41 Stylish 20th Anniversary Gifts To Start The Celebration

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Two decades, in the books. It’s been quite a ride, and now it’s time to celebrate. These gifts were picked special for the 20th anniversary. From your more traditional gifts of ornate china to classy and stylish platinum jewelry pieces for a more modern touch, nothing will bring in the celebration of the 20th like these fantastic gifts!

Platinum Princess-cut Ring
Show your wife of 20 years how much you love her with this diamond bridal wedding band. The ring has 12 princess-cut natural diamonds in the platinum band. This ring has a simple and modern look that adds to its elegance. Your wife will cherish this ring for the rest of days.

Platinum Light Chain
This simple and beautiful platinum chain would make for a great gift for a husband or wife. The chain comes in lengths of 16, 18, 20, or 24 inches long. You can choose the one you think will work best. Not only is the chain itself gorgeous, but so is the packaging. The chain will be enclosed in a sleek and classy black box.

Gourmet Chocolate Set
Are you married to someone with a sweet tooth? If you are, they will love this box of 140 pieces of Godiva chocolate. Godiva is one of the leading names when it comes to chocolate, and they pride themselves on their craftsmanship. These delicious chocolates will have your candy-loving husband or wife smiling from ear to ear.

Fine China Set
You can never have too much dinnerware. Why not gift these beautiful plates, mugs, and bowls to your significant other as a 20th-anniversary gift? They will make a great addition to whatever dinnerware you already have. The plates, mugs, and bowls are a rich black color with a splash of gold. There are 16 pieces included in the set.

Platinum Princess Studs
Jewelry always makes a good gift. Your wife will love these platinum diamond stud earrings. The earrings will be her go-to accessory in no time. She can rest easy knowing that the diamonds come from a conflict-free supplier and have safely been mined.

Personalized Cutting Board
Here’s a wonderful gift if your significant other is someone who loves to cook. You can give them a personalized cutting board as a 20th-anniversary gift. You can pick from 12 different designs of boards and 3 sizes. You can add your names and the date of your marriage to commemorate your love for one another.

Sherpa Wearable Blanket
If your wife is always saying how cold she is around the house, here’s a gift that she will love. This one size fits all wearable blanket is meant to keep the wearer cozy and warm while they lounge at home. It comes with a hood and a pouch to keep the head and hands warm. You can choose the color that suits her best

Diamond Pendant Necklace
A simple necklace is always a good choice for a gift. This modern necklace with a 3 stone diamond pendant will make your wife light up with excitement. The pendant hangs on an 18 inch chain that is made of sterling silver. It will be a gift that she will love and cherish for years.

Percussion Massage Gun
If your significant other is an avid runner or someone who works out a lot, then this muscle massage gun is exactly what they need. The massage gun has 30 different speeds and 6 different heads that will allow the user to find what works best for them. It’s perfect for getting those aches and pains out after a hard workout.

Picnic Outdoor Blanket
The weather may not be the best for picnicking right now, but this tartan blanket is perfect for picnics or a day at the beach. The massive blanket is durable and waterproof and will keep whoever uses it comfortable on their day out. It is also easy to keep clean. Dirt, mud, grass, and beach sand can just be wiped off.

Biscotti Gourmet Gift Basket
These biscotti bars from Oh! Nuts will make a great gift for a husband or wife who loves gourmet chocolate. The bars have been dipped in chocolate and topped with different coatings to give each one a unique look. These crunchy bars will be the go-to choice sweet for your significant other at any time of the day.

DIY Whiskey Infuser
If your husband has been practicing his mixologist skills at home, then this gift will only help him hone his craft even more. This DIY kit for homemade whisky from DO YOUR GIN is a gift that he will love and obsess over. The 22-piece set comes with everything he will need to create a smooth and great-tasting whisky at home.

Wine Carrier Gift Set
A wine carrier for picnics is the sort of gift a couple that enjoys dining outside will love. The bag can fit a few wine bottles, glasses, and even has room for the food. The sleek black bag weighs less than 2 pounds and is extremely durable. It can be taken on hiking trips, canoeing trips, or even to a tailgate.

