31 Shiny 19th Anniversary Gifts For The Person You Treasure

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These beautiful 19th anniversary gifts are where the Bronze Age meets 2022. With the best bronze gift items, your search for the perfect 19th anniversary gift ends here. Since 19 years is a long time with a very special person, get them a special gift that says ‘I love you’ with true solidarity.

Picture Frame Family Tree
With this bronze family tree, you and your significant other can put all the special memories you have photographed over the last 19 years on display. The tree has 12 frames hanging from it that you can use. It would look great in the kitchen, living room, or anywhere really. It’s a beautiful gift to give someone.

Date Night Dice
How about a little bit of fun for your big anniversary night? This set of dice can help you pick just what you and your significant other will get up to. Each six-sided die has different date ideas of each of its sides. Roll them together and see what you get. It’s a fun and unique way to spice up date night.

Hands Sculpture
This beautiful bronze sculpture of two hands entwined would be a perfect gift to give to your husband or wife as a 19th-anniversary gift. The hands are 5.5 inches high and would look great on a mantle or bookshelf. This gift would be a beautiful reminder of the love you two share. It will be loved by friends and family members who come to visit.

Aquamarine and Bronze Pendant Necklace
Here is a wonderful gift for the special woman in your life. This aquamarine pendant is wrapped in organic wire and comes on a 24-inch chain. This unique gift would be a great addition to any jewelry box, and it will stand out when worn with any outfit. It would be perfect as an anniversary gift.

Bartending Kit
Is your significant other a bartender in the making? Do they like to experiment with drinks? If they do, then this 10-piece bar set is for them. The set comes with all the right tools to help them make the best drinks possible. They come on a stylish mahogany stand. They’ll be able to show off for you and your friends at parties.

Silk Pillowcase Set
Good sleep is key to a healthy life. This silk pillowcase set is meant to help skin and hair stay healthy. There is a facemask included as well as 3 pillowcases. Your loved one will slumber peacefully knowing that they are going to wake with beautiful hair and skin. This would be the perfect gift for your wife this year.

Stainless Steel Quartz Watch
A watch is always a good choice for a gift. This stainless steel Michael Kors watch would be perfect for your husband. You can commemorate 19 years together by giving him this stylish watch with 44mm case and a 3-hand analog display. He will love how it looks and will want to wear it everywhere.

Noise Cancelling Earbuds
Is your significant other a Samsung Galaxy user? If so, these noise-canceling wireless earbuds would be the perfect gift for them. The earbuds come in a mystic bronze color and charge without the need for a wire. The long-lasting battery will allow them to listen to their favorite tunes for hours on end. The earbuds would make a great gift for an active person.

Men's Luxury Watch
This stainless-steel Salvatore Ferragamo watch is just the thing your husband needs. Show him how much you care by buying him this classy watch. The watch is Swiss-made and is water-resistant up to 100ft. He will look and feel elegant. This watch is the perfect companion piece to any outfit. He love the attention this gorgeous watch brings him.

Date and Question Cards
Here is a fun gift for you and your significant other, or another couple you may know. This box has over 100 ideas for a date and conversation starters. It would be an exciting and special way to come up with something to do on your anniversary. You’ll laugh, smile, and be reminded of why you love one another so much.

Custom Star Map
Is your significant other curious about space and the stars? If they are, then this personalized star map would be perfect for them. Celebrate your time together with this timeless 19th-anniversary gift. The map of the star can be personalized with a name, date, or anything you want. You can hang it in your house as a constant reminder of your time spent together.

Basket Weave Bracelet
Jewelry is hard to beat when it comes to gifts. This 24k gold plated bracelet for men and women will be loved by whoever receives it. The bracelet comes in small, medium, or large, and has a free lifetime replacement guarantee should anything happen to it. Your loved one will look good wearing this.

Leather Briefcase
Kenneth Cole is one of the leading names in fashion. This computer satchel work bag shows why. The bag is made of Colombian leather and is meant to fit a 16 inch laptop. Your loved one will look sophisticated carrying this dark brown bag to work, the airport, or wherever they may need to take it.

Whiskey Decanter Set
Here is a unique and quirky gift for the significant other who loves their whiskey or scotch. This vintage car doubles as a decanter. It comes with a stopper, two-shot glass, and a card base with holders on the side. The decanter would fit perfectly on a shelf or desk. Your friends and family will constantly be asking you where you purchased it from.

Personalized Song Print
A personalized gift is sure to get a big reaction from your significant other. Why not gift this wall art that allows you to put song lyrics of your favorite song, as well as personalizing it with your names and wedding date. It’s a wonderful modern gift that will help to make your 19-anniversary special.

