43 Best 30th Anniversary Gifts Filled With Diamonds & Pearls

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Once you’ve been married for 30 years, you might want to have something to show for it! We’ve compiled 43 of the best 30th anniversary gifts, from casual to cheeky to luxurious. It’s a special occasion, after all! Don’t forget to celebrate with diamonds and pearls for this once-in-a-lifetime milestone.

Diamond Huggie Hoop Earrings
If she wasn't a classy lady back then, she definitely is by now. And by classy lady, I mean one with expensive taste. These diamond huggie hoop earrings are the perfect anniversary gift for a modern lady-- subtle, with a luxurious spin. And timeless, too, so the price is easy to justify. How can they not become a family heirloom?
30th Anniversary Frame
For your parents' Pearl Anniversary, give them the gift of not one picture but two! Because even more special than a sweet memory is the poignant passage of time. Display their wedding day photo alongside a present day photo, so they can be reminded of the beautiful life they've built together. It's a reminder that love is not just a point in time.
Cultured Pearl Ring
By the 30th anniversary, you may have exhausted your jewelry ideas. Sure, your wife only has ten fingers, but she'll never say no to more jewelry! And whether she appreciates the traditional gifting of pearls or not, she'll definitely appreciate the immaculate attention to detail of this cultured pearl solitaire ring. A symbol of lasting love. Cheers to thirty more years! (And thirty more rings!)
Japanese Akoya Pearl Necklace
If you want to honor tradition while still honoring your lady's more modern style, this black Japanese Akoya pearl necklace was made for you. Yep, the pearls are real, handpicked, and imported. Delicately finished with a 14K gold clasp with an 18-inch length, these are not your grandmother's pearls.
Waterford Champagne Flutes
Toast to your 30 years with delightful Waterford crystal. Slender, delicate and perfectly shaped glasses. These stunning flutes have prominent heart shape figures that will last as long as your love. Beautiful pieces that will make a statement. Cheers to your happiness.
Hand Forged Rose Sculpture
After all those years, it can be difficult to find a gift that adequately portrays your unique love for one another. What about a universal symbol of love, forged in steel? This hand forged rose sculpture is one-of-a-kind and made to last forever. It's the perfect anniversary gift for the one who's been through it all with you.
Men's Formula One Watch
Don't let your marriage lose its mystery! Dress your man like James Bond with this sleek and sophisticated TAG Heuer Formula One watch. The unidirectional black bezel and dial make the sapphire hour markers pop. The black rubber band is perfect for the sometimes-athlete, plus it's waterproof for any quick escapes. It's the tiny details that make the gentleman.
Round Pearl Earrings
The thing with trends is that they'll inevitably go out of style. The thing with round pearl earrings? Since they're timeless, they will always be a symbol of style and luxury. These understated pearl earrings are the epitome of sophistication, but if you think it looks too plain...just wait until she tries it on. You'll be reminded of the day you met!
Pearl Anniversary Table Clock
If the time has just been flying by, this pearl anniversary table clock will take you right back to your wedding. The beautiful ivory frame only sets off the delicate details in this freestanding masterpiece. It'll look great nestled on the mantle with all the family pictures! An unforgettable tribute to lasting love.
Kissing Mugs Set
Hey, you've both put in the work to get this far, so why get a wedding gift you can both enjoy? This kissing mugs set is too adorable not to share, plus it's guaranteed to bring you together on those tough mornings. Complete with matching spoons, this set reminds you how lucky you are to have found your other half. Congrats!
Mother of Pearl Jewelry Box
If your wife has accumulated quite the collection of rings in your thirty years together, perhaps it's time for a jewelry box that will do your devotion justice. This authentic Korean mother-of-pearl jewelry box does just the trick, showcasing her favorite jewels and securing them with a butterfly snap. It's a modern development on the traditional anniversary gift.
Shiatsu Foot Massager
We all know marriage is hard work, so know when it's time to take a load off. This Shiatsu Foot Massage machine employs heat therapy to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and even help with pain relief. It's the perfect ingredient for a well-rested partner. Plus, you might even get some use out of it. *wink wink*
30 Year Anniversary Mug
For the couple that's not all about the pricey gifts, this cutesy mug says it all. If you're planning on plenty more years together, don't make a fuss. Give your hubby a pat on the bum and tell him to keep up the good work. Happy 30th, hun!
14K White Gold Diamond Ring
If you're trying for a home run, this 14K white gold diamond ring will knock it out of the park. Created as the perfect accent to her existing jewelry, the five stone band is made to stack and stun. Now that's puttin' a ring on it!
