45 Luxurious 13th Anniversary Gifts Draped in Lace & Fur

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When it comes to marriage, it can seem like there’s a lot of rules. The traditional gift for your 13th wedding anniversary is lace, but the modern woman wants fur. Traditional or modern? Lace or fur? Regardless of the materials, your partner remains and that’s a lot to celebrate! Make sure this anniversary is a memorable one– not just for her, but for him, too!

Lace Shangri-la Robe
If the traditional gift for your 13th anniversary is lace, imagine the desire this lace-trimmed Shangri-la robe might inspire! With a belt closure and intricate lace detail, this luxurious robe says everything that you don't have the time for. The Natori women's robe options range from svelte black to cozy lavender but they all say, 'Happy Anniversary! My favorite place is home with you.'
Real Sculptured Fur Coat
If you're going into this anniversary already in the doghouse, you might try a Hail Mary. This real sculptured fur coat goes all the way, and why shouldn't you? She'll be impressed with your modern (and expensive!) taste. With a silver fox fur collar, this gift will look like it was made for her. After all, modern love goes all the way! *wink wink*
Lace Cocktail Dress
Dad's taken care of the dinner reservations, the childcare plans, and has even picked up a bottle of wine for the occasion. But for the cherry on top, surprise her with this elegant lace cocktail dress. The delicate neckline and slimming cut will have her feeling like she's young and in love, plus the lace is a thoughtful nod to the traditional anniversary gift.
Men's Fighter Pilot Jacket
For those that have been expecting their partner's impending midlife crisis, a men's fighter pilot jacket will keep him from splurging on that sportscar. For a bit, anyway. Everyone wants to be the main character in the story, and with this Argentinian horsehide jacket, he gets to dress the part. Just think-- to peak on your 13th wedding anniversary!
Tom of Finland Eau de Parfum
Tom of Finland has a message, and if you couldn't tell from the packaging, it's an erotic one. For those that are trying to *ahem* reinvigorate their love life, this 13th wedding anniversary gift sends a message that can't be muddled. The musky scent is all man-- pine, sage, vanilla, and pepper. It's unconfirmed whether it's actually a gift for him, or for her.
Apple Watch
It might be your 13th anniversary now, but you and your partner will be old and gray before you know it! (Just kidding.) But on a serious note, keep them on top of their health with an Apple Watch that is bigger and louder than its predecessors. With 30% more screen, they'll never miss any text alert again.
Full Length Mink Fur Coat
Okay, so you might not be Scarface, but that doesn't mean you can't treat your lady to a taste of the life! Danish company Henig Furs is renowned for their quality coats, and this full length Mink Swing fur coat leaves jaws sweeping the ballroom floor. With an optional cape, this regal garment is the picture of luxury.
Red Fox Fur Jacket
For the lover that likes to stand out, a Red Fox fur jacket is the only fit. With those one-of-a-kind plush feels and vibrant natural color variations, this Henig Furs piece is a collector's item that can serve as a timestamp in your love story. The two of you will look back fondly: Ah, remember our 13th wedding anniversary?
Citrine Diamond Dangling Earrings
Stunning and refined, yet regal and understated all at once? If that describes your partner, these dangling diamond earrings are the perfect tribute to honor her beauty. Set in delicate 14K gold hoops, these citrine gems will be a welcome addition to her tried and true accessories. Happy anniversary, hun.
Faux Fur Throw Blanket
If your partner is more of a terry cloth-robed homebody than a fur coat-clad partygoer, get them something you can both cozy up in. Butter up that popcorn, but don't get too involved in the movie. We have a feeling that faux fur snuggling inspires those first date flutters.
Women's Genuine Fur Coat
This exquisite fur coat is high fashion yet timeless, a perfect tribute to your long-lasting love. Think ethereal snow princess! With the sheen of the genuine rabbit fur against the silver fox cuffs, this fur jacket is all glamour. The short cuffs make the silhouette extra modern, and the high collar will make her feel as pampered as she looks.
Fleur du Mal Lace Bodysuit
When mama's happy, everybody's happy. And in the case of this slinky Fleur du Mal bodysuit-- it's fair to say both parties are satisfied! The wire cups and clear lace can bring out the sumptuous goddess in just about anyone. And those eyelash scalloped edges? The kind of detail that your lady will enjoy.
Brown Leather Casual Watch
For the guys that aren't into accessorizing, this casual brown leather watch is the easy answer. The large and detailed face is sleek and sophisticated while the leather strap says casual cool guy. Water-resistant up to 100 feet and with mineral crystal protection, this stylish Swiss watch is the ideal companion for all of life's adventures.