Leather and Bronze Bracelet
Do and your husband have a special message or saying you say to one another? You can have it put on this gorgeous bracelet for him to wear and see every day. The bracelet comes with a bronze latch that connects the sides and ensures the bracelet stays on. This is a great and special gift for the boyfriend who means so much to you.

Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board
Every cook needs a cutting board. And now, you can give the cook in your life a cutting board that will always remind them of the love you two share. This board can be engraved with your names and wedding date, making it a great 19th-anniversary gift. The board is made of gorgeous bamboo and is hand-crafted.

Personalized Welcome Sign
This bronze wall plaque would be the perfect gift to brighten up the inside or outside of your home. You can personalize to show the year the home was built or purchased. It would be a great gift to commemorate a huge step in you and your significant other’s life together. Everyone will love this.

Bronze Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker
A new grill will make the grill master you know and love happier than they have ever been. This grill is capable of doing so much more than just grilling. It can bake, roast, braise, smoke, sear, and char-grill as well as barbecue. It comes in a beautiful bronze color that will look great on any back patio.

Yellow Gold Twisted Oval Hoop Earrings
The right pair of earrings can take an already great outfit to another level. This yellow gold twisted hoop earrings will look great paired with any outfit. People will constantly be stopping and asking your wife where she got her earrings from. The earrings are made in Italy and are 14k gold. Your wife will love getting this as a 19th-anniversary gift.

Outdoor Copper Bird Bath
If your significant other is a nature lover, then this bronze bird feeder is for them. The feeder is meant of weather-resistant resin that is meant to last through tough weather conditions. There is a lantern atop the structure that will help keep light in your garden at night for up to 8 hours. It will be great at any house.

Personalized Gold Clock
This gold panel wedding clock can be customized with you and your partners names and the date of your wedding. The clock is just a little shorter than 10 inches tall and requires one AA battery to function. This gift would look great anywhere in a house. It’s elegant and perfect for that special someone in your life.

Cheese Board Set
If you know of a couple that loves to host parties, then this charcuterie board set is meant for them. The board is over a foot long and comes with 4 bowls, 4 knives, and a detachable serving tray. They will love this gift. And they will love that you thought of them enough to buy it.

As We Grow Book for Married Couples
Here is a modern gift for a couple that wants to keep track of the memories they make together. This hardcover book acts as a journal to let the owner write down big moments in their relationship. It would make a great 19th-anniversary gift for your own relationship, or for a couple you may know.

Picnic Basket Set
Picnics are always fun. This chic wicker picnic basket is just what the picnic-loving couple you know needs. It includes silverware, plates, wine glasses, cotton napkins, and a bottle opener. There is even a fleece picnic blanket for people to sit on. It’s the perfect anniversary gift for any couple who loves dining outside every once in a while.

Hot Stone Massage Set
This 18-piece hot stone massage stone set would be a great gift to give your significant other for your anniversary. You will both enjoy being able to relax, destress, and have some fun in the comfort of your own home. You can give one another a massage as you celebrate your 19 years together.

Bronze Heart Sculpture
This beautiful bronze structure is the perfect piece for any room in the house. It weighs just under 3 pounds and is nearly a foot tall. The structure contains two interlocking hearts that represent you and your significant other’s love for one another. Friends and family who see it will admire the beautiful work of art.

Whiskey Glass Set
The engraved box of this whiskey glass set is just the tip of the iceberg of this wonderful gift. The set includes glasses, coasters, and stainless steel ice cubes that will keep drinks cold for up to an hour. Your husband will love having a glass of whiskey even more than he is already done. This is the ultimate gift to give for your anniversary.

Personalized Blanket
Here is a perfect gift to help commemorate the 19th anniversary of your wedding. This blanket can be personalized with names and a wedding date. The blanket is fleece and includes two massive hearts on the front of it that can represent you and your significant other. It comes in multiple colors and medium and large.

Bronze Couple Sculpture
You and your soulmate can now have a statue that perfectly symbolizes the love that you two share. This beautiful bronze sculpture that weighs over a pound would look great anywhere. The bottom is covered in felt so that every surface the statue sits on is protected from scratches. This is a gift the two of you will cherish for years to come.

Wireless Headphones
You can give the gift of high-quality sound with these Apple Airpods Pro. These would be a perfect gift for your significant other who loves to work out with music. The earbuds are wireless and come in a case that is a wireless charger. They are compatible with all Apple devices. They are the perfect gift for an anniversary.