49 Dazzling 14 Year Anniversary Gifts Dipped in Gold & Ivory

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14 years with the one you love is an important milestone. Why not show them how much you care with the perfect gift! Unsure about what will make them swoon and will show your true feelings of love? Why not check out one of the traditional gold and ivory gifts on our list below to make shopping a little easier this year!

Anne Klein Gold Bangle Set
This timeless watch is sure to make her feel loved. The gold-toned watch is practical as well as beautiful, making the perfect addition to her accessories. This watch provides a timeless piece that she will want to show off all the time, while also being water resistant and strong enough to wear all day long!
14K Rose Gold Necklace
This simple and unique necklace is the perfect gift for the one you love. It comes in yellow, rose, and white so you can pick the right color that is sure to impress. It also works with all skin types, which can be a lifesaver if your loved one has sensitive skin.
Men's Eau de Parfum Spray
Give him the gift of smelling like the best guy at the office. This elegant perfume will smell amazing, no matter who wears it, and you may want some for yourself. The packaging is beautiful and the bottle is sure to last a long time, giving him confidence for everything to come.
Ivory Stained Picture Frame
Ivory opalescence and a clear textured glass are combined to make this one of a kind picture frame that makes the perfect gift. It is an elegant addition to your home and can hold wedding pictures, pictures of the kids and so much more. Choose several and line the walls of your home with love and laughter.
14K Gold Leverback Earrings
Surprise her with a pair of earrings for this anniversary. These 14K gold oval created or genuine earrings are sure to be a crowd pleasure. Choose from yellow gold or white gold along 11 different gemstone colors to find the one that is her favorite. These are simple, yet elegant, and will go with any outfit she wants to wear.
Couple's Anniversary Figurine
Show your love with a simple and romantic couple figuring. This hand painted masterpiece features two lovebirds swinging together and enjoying a romantic evening out on their own. At nine inches tall, it can fit into your mantlepiece and is something to look on fondly in your home.
Ivory Cocktail Ring
This colorful cocktail ring is sure to get her attention. Choose from a red stone and gold ring or a ivory ring with mother of pearl inside to get the exact look that you want. The stone is custom, with a style that is made out of material that is unique to the Kendra Scott brand.
Men's Gold Tone Watch
Give him a piece of art that can also help him tell time. This Bulova Men’s watch is elegant and bold, a piece that he can show off at the office or wear out for a night on the town. This watch has a gold band and a large face for easier reading and with water resistance for all activities.
Foot Massager
Give them a foot massage that does not have to end. This foot massager can help them to relax after a long day of work. Let them choose the setting and get a great massage, without having to wear your hands out to get it done too! Each partner can pick their own settings for the best results.
Moon Mood Lamp
This moon mood lamp is a unique gift for the one you love. It is dimmable and has a touch sensor so you can be in control. It also comes with six decals so that you can change around what you see on the lamp. Keep it somewhere close to help set the mood!
Smart Facial Cleansing Device
Help her get radiant skin and feel like she has gone to the spa each day of the week. This smart skincare device will have it all, helping you to get clean skin and a full facial whenever she would like. It is simple to use and can last a long time, providing a gift she will love all the time.
Evening Out Artwork
Add to your home art collection with the Evening Out wall art. It comes in several sizes so it is sure to fit in any location that you would like. The soft colors and black shadows of the lovers can make this a stunning piece to add to your home.
Standing Ivory Jewelry Armoire
Help her hang up all of the jewelry in style with this standing oval jewelry armoire. It comes in three colors and provides you with seven pull-out drawers, three divided compartments, and many other options to help separate out all the jewelry that she likes to enjoy. It is simple and elegant and the perfect addition to any room.
Mens Classic Weekender
If the man in your life likes to travel, then this leather travel bag is a great gift for this anniversary. It is the perfect size to pack up for a weekend trip and the leather is a sight to behold. It also comes with hardware accessories that can make using this a little bit easier.
Wireless Earbuds
The OGG K6 wireless earbuds are a great gift to give this anniversary. They are wireless Bluetooth earbuds that will allow up to 8 hours of playback for you to enjoy. Whether your loved one likes to work out or just wants some fun music to have to listen to, these earbuds are sure to be a hit.
Lululemon Define Jacket
Help her be comfortable and stylish all in one. This Lululemon coat is designed to be warm and breathable for all those cold winter days. The cotton is soft and it is strong enough to keep the cold out, no matter where you are for the winter. Choose from three different colors to get the right one for your needs.