White Dragon Porcelain Vase
This beautiful blue and white ceramic vase would make the perfect 20th-anniversary gift. The vase is just over a foot tall and has beautifully crafted handles that are dragons to match the dragon on the front. It would look great in the entryway of a home, or up on a shelf somewhere in the house.

Wedding Anniversary Sculpture
20 years of marriage is an incredible achievement. This crystal sculpture not only celebrates those 20 years, but it also tells you just how long 20 years is. It counts down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds that you and your significant other have been together. Gift this to a husband or wife and show them how much you have loved the time together.

Personalized 20th Anniversary Sign
A personalized gift will always get a strong reaction from the recipient because it means so much. This plaque that breaks down the last 20 years into months, days, hours, and minutes can be personalized with names. Give this gift to your husband or wife as an anniversary gift and watch them beam with happiness.

Gold Plated Ornament
Here is a cute and simple gift that will show your significant other just how much you have loved the last 20 years together. This double-hearted figurine stands just over 4 inches tall and includes conjoined hearts that each have a crystal pendant. It’s a small but meaningful gift to give as an anniversary present.

This Is Us Holiday Ornament
Christmas is still a few months away, but it’s never too early to start thinking of gifts. This rustic ornament would make a great 20th-anniversary gift to your husband or wife, or maybe even to a couple that you love and adore. It features candy cane hearts and mistletoe and can be personalized with names and wedding dates.

Men's Leather Blazer
If you want to keep your husband of 20 years looking suave and classy for another 20 years, then this leather blazer is just what he needs. The blazer comes in an assortment of colors and ranges in size from an X-small to a 3X-large. It’s perfect for year-round wearing and will keep him looking sharp and modern.

His and Hers Matching Bracelets
These matching stainless-steel bracelets are perfect for a couple wanting to show how much they love one another. The bracelets include the word love, a small message, and a cross that are all split into two when the rings are apart. When together, they come to complete each other. A great gift for a couple who deeply loves one another.

Anniversary Memory Book
This journal is full of hundreds of prompts for couples to fill out together. It would make a perfect 20th-anniversary gift. You and your husband or wife can sit down and fill out the journal and think back to so many happy memories that you have together. The journal will be something the two of you cherish for years.

Wooden Swing Set
Here’s a unique gift to give for an anniversary present. This wooden swing connects to a tree and can be used for children and adults. The wood is resistant to wind, rain, and sun, which will allow it to look clean and new for a long time. You and your significant other will love going out and swinging without a care in the world.

Porcelain Dinner Plate Set
Dinnerware is a touching and useful gift to give as an anniversary present. This beautiful 24-piece set of porcelain plates and bowls comes with a truly unique pattern design on them. Each piece is made of high-quality, handcrafted pottery. These plates and bowls will soon become a favorite to use for every day meals and special dinners.

Mirror Polished Cutlery
There is no such thing as too much cutlery. Give this beautiful 20-piece cutlery set to the couple you truly care about. The stainless-steel utensils come in a variety of colors and are a beautiful black color with a mirror finish. Guests will love the look as they sit down to eat with these. They are gorgeous.

Handwritten Money Clip
Money clips are a cool way to hold money. This personalized money clip would make a great 20th-anniversary gift for your husband. The clip can have a message of any sort engraved onto it. Why not choose your two names and the date of your marriage? He will love being reminded of the love of his life whenever he uses the money clip.

Dual Zone Couples Blanket
This gift is perfect for the couple who likes two different temperatures at night. Do you know a couple like that? If so, then this king-size duvet would be great for them. The duvet comes with inserts that are either warm or cold. Allow that restless couple of yours to get a good night's sleep with this gift.

Outdoor Wine Picnic Table
The warm months are gone, but that doesn’t mean that this still wouldn’t make a great 20th anniversary present. This outdoor wine picnic table is made of bamboo and is sturdy and meant to last. Not only does it have ample room to hold food, but there are also built-in wine glass holders to keep them off the ground. It’s a perfect gift.