Anniversary Picture Frame Gift
Okay, so maybe diamonds and pearls aren't really your thing. If you're half of a fully country couple, this cherry wood frame brings all the warm, rustic feels. Designed for hanging or free-standing, this anniversary picture frame gift is a touching tribute to your love story's happy ending.
Pearl Anniversary Sundial
There's no question about it-- a pearl anniversary sundial is a gift that will stand the test of time. Made from 99% recyclable materials, this regal sundial's brass details will shine in all their glory. It's perfect for mounting in the garden! And since it's handmade and lacquered, it's guaranteed to be a lasting work of art for your husband or wife.
Cookware & Bakeware Set
If you've been together long enough to start talking about a kitchen renovation, maybe it's time for a chic cookware and bakeware set. The detail of this 20-pc. steel-hammered copper cookware set will have you talking exposed shelving, ASAP! And with a variety of baking pans and even a fry basket, you'll never get tired of staying in.
Cultured Pearl Necklace Set
By staying together for 30 years, you've essentially created your own traditions! All the inside jokes, the holiday desserts, those nights watching Breakfast at Tiffany's and ordering in. Honor the tradition of 30 years with a cultured pearl necklace set. It's simple, stately, and she'll feel just like Audrey Hepburn. Cheers to tradition!
Ultra-Soft Sheet Set
A thoughtful marriage considers all the intimate details. Surprise your partner with a luxe ultra-soft sheet set! Made with cutting edge technology that will keep your bed in tip-top shape, this soft set is sure to keep the magic alive. Plus, the fabric is moisture-wicking and wrinkle-resistant for maximum comfort. You'll never go back to cotton ever again!
Intertwined Elephant Sculpture
Some things don't have to make sense, they're just cute! Like this elephant sculpture with an intertwined heart. It's made from resin with a rich wood grain appearance-- perfect for indoors or outdoors. Fun fact: elephants at the front door are said to bring good fortune to a home.
Promaster Skyhawk Watch
If it took 30 years for you to realize you married a nerd, catch up with this Citizen Promaster Skyhawk watch. Powered by light, it never needs a battery! It's eco-friendly and the brand is renowned for class and quality. You can't really lose with this gift, but you may lose your husband to it for a couple days.
Premium Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Tennis bracelets make such great gifts because they're extravagant, luxurious, and some might even say unnecessary. All the elements you need to impress your wife of 30 years! You might know by now that big milestones require big moments, and these diamonds? They're big enough to do all the talking for you.
Mother-of-Pearl Earrings
When searching for the perfect anniversary gift for your wife, it can be difficult to find something that truly encompasses her beauty. These Kendra Scott Mother-of-Pearl drop earrings are stunning enough to catch the eye, but subtle enough that they'll only highlight everything you love about her. She might even be suspicious about your good taste...it's that good. You're welcome.
Cherry Wood Wall Cross
If faith has been an important element in your marriage, don't forget to give credit where it's due! This cherry wood wall cross has a rich, grainy appearance along with a sweet, personalized message. At nearly a foot tall, this hanging cross is a welcome reminder of unconditional love.
Chunky Knit Blanket
There's only one absolute in a marriage, and that's that one person will always be cold! And if it's not you, well...you know what that means. You need to smother your spouse in chunky hand knit blankets! For one, the texture can liven up any spread. Quick room makeover, anyone? Two, the chenille is dreamy, soft, AND machine washable. Perfect for hiding from the world!
Custom Engraved Oak Barrel
It's important to have your own hobbies, and what better hobby is there than one that leaves you thirsty? (And with 20 liters of the aged liquor of your choice, of course!) Talk about productive. Give your honey something to do with an American Premium Oak Aging Barrel. The black steel hoops make it authentic, and your laser-engraving makes it custom.
Black Pearl Pendant Necklace
For your pearl anniversary, play off the symbolism. This hand-picked Tahitian black pearl pendant is unique and treasured, just like your life partner. Plus, it's believed to bring abundance and good luck to the wearer, and who couldn't use more of those? Unlike other pearls, the black pearl remains radiant with peacock and rainbow overtones. A special pearl for a special lady!
Blue Sapphire & White Diamond Band
This blue sapphire and diamond ring is elegance all wrapped up in a sleek little band. What's great about this dainty piece is the 'stackability'. Add it to your ring finger or get creative with jewelry combinations! With timeless statement pieces, the possibilities for grace are endless.
