27 Modern Brass & Nickel 21st Anniversary Gift Ideas

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21 years together is a huge accomplishment. Celebrate properly with the perfect gift. Show your partner how much you still love and admire them after all these years. Because 21 gifts wasn’t enough, we’ve compiled 27 thoughtful and breathtaking ideas for your 21st anniversary. These modern items embody the brass and nickel theme, plus we have a few surprises for you!

Beautiful Plated Brass Necklace for Her
What better way is there to show love and appreciation for your partner than by giving her a beautiful piece of jewelry that will make her feel gorgeous and bring out that incredible smile? Kendra Scott is a sure-fire way to wow her. And the best part? She'll think of you every time she wears it!
Anniversary Engraved Brass Sundial Compass
Marriage is an adventure and one you choose to continue every day. This sundial compass is engraved with a special message and absolutely gorgeous. It is fully functional if your partner is an outdoors type, but also makes an equally special decoration for their office desk or bedside table. Remind your sweetie that your heart's compass always points to them.
Premium Kiln-Dried Cedar & Brass Humidor
If your husband is an avid cigar smoker or tobacco enthusiast you can't go wrong with this elegant humidor to keep their smokeables fresh. The glass top is a great way to showcase their favorite cigars for decoration and add a touch of class to any office. Perfect for the man that you still find hot and smokin' after all these years.
Fire Pit Table
This multi-purpose fire pit is a grill, table, decoration, and source of warmth on a cold night. Basically, anything you need to enjoy the backyard or patio with your partner all in one! Whether it's time to grill up some grub or just snuggle up outside when there's a nip in the air, you won't find a better fire pit out there.
Brass & Copper Spinner Ring
Show your wife how unique she is with an equally unique ring! This spinner ring is gorgeous and has an elegant, vintage look that will make an impression on anyone that ogles her jewelry selection. It's also a great way to keep her hands busy during a meeting or even during relaxation. The brass and copper rings are so much fun to spin around!
Brass Hourglass Sand Timer
Add a Da Vinci vibe to any workspace with this hourglass sand timer. It's classic, decorative, and functional as you can set a 60 minute timer with just a flip of the hourglass. Maximize productivity and keep track of your time with a visual cue that is more impactful than any phone timer.
Wood Iris & Butterfly Box
Your wife has probably accumulated a lot of keepsakes over the years and it can get harder and harder to keep up with the important things. This butterfly embossed wooden box is the perfect way to store her special things to keep them safe. The beautiful design creates a range of possible item storage solutions, including a jewelry box!
Handcrafted Brass Champagne Wine Chiller
Make date night something special with this gorgeous chiller. It will add a touch of class to the dinner table or entertainment room as you enjoy each other's company and keep the bubbly circulating! It's even big enough for two bottles so you can limit your trips back to the kitchen! Your drinks will be chilled all evening while the romance heats up.
Feng Shui Decor Laughing Brass Buddha
Part stunning decor and part good luck charm, this fun little Buddha statuette will add shine to any room. The Buddha is a symbol of wealth, happiness, prosperity, and good luck. Basically every wonderful thing to shoot for with your partner over your next twenty one years together. It's made of 100% brass and sure to attract the eye with the detailed carvings.
Brass Egyptian Scarab Cuff Bracelet
Sure to wow your partner and be their new go-to accessory. This brass bracelet is embossed with a gorgeous Egyptian scarab beetle and gem inlays. A statement piece to be sure that can be worn by anyone; the adjustable cuff is smooth and non-pinching.
Skeleton Dial Stainless Steel Watch
What time is it? Time to give a watch! This timepiece is stylish, elegant, and makes the perfect accessory for any man. The skeleton watch face shows off the gears and inner workings of the clock for added dimension and curb appeal. The band is 100% leather and super comfortable for all day, everyday wear!
Solid Brass Belt Buckle Made in USA
A gift for the patriot in all of us. This solid brass belt buckle is designed in the shape of the American flag. Not only is it a stunning statement piece, it is something that can be worn with any outfit. Perfect for any active or retired military, or anyone that just loves the good ole US-of-A.