Men's Lace-up Boot
Make sure he is ready for anything with these classic Men’s Lace-up boots. Made out of leather and comfortable from the tip of your toe all the way up, these boots are going to fit him like a glove. You can instantly see the workmanship inside and these boots are made to last for a long time.
Chunky Knit Blanket
Keep warm this winter with a cable knit, cozy blanket. You can never have too many blankets around the home and this is one of the highest-quality options on the market. She is likely to get lost in this through winter and you may finally see her come out for spring! It is just that comfy!
Man Made Luxury Gift Set
Treat him right this anniversary with the Man Mad Luxury Gift Set. It has all of the tools that he needs to smell and feel like a brand new man. This kit has everything from a body wash and shampoo, hair spray, shave glide, and beard balm. You have so many choices and your man is sure to feel amazing when done.
Apple iPad
Give them the gift of technology when they are on the road or want to be more connected. The Apple iPad is the perfect gift for that person who has been wanting a tablet to help them keep up with life and be organized. Simple and sleek and one of the best on the market so you can’t go wrong!
Ivory Cheese Knives
This beautiful cheese knife set will be the best thing to add to your kitchen. It is high-quality yet dishwasher safe so it can last in your home for a long time. Enjoy knowing that this will not rust or break in your kitchen.
Smirly Cheese Board
Get her a charcuterie platter and see how amazing all those parties can be in the future. This cheeseboard is large enough for all your appetizers, with three drawers to pull out to hold all the accessories that you need. Add in some steel knives, labels, forks, wine opener, and everything else you need to make this a hit.
Cold Press Juicer
Give the gift of healthy living with this cold press juicer. Create yummy fruit and vegetable juice that preserves nutritional value. For those that are always on the run, starting New Year's resolutions or just love them some juice! Extract the most juice for your loved one with this sleek juicer.
Gold Bath & Shower Gel
This shower gel is the perfect gift for the man you love. It comes with a heady aroma of many great scents, including sweet honey and cinnamon, so the showering or bathing experience is relaxing and great. Consider getting two bottles to make sure this one lasts as he is sure to use quite a bit!
Deep Tissue Massage Gun
Give them a deep tissue massage any time they want one with this deep tissue percussion massage gun. They can take the relief for sore muscles with them wherever they go. With one button control, it is easy to use this gun and at only 1.5 pounds, it is a powerful little tool that can make life easier.
White Gold Floating Opal Necklace
This floating opal pendant necklace is elegant and perfect for that one of a kind anniversary gift. Treat her to the gift of luxury fine jewelry and the Ross-Simons name. This is a timeless gift that will look great with any outfit and she is sure to love with beauty and simplicity that come with this necklace.
Deluxe Coffee Bundle
This automatic coffee maker will ensure that a cup of coffee is ready to go right away in the morning when your loved one gets up. This bundle includes a milk frother so you can make different types of coffee in the morning, helping you feel like you are on vacation every day.
Ivory Wearable Throw Poncho
Add comfort and style to your gift with this wearable throw poncho! This snuggly wrap looks nice and can be the perfect option when you need to help your loved one to stay warm and comfortable all winter long. Enjoy a day snuggling on the couch as she has her own throw poncho to keep warm.
Snakeskin Weekend Bag
This beautifully designed duffle bag will help her travel in style. This bag has all of the space that you need to carry items on the plane, while still fitting perfectly in the overhead bin of the plan. With a durable handle and carry strap, this bag is sure to last her a long time to make traveling fun!
Lululemon Align Yoga Pants
Yoga pants are always in style and these high-quality options from Lululemon are a great option. The fabric is designed to be as comfortable as possible and the high waist can add some additional coverage and security along the way. Choose between midnight navy and black and grab a few pairs to make sure you are comfortable and ready to go.
Salon Gel Curing Light
If your loved one is a fan of doing their nails like a professional, but they dislike waiting forever for the paint to dry, then this gel curing light is the best option out there. Simple to use and provides salon-quality results each time.
Women's Tennis Bracelet
If you really want to impress her, then this SWAROVSKI women’s tennis bracelet is sure to fit the bill. It can help provide a bit of glamor for any occasion and the white crystals that line the length of the chain will sparkle vividly. This bracelet is designed to last and is easy to wear for any occasion.