Melissa Zip Satchel
It can be nerve wracking to shop for your partner, but we're here to fill you in on a little secret: if you shop from a bestselling collection, it's almost guaranteed she'll love it. Frye makes it easy with their Melissa collection of antique leather satchels. She'll fall in love with the authentic leather feel and worn-in look. Plus, the pockets make organization easy!
24K Gold Rose
After some years together, you may feel as if you've exhausted all of your grand romantic gestures. But fear not! Where you fail as a lover, the gold-dipped rose will provide. If the love of your life is already equipped with all the jewels she can handle, try this symbol of everlasting love. A real hand-picked rose preserved carefully in 24K gold never disappoints!
Personalized Handmade Keepsake Box
For those seeking to stir up some feelings, this personalized handmade keepsake box is the perfect vessel. Delicately laser-cut with a loving engraving, this gift is more than a wedding gift-- it's a family heirloom! The sustainable walnut wood is proof that it's meant to last a lifetime. Just like your love.
Lace Evening Clutch Bag
When you don't know what to get your lady, the trick is to get her something that she'd never buy for herself. Like a luxe lace evening clutch! Too small to hold anything but gold opera glasses, this dainty purse will have her asking you to loosen her corset. Yes, it's that breathtaking.
Long Lace Dress
If your wife loves formal events and fancy to-do's, she'll need something to wear! This full, floor-length evening dress is modest while highlighting those old-fashioned beauty zones-- the ankles, the wrists, and collarbone. The skirt flows beautifully with natural movement, plus the delicate accents up top add a festive sparkle.
Women's Swiss Wrist Watch
Even if your partner isn't impressed by designer names, everyone appreciates a good quality watch. This Swiss engraved Burberry watch teeters on the line between masculine and feminine, with the gold checks showcasing the structured links. This watch screams success because it's built for success. It screams Happy 13th, baby!
Engraved Crystal Heart
For the lovers who share everything, anniversary gifts can get complicated. Simplify your show of love with a memorable keepsake-- an engraved crystal heart. Complete with a laser-etched picture, personalized message, and LED base, this 3D pic is sure to be the star of their desk. Bonus if they work from home.
Whiskey Gift Set
Ladies, if you're tired of making his drinks after these 13 long years, try a whiskey gift set! It has the potential to turn an evening drinker from a drunk slob to The Most Interesting Man in the World. This luxurious drinking companion includes a crystal decanter, whiskey rocks, rocks glasses, tongs, coasters, and even a freezer pouch. Ah, cheers to 13 more!
Diamond Pendant
There are a few anniversary gifts that can never be wrong, and one of those is a diamond necklace. It's simple, it's classy, it's thoughtful. This certified diamond bezel-set necklace will make itself at home in the divot of her neck and you'll be reminded of all the reasons you fell in love. Choose white or yellow gold, but you can't go wrong.
Lace Floral Cardigan
For the woman that likes to get the most out of her clothing, this lace floral cardigan doubles as a beach coverup and a sexy nightgown! Throw it over your swimsuit for a day with the fam, only to lose a layer once the kids go to bed. The lace adds a fun twist on the traditional anniversary gift.
AirPod Pros
What do you get for the partner that has everything? Well, probably an Apple product. Even if you're already a fan of the AirPods, the AirPod Pros are proof that excellence can always be improved upon! (Like a marriage...get it?) With total noise cancellation for the most immersive sound, you can't ever be mad that they didn't hear you the first time.
Fur Lined Parka Long Jacket
If your wife is waiting to be Almost Famous, bring out her true Penny Lane with this fur-lined long parka jacket. Not only is the fur real, but it's removable, so there's a million ways for your lady to strut her stuff to a backstage pass. If that's your thing, of course.
Engraved Cutting Board
For people that spend any amount of time in the kitchen, there's nothing like a good, dependable cutting board. Choose from walnut, cherry, or maple and pick your engraved text. Try your wedding date if you have a hard time remembering. Or if you don't want that hanging over your head every day, just the last name will do! Perfect for prepping family dinner.
Fitbit Wellness Tracker
If the Apple Watch isn't your style (or in your price range), this inconspicuous Fitbit Wellness Tracker might do the trick. Since it's supported by many of the same apps, like Sleep, GPS, Alarms, and Heart Rate Monitor, you have many of the same capabilities but geared more toward your health. Plus, this Fitbit is featured in trendy shades like Plum and Teal!
Handmade Lace Shawl
Guys, aren't you tired of sacrificing your coat every time your lady is chilly? This Orenburg goat wool lace shawl is a beautiful handmade tribute to tradition and a solution to your problem. The webbed pattern creates an all-season garment that moves like a dream. And there are a million ways it can be styled to reflect her good taste-- in men, of course.