Solitaire Petite Iolite Necklace
A woman's best friend is her jewelry... so why not give her a new friend for your anniversary? She'll feel beautiful and confident as she struts her stuff and think of you with every glimpse in the mirror. The gemstone is the star of this necklace design, and there are a bevy of show-stopping stones to choose from!
Maritime Brass Antique Telescope
Whether your partner loves nature watching, looking up at the night sky, or just fancies a maritime theme in their decor, this antique brass telescope is perfect. It has up to 15x magnification and is easy to fold for travel or storage. But with a statement piece like this, they'll be eager to keep it displayed in the home or office!
Personalized Whiskey Set w/ Gift Box
Is it time for a finger of scotch? This whiskey set is a great gift to keep at home, in the office, or to take on the go! Personalize it with their first initial or the family name's initial as a sweet reminder of home. The gift box even doubles as a travel case to keep the decanter, glasses, and stones safe.
Preserved Flowers Forever Roses
Flowers are one of the most iconic anniversary gifts, but their short lifespan really sucks. This worry is a thing of the past as you can now buy your honey a bouquet of REAL roses that are built to last! This bouquet is preserved so that your gift can last the test of time that other flowers fail.
Custom Brass Pen & Envelope Opener Set
This gift is for a partner that loves the flourish of a fancy pen. The fine point is ideal for smooth lettering and the refillable ink pen is sure to give a touch of class to any desk. The best part is the engraving option included for free to add their name or a sweet message.
Engraved Silver Plated Brass Wine Flutes
An anniversary dinner is special, but every dinner will feel romantic with these stunning hand-engraved wine flutes. The occasion doesn't have to be extravagant when you're sharing happiness with your partner. Whether you're toasting to a successful marriage or just celebrating the good times together, you can savor every sip with love in your eyes.
Leather Executive Office Chair in Brass
We all wish we could spend every moment with our families. Work can get in the way, but it's also an inevitability. The best thing you can do is ensure your husband is productive when he's away so he gets to come home that much sooner! This leather office chair is sleek, comfortable, and the best way to relieve tension that distracts from work.
Brady Decanter Set
A stiff drink is an easy way to help your partner unwind after a hard day. Serve brandy or scotch in style with this crystal decanter set. It even comes with two glasses so you can share a drink together and talk about your days. When the liquor is flowing so will the conversation!
Freestanding Wine & Champagne Cooler
If your family enjoys their wine or champagne chilled, this is the perfect anniversary gift for you. Store all of your favorite bottles for easy access when it's time to pop a cork. You optimize the temperature to taste for maximum enjoyment and entertainment. Don't stop the party while the next bottle chills in the fridge. Make sure they're all ready to go!
Handmade Sunrise Pendant Necklace
If she's bored with diamonds and roses on your anniversary, and give her a necklace that is unique. Just like her. This three loop design is made of silver, copper, and brass by a contemporary artisan. No two are alike, which is beautiful symbolism for the individuality of your wife.
Personalized 21st Anniversary Wedding Gift
A thoughtful keepsake can last the test of time. This wooden plaque is the perfect way to commemorate 21 years. It breaks down the years, days, and even minutes of the last two decades together as a reminder of your unifying commitment. Hang it at home so you'll always remember.
Nickel Luxury Modern Crystal Chandelier
Revamp the look of your home and add a new source of brightness for the light of your life. This sophisticated chandelier is a beautiful mix of modern and classic design that will add a wow factor to any room. The raindrop crystals are held by a sturdy nickel base that is built to last, just like your marriage.
3 Vintage Brass Candle Holders
Whether you're hosting a special event or just want a way to add some class to the mantle, these brass candle holders will get the job done. They come in staggered sizes for a range of set-up options and are heavy enough to stay upright under any condition. Having a romantic dinner by candlelight has never been easier.
2 Carat Diamond Heart Brass Plated Necklace
It's hard to miss the mark with this one. A stunning necklace dripping in diamonds and in the shape of a heart. Is there anything more romantic? This is a necklace that will go with any outfit, hair-do, and occasion. She'll feel like the most beautiful woman in the room. Because she still is, even after 21 amazing years.