Eternal Love Sculpture
Even if your art taste differs from your spouse, you'll both be able to appreciate this handmade wooden sculpture aptly named 'Eternal Love.' Hand carved from sugar wood, the figurine shows two lovers in an embrace. The mahogany color is a trendy addition to any living space, plus it's sized for your mantle or bookend.
Percussion Massage Gun
If your honey's been working hard, reward them with a deep tissue percussion massage gun. These are the real deal, taking away muscle pain with aggressive drilling attachments. And since it's cordless, the massage gun is easy to use and control. It might just be THE game changer in muscle recovery. Now if could just get you to work out!
Portable Pizza Oven
Let's be honest, who doesn't love pizza? Especially when it's hot and fresh right from your backyard oven! Wait, did I just say backyard oven? The ROCCBOX portable outdoor pizza oven is gas fired, durable, and convenient. Whippin' up artisan wood fired pizzas is no biggie for the happy couple! Let's hope it encourages more date nights.
Lovers Cups
You can never have enough diamonds, that's true. But you can never have enough stainless steel tumbler mugs either! Equipped with travel lids and straws, this 2 pack set is a cute nod to 'reelin' her in' and can be used with hot and cold beverages. These lovers cups are sweatproof too, so they won't slip through your fingers either!
Princess Diamond Stud Earrings
A lasting love merits jewels of equal quality, does it not? These princess diamond stud earrings are sought after for their clarity-- and they do not disappoint. At 1 carat, these earrings will absorb your wife into their gravitational pull. Diamonds are a girl's best friend, after all!
Beautiful Travel Luggage
It's time to make good on all of those promises over the years. Enjoy jet setting around the world with your spouse and these gorgeous pieces of luggage. They are lightweight but hardshell for protection. Enjoy three sizes for your varying adventures across the globe!
White Bedding Bundle
The longer you share a bed together, the more you both should be invested in your comfort! The Lull white bedding bundle includes a memory foam mattress, two pillows, duvet comforter, and sheets. The three layers of Lull foam technology offers therapeutic support for you and your partner. With this kind of support, another 30 years together will be cake!
Whiskey Glasses & Decanter
Your husband might not be the most interesting person in the world to you anymore, but let him have his fun! Every whiskey drinkin' man needs his decanter set. Complete with engraved whiskey stones, real glasses, and a statuesque decanter, this premium Everest whiskey set will have him saying demurely, 'Step into my office.'
Freshwater Necklace Set
For the woman that has completed you, gift a complete freshwater pearl necklace set. Not only does it include the classic pearl necklace and stud earrings, but a charming bracelet as well. The cherry on top! Pearls are a lovely way to honor tradition and your love at the same time.
Personalized Cutting Board
It's funny-- our delight at receiving a cutting board as a gift increases with our age. But for a 30th anniversary, not just any cutting board will do. We need a personalized charcuterie board! Choose from rich walnut, maple, or cherry. Then laser-engrave your message! Life hack: engrave your wedding date so you never forget!
Le Locle Stainless Steel Watch
For the stylish and simple man, there's no other watch like the Le Locle Men's stainless steel. With the black leather band and roman numeral dial, it's class personified! Mark the 30th year together with a power statement accessory for your loving husband. And here's to hoping he's never late again.
Diamond Tennis Bracelet
You don't have to spend thousands to splurge on a diamond tennis bracelet! This one features real diamonds in a rhodium plating for all the sparkle. The intricacy of the circle links only speaks to the craftsmanship, and you're definitely not skimping on quality with this pretty piece!
30th Anniversary Keepsake
If your parents already have everything they could want, appeal to their sentimental side! This silver-plated metal ornament features Swarovski crystal beads suspended in silver hearts under a banner. Even better, the ornament is freestanding so it's easy to enjoy year-round. Nobody puts baby in the corner! (Or in a box.)
Black Tahitian Pearl Necklace
For the wife that eschews the traditional, try a black Tahitian pearl necklace. Never dyed, these exotic pearls are guaranteed hand-picked and authentic. It's just like the classic pearl necklace, but with a twist! This unique 30th anniversary gift is a sweet way to say, 'Thanks for being different!'
Diamond Anniversary Ring
Looking to blind your wife with bling could be dangerous for everyone involved, but this tasteful diamond eternity band is a safe bet. It's designed to stack with your wedding ring, but this bling-bling is strong enough to stand alone too. It looks great from any angle and from any moment in time-- a fitting symbol of forever love.