Love Engraved Lamp
A lamp may seem like a strange gift, but this lamp with an engraved message of love will knock your significant other off their feet. They will enjoy turning it on and seeing this declaration of love shine. It’s a great lamp for bedrooms, home offices, and living rooms. This is a great 20th-anniversary gift to give this year.

Men's Luxury Watch
How about a new watch for the man in your life? This TAG Heuer men's watch would be the perfect 20th-anniversary gift to give this year. It’s sleek, modern, and fashionable. He will love this watch so much that he won’t want to take it off. The watch is 43mm in diameter and made of stainless steel. It is also water-resistant up to 660ft.

Intimacy Card Deck Game
After 20 years together, there is a good chance that you may feel that you know all there is to know about your husband or wife. But this box of 150 engaging conversations starters may uncover some things you didn't know about them. It would make a great game for date night, or maybe when the two of you are just bored.

Wedding Candle Map Art
This unique custom candle allows you to have the map of your favorite city put on the front of it. If your wife is a big fan of her hometown, she can now think of it as this candle burns. You can even put a personalized message on the lid of the candle. She will love this gift

Mr and Mrs Coffee Mugs
Do you know a couple who loves a good cup of coffee ? Well, now you can gift them this matching set of Mr. and Mrs. coffee mugs. The 14 oz mugs are ceramic and come with a marbled pattern on them. These would be a great gift to give to a couple you know and love.

Personalized Engraved Rock
Here is a keepsake that your wife or husband will love. This small and simple rock is engraved with a message that will warm your significant other’s heart and remind them of the reasons why they love you so much. The rock may weigh less than a pound, but it carries such a heavy emotional value.

Whiskey Glass Set
This beautifully crafted and engraved whiskey glass set would make an amazing gift for a husband who likes to have a drink now and then. The set comes with two glasses, 8 stainless-steel ice cubes, serving tongs, coasters, and a gorgeous handcrafted pine box. They will adore this gift and cherish it for years to come.

China Teacup and Saucer Set
These elegant bone China teacups are a more traditional gift to give for the 20th anniversary. The 8 oz tea cups come in a set of 4 and are packaged in a secure box for their safety. Whoever you gift these two will get some much joy from pulling out these pretty cups and putting them to use. The floral design on them is stunning.

Marriage Prayer Plaque
If you know a religious couple celebrating their 20th anniversary soon, then this wooden plaque that includes a marriage prayer would make a great gift. They can hang it on any wall of their house and be reminded of what it takes to be true to one another. It will make a great addition to any home.

Personalized Star Map
Is your significant other a huge fan of the stars and planets? With this star map, they can have a photo of one personalized with your and their names and the date of your marriage. The map comes in 3 size options, as well as 3 fonts to choose from. They will love receiving this as their 20th-anniversary gift.

Six Piece Chef Knives Kit
Is your wife or husband a fan of art? Are they an artist themselves? If the answer is yes to either of those questions, then this set of six knives is for them. Each of the knives features a famous artwork on the blade. This unique and special gift will make the art fanatic that you love smile whenever they use one of the knives.

Moon Night Light
Here’s a gift that the two of you will enjoy. This moon lamp features a small silhouette of a couple holding hands in front of a full moon. Not only would be it be a good gift to symbolize you and your partner, but it also makes for a great decorative piece. The light uses LED beads that have up to 50,000 hours’ life.

Bronze Stained Metal Rose
This beautiful bronze rose is a great gift to give for your 20th anniversary. Your husband or wife will enjoy this flower that, much like your love, can’t be damaged and broken. It will last forever. The rose is 11 inches long, giving it a more realistic look. This is a deep and meaningful gift that will be loved.

Heated Foot Massager
You can give the gift of comfort with this foot massager from Renpho. The massager comes with 3 different kneading settings, as well as 3 squeeze settings. You can choose which intensity works best for you. The massager focuses on the feet, but it will be relaxing for the entire body. This is a must-have gift.