33 Special 15 Year Anniversary Gifts To Celebrate Your Love

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For your 15th anniversary, get something truly special for your person. This list has sleek, stylish watches (modern) and some exquisitely beautiful crystal pieces (traditional). It’s been an amazing ride, so celebrate this anniversary in style by getting these special gifts for the love of your life.

Our Song Frame with Photos
A nice, personalized gift will make the person that receives it feel so loved. This wall art of a cassette tape would make a great anniversary gift for your significant other. The poster allows you to pick your favorite song lyrics, and then put a quote or your names on the poster. This is a gift that you will cherish for a long time.

Ladies Mother of Pearl Watch
Watches always make great gifts. They look good and last a long time. This golden watch from Citizen would be a great choice to give to your wife as a 15th-anniversary gift. It’s sleek, elegant, and will look great on an everyday basis. She will love having this watch in her jewelry collection. It will quickly become a favorite.

Waterford Crystal Decanter
A fancy wine decanter would be the perfect gift for a husband who needs something new to spice up his wine or alcohol cabinet. The decanter is hand-crafted and comes in a gift box. It is made of lead-free crystal and can hold a liter of liquid. He will love having this unique decanter in his collection.

Crystal Crush Round Mirror
Mirrors make nice decorative pieces for homes, and they are functional. This unframed silver mirror with a crushed crystal interior would look great in a bedroom or living room. You will not only like the look of it, but you will also enjoy looking in it as you get ready for the day. It would make a great anniversary gift for your favorite couple.

Men's Formula Quartz Watch
Tag Heuer is a leading name when it comes to manufacturers of men’s watches. This Swiss quartz stainless-steel watch is meant for those looking for something to take their style to the next level. The watch is water-resistant up to 660 ft and made for an active person. If your husband is a fan of watches, then this is the gift for him.

Square Crystal Wall Clock
A decorative clock is a fun way to brighten the mood in any room of a home. The clock is powered by two AA batteries and comes with 2 hangers on the back to make it easier to hang. This bright clock will be a talking point for everyone that comes to visit. It’s an eye-grabber.

Personalized Anniversary Frame
After being in a relationship for 15 years, you and your significant other have likely taken hundreds of photos together. This personalized picture frame allows you to frame your favorite picture, and add your names, a message, and a date to it. It’s the perfect gift for a wife or husband that loves displaying photos.

15th Anniversary Rustic Sign
Chances are you won’t forget your wedding anniversary, but this personalized sign allows you to track how long you and your significant other have been together. The gift would look great in a bedroom, home hallway, or a kitchen. It's the perfect 15th-anniversary gift to give this year. Whenever you walk a past it, you will think of all the good memories you've made together.

Teardrop Hanging Chair
Furniture always makes a unique gift. And this hanging wicker chair meant for indoor and outdoor use is as unique as they come. This would be a perfect gift for a husband or for a wife that loves lounging around. They will love not only the look of the chair, but the comfort that it gives as well.

Crystal Canister Set
These crystal canisters come in a set of 3 and would be perfect for storing candies, tea bags, or anything small enough to fit in them. The canisters would look great on a living room table, nightstand, or even a bookshelf.

Waterford Heart Ring Holder
A ring holder would be the perfect gift for a wife who loves jewelry. This well-crafted gift is made of leaded crystal and is under a pound in weight. You will not have to worry about it taking up space on a dresser or bathroom sink. Your wife will love having this and being able to keep all her rings in one place.

Men's Museum Classic Watch
Here’s a modern watch meant for a man who is always on the go. If you want to give your husband a brilliant 15th-anniversary gift, then choose this Movado watch. The watch has a sleek black face with two golden hands. It is simple and elegant, and it will mean so much to him when he looks down at his wrist for the time.

3 Light Crystal Floor Lamp
Is your wife always looking for a piece of furniture to brighten up a room in your home? This lamp may be the right 15th-anniversary gift to give her. The light has fluorescent lighting and hanging fake crystals that give it a high-class and sophisticated look. It is an elegant lamp that will she will love to use.

Crystal Bookends
Crystal is always a good choice for a gift. And these crystal bookends are a great traditional gift to give to your husband or wife that is an avid reader. The bookends will look great on a bookshelf and will add a bit of class to any room. And each time they look at them they will think of the love you two share.

Set of 2 Crystal Lamps with USB Ports
This set of 2 crystal lamps with LED lights are the perfect gift for the wife who likes a bit of fun. The lamps have 3 light settings: low, medium, and high. They also have a USB charging port that is compatible with mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. It would be great for a den or bedroom.

Womens Diamond Accent Watch
Does your wife have a watch collection? This classic quartz watch from Citizen would be the perfect one to add to her collection. It would make a great modern 15th-anniversary gift. The stainless-steel watch is water-resistant up to 330ft and have has a date window where the 3 would be. It’s a great watch that will show your love for her.