Stainless Steel Sport Watch
This is a watch that is above the rest. The top of the bracelet for the watch is a calfskin leather and the bottom comes with a standard buckle to make putting it on an easy. it is scratch resistant and water resistant so it can withstand everything your spouse can put it through.
Classic Ivory Pendant Necklace
This necklace is made out of real Bulgarian Rose, making it a one of a kind symbol of your love for her. This rose necklace undergoes strict testing to make sure that it will last. The beautiful rose surrounded by the sparkle and shine will set this necklace apart from the other pieces of jewelry that you can choose.
Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure
This figurine from Willow Tree can make the perfect addition to any home and a great anniversary gift. It is nine inches tall and hand painted with expert craftsmanship to help show every emotion in your heart. Simple and elegant, the couple are embracing and dancing, spending a quiet moment together.
Dipped 24K Gold Rose
Give her a rose that will never die. This piece is made two to five times thicker than most common gold plating, giving it the luster of real pure gold and a timeless gift that is not going to wear out or die. Choose the color of the rose to complete the look and have the rose last as long as your love.
Cocktail Shaker Set
Cocktail hour will never be the same with this cocktail shaker set. It comes with everything you would need for bartending and enjoying a bit of time with drinks on a weekend night. Made out of rose gold trim, this stylish bartender kit is sure to be a hit.
Gold Whiskey Stones Boxed Set
If your spouse is a fan of a good whiskey after a hard week, this is the gift for you! This is a novel item that is classy and looks amazing for the man in your life, allowing an enhanced experience to help make their drink even better. It comes with all of the components that you need to make gift giving easier than ever!
Ivory Lace Cufflinks
After going to a lot of work and business events, you may notice your spouses cuff links are getting old and worn out. Why not surprise them with some new stainless steel, ivory lace cuff links that can last a long time! These are simple and will look great with any outfit you decide to wear.
Personalized Men's Bracelet
This personalized signature ID bracelet is a great idea for your loved one. It can match any outfit and is strong and durable to last you a long time. It is designed to have 10 characters in total and you can choose a name from the drop-down menu or you can add in your own name in as well!
I Love You Pendant
This sterling silver heart pendant is the perfect way to show that you care about someone. It is small and mighty, with a few different colors to choose from. She can wear it all day long to show off the new present or bring it out for that special occasion.
Kenneth Cole Mankind
This men’s cologne is bold and aromatic, sure to help him make a statement at the next office meeting or night out with you. This scent is made for the modern man, someone who is defined by his own expectations along the way. This scent is sure to become his new favorite in no time.
Heritage Men's Boot
Look for all the best in quality when it comes to this men’s iron ranger boot. Everything about this boot screams high-quality and the man in your life is sure to enjoy it. Choose from a few different colors to complete their wardrobe and be amazed at how long this can last for you!
Streaming Media Player
A Roku Ultra is the streaming device that your whole family needs. This option provides all of the power and performance that you are looking for and includes some of the best wireless out of any Roku device. Use it to control your TV with the help of your voice and set any of the personal shortcuts that you need.
14k Yellow Gold Earrings
These 14k yellow gold earrings are a classic that she is sure to enjoy They do not have any embellishments on them, which makes them the perfect option to enjoy for daily wear or when you decide to take her for that nice anniversary dinner. You can choose the size of the earring to make sure it is not too heavy to wear.
Elephant Ivory Love Artwork
Adding a piece of art to your home can be a great way to celebrate an anniversary. And this Elephant canvas is sure to delight and surprise. It is a unique painting with vibrant colors that can show the timelessness of your love to one another. Hang it in a place of honor in your home to enjoy.
Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy
This is a lotion unlike any other on the market. It provides lasting color and radiant glow to your hands to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Get that soft and smooth skin that you have been looking for with this amazing lotion that is sure to impress as a gift.
14K Yellow Gold Bracelet
Yellow, rose, and white oh my! This bracelet has it all with many choices that you can make for your anniversary gift. The chain is hypoallergenic and it has a stamped lock to provide the authenticity that you need. This bracelet is soft and comfortable enough to wear all day long and has a timeless elegance she is sure to love.
Women's Stainless Steel Watch
From the 9 to 5 grind to jet setting adventures, this gorgeous Michael Kors watch is sure to become the best watch you have ever owned. The band is strong and the clock face is simple and elegant. And with many colors to choose from, you can get one for yourself and one for your spouse too!