Citrine Oval Center Ring
If you've been married, you know that you can never really go wrong with jewelry. But for her 13th wedding anniversary, she deserves something new. Hot off the press! From the French word for lemon comes a sexy new gem that's got a lot of sparkle. Citrine is said to be a symbol of success and self-confidence. What more could you give your partner?
Waffle Weave Bathrobes
By setting your wife up for spa day, you are setting yourself up for success! Only once she's relaxed and rehabilitated will it be time to celebrate. And there's no better way to relax that with matching waffle weave bathrobes. Embroidered with quality Mr. & Mrs. stitching, this gift set is something you'll both appreciate long after you've left the honeymoon stage.
VR Gaming Headset
If your boy toy loves video games, get him the ultimate boy toy! This Oculus VR gaming headset may be pricey, but it's equipped with all the latest tech like 3D Positional Audio and Built-in Room-Scale Tracking. Pretty cool, right? Downside: he might forget you're in the room.
Lace Pattern Silk Scarf
For those of us that consider not wearing jeans 'dressing up,' a scarf is the accessory of all accessories. Since it's casual yet shapeshifting, it's an easy garment to transform a look from day to night! This Roberto Cavalli silk scarf is imported from Italy and oh-so-soft. A practical anniversary gift for a practical woman.
Kissing Couple Cuckoo Clock
To the collector of oddities, this kissing couple cuckoo clock has all the bells and whistles-- quite literally. It's a thoughtful gift from the life partner that knows all your quirks, likes, and secrets. If you love a weirdo, raise your hand. Or just mention a cuckoo clock!
Lace Trimmed Socks
Some couples go all out for luxurious wedding gifts, but it's okay to take it easy, too! Cuddle up at home with these Warrior Alpaca socks. Offered in red and blue, these heather socks are ultra cute. The lace trim is a nod to the traditional wedding anniversary gift of lace. Who said you have to spend hundreds to be happy!
Sleeveless Lace Dress
Anniversary lace doesn't have to be sensual; it can be sweet, too! This flared lace mini dress is flattering on all body types. Since the lace falls longer than the lining, the dress reveals some skin while still stayin' classy. Now it's time for a hot summer night on the town!
Eco-Drive Men's Watch
The Citizen Calendrier Eco-Drive Men's Watch is a timeless mainstay in Dad fashion. Okay, okay, he doesn't even have to be a dad! The ocean blue watch face shines against the silver for a classic luxury look. It's a splurge, but he'll never have an excuse to be late again.
Persian Lamb Fur Coat
This gray Persian Lamb Fur Coat is anything but incognito, but it might make him feel like he's hiding from the paparazzi. Who said men can't dress extravagantly? The mink collar folds down for a structured look, but keep it up to protect against the elements (and the flash photography). The durable stitching guarantees this statement piece will never go out of style.
Twisted Lace Earrings
For a twist on classic gold drop earrings, Ross-Simons has come up with the new and improved twisted lace earrings. So intricately designed that they have to be laser-cut, these real Italian gold earrings are gentle enough to be subtle, but strong enough to carry the entire outfit. For the strong and gentle woman, nothing else will do!
Silk & Lace Nightgown
Silk and lace nightgowns-- they were sexy 100 years ago and they're still sexy today! When it comes to a timeless heirloom piece, it's important to choose a quality fabric like this silk charmeuse. She'll feel cozy and pretty all at once! Featured in blue and in black, this luxury nightie is a gift that's both for her and for him.
Sheepskin Alpha Pilot Jacket
Women have lingerie, but what's the equivalent for men? I would argue the case for the pilot jacket! This Noble House Alpha pilot jacket is outfitted with authentic sheepskin and adjustable waist buckles. Doesn't matter if he doesn't fly! You'll have him on cloud nine with this time capsule piece fit for a hero.
Personalized First Song Artwork
It's not everyday that you get the reminder to stop and reminisce with the love of your love! Celebrating a wedding anniversary is a special moment to be cherished. What was your first dance song? Commemorate all the feels with a personalized 'First Song' artwork canvas. Add your names, or perhaps the date, but don't forget the tissues.
Citrine Diamond Butterfly Necklace
The Citrine Diamond Butterfly Necklace makes for a gorgeous wedding anniversary gift. Citrine is the November birthstone, but it's a great gift for any November special occasion. The amber hued gemstone dazzles on its 16 inch silver chain, while the butterfly pendant almost seems an ode to young love. Thirteen years together is a lot to celebrate.
Faux Fur Lapel Trench Coat
If you've ever wanted to dress your partner up like a French spy, here's your sign. This faux fur double-breasted trench coat has never seen the trenches, only the streets of Paris! The layered skirt creates a girlish effect, and the high lapel adds an air of mystery. Bonus: add some red lipstick!