon to run out of gift ideas! But after so many anniversaries, you should also know that diamonds are a foolproof backup plan. Diamonds never disappoint, and these round stud earrings are truly dazzling reassurance. After all these years, you still got it.