Waterford Crystal Desk Clock
This small crystal clock made by Waterford would be perfect in a bathroom or bedroom. The clock is less than 2lbs and requires just one battery to run. It would make the perfect gift for a wife or husband that is a collector of clocks or is looking for something unique to spice up a room.

Candles Made with Crystals
Candles always make great gifts because of how long they last. This set of 3 candles would make the perfect gift for your wife that loves burning them. The scents are White Jasmine and Mint, Jasmine and Pomegranate, and Vanilla and Tweed. They come in a beautiful gift box and are made of natural soy wax.

Red Rose Crystal Figurine
Here’s a unique gift that your wife will love and cherish. This bouquet of crystal glass flowers will make a great 15th-anniversary gift. It can be used as a paperweight, or just as a decoration to have sitting out. It comes wrapped in a beautiful gift box. She will love this meaningful and beautiful gift.

Phoenix Crystal Infuser Water Bottle
Is your wife a runner? Does she love being outdoors? If so, she will adore this crystal water bottle. The bottle holds up to 12 ounces and is leak-proof. It can hold a cold or hot drink without sweating. It also includes a strainer for tea. She will love the fact that can now take her favorite drink with her wherever she goes.

4 Light Crystal Chandelier
This crystal chandelier will make a great gift for a husband or wife looking to add something new to a room of the house. The chandelier is strong yet lightweight and is easy to install. Four lights reflect through acrylic crystals for a bright, shining light. You will love having this light in your house.

Waterford True Love Flute Pair
Here’s a gift that both of you will enjoy. These 10 oz flute glasses come in a set of two and will make the perfect gift to celebrate your 15th anniversary. The two of you can enjoy a glass of champagne or wine as you sit back and think of all the good memories of your years spent together.

15 Years of Marriage Burlap Print
Saying that you have been married for 15 years is one thing, but having a framed photo that counts down the months, weeks, and days of your relationship really puts it into perspective. This framed photo will make a thoughtful gift to give to your husband or wife. The frame comes ready to hang, and the font is written on all-natural burlap fabric.

Apple AirPods
Give the gift of high-quality sound with these Apple Airpods. If your significant other is an Apple user, they will appreciate this gift. The Airpods are compatible with all Apple devices and are easy to set up. The case that carries the Airpods acts as a wireless charger so that your Airpods are always ready.

Mirrored Side Table with Crystal Inlay
Furniture always makes a great gift. How about giving this unique end table as a gift to celebrate your 15th anniversary? The mirrored table would add a simple and stylish touch to whichever room it is in. Guests won't be able to help themselves from longing for it themselves. You’ll love it as well.

Crystal Makeup Brush Holder
Here’s a gift that your wife will appreciate. This makeup brush holder will help her keep the bathroom counter clear in a fun and fashionable way. The hold is made of solid resin and is under 2 pounds. If she isn’t a makeup user, then she can use it to hold pens and pencils, or anything else she may need to keep organized.

Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace
This beautiful heart pendant necklace is just the gift that will make your wife’s day. If she likes the birthstone that goes with her birth month, then that stone can be in the necklace. The pendant is surrounded by rose gold bands that help make the pendant shine even more. This necklace will quickly become a favorite of hers.

Monogrammed Whiskey Decanter
If your husband is a big fan of whiskey, why not buy him this customized decanter as a gift? The decanter comes with matching glasses inside a beautifully crafted wooden box. You could add a name, the date of your anniversary, or any other message that may be significant to the two of you.

Waterford Crystal Guardian Angel Figurine
Crystal always makes for a wonderful traditional gift. This 6-inch-tall guardian angel made of crystal will brighten the day of your significant other. The angel would be the perfect thing to put in a bedroom or a work office. It weighs less than 2 lbs but is made of durable and heavyweight glass that will keep it looking new and fresh for a long time.

3D Crystal Photo
Do you and your significant other have a favorite photo? If you do, you can make it last forever with this 3D laser etched picture. The picture will be etched into a glass heart which will make for an unforgettable gift. The glass is durable and will last for a long time. This is a perfect 15th-anniversary gift to give.

Stainless Steel Fire Pit
Here’s a gift that both of you can enjoy as the weather starts to get cooler. This stainless-steel fire pit is just what you need for those chilly nights on the back patio this fall. This sturdy fire pit weighs 45 pounds and won't be budged by a gust of wind. This durable and weatherproof item will quickly become a favorite.

Ladies Crystal Watch
This beautiful women’s watch from Seiko will make your wife feel loved and appreciated when she receives it. The watch is two-tone and comes with a stainless-steel strap. There is no battery to worry about as the watch is Solar powered by light. It is a gorgeous gift that she will love this years and years.

15 Year Anniversary Crystal Paperweight
The ultimate 15th-anniversary gift is this crystal paperweight. It comes engraved with the number of days, houses, minutes, and seconds of the 15 years that you and your significant other have been together. Put it on a table, a desk, the kitchen, or just anywhere you two will see it and be reminded of your long-lasting love.