39 Riveting 11 Year Anniversary Gifts Made of Steel & Jewels

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The 11 year anniversary is a special occasion that deserves celebrating! You know your partner well and have chosen to stay by their side through the ups and downs. Modern & traditional gifts for the 11th anniversary are jewelry and steel. These symbolize the strength of your relationship. Here are 39 symbolic and unique gifts to celebrate your special day!

Everlasting Steel Rose
This everlasting steel rose could make a great gift choice to commemorate a wedding anniversary! Iron symbolizes strength and roses symbolize love and passion. These attributes can be a beautiful description of your relationship. Each flower is made individually and is painted with black paint and silver patina, which highlight the details of this work of art.
I Steel Love You Keyring
This keyring will remind your spouse of your love on a daily basis. It reads 'I steel love you' with an 'X' to symbolize forever. Since it is made out of stainless steel, it should not rust or discolor. This gift can be a sweet and lighthearted way to honor your anniversary of steel.
Espresso Machine
For the espresso loving spouse, this stainless steel espresso maker will be a sure sign of your love! The Breville brand is well-known in coffee aficionado circles for its quality machines. This machine comes with a built-in grinder and a steam wand to allow your partner to become an at-home barista. It is a gift that will keep on giving!
Japanese Steel Knife Set
These steel knives have a classy vibe to them with their pakkawood handles and stainless steel blades. This set includes 6 knives to meet your kitchen needs and also 6 steak knives for fancy dinners. All knives fit in their own slot in a wooden knife block. You will be ready to prepare a romantic dinner for 2 with this practical and classic gift!
Personalized Sign
If you want to add a personal touch to your gift choice, this all-wood sign allows you to add details that are specific to your relationship. You can display with pride the amount of time you have been together from the minute you said, 'I do!'
Metal Date Night Game
When you need some inspiration to add a new spark to your date night, you can let the dice decide. This solid metal pair offers you up to 36 possibilities for how you should spend your night. Suggestions range from 'Visit a new town' to 'Early night.' These dice can give you fun ideas and take the stress out of planning your next date night.
Double Hammock
This double hammock provides great opportunities to relax and make memories out-of-doors with your partner. The hammock can support up to 450 pounds of weight and rests on a steel frame. The hammock itself is made from durable polyester threads and comes in festive colors.
Kitchen Blender System
The Ninja is a popular choice for some additional help in the kitchen. It has a classic look in its stainless steel and black color accents. This machine is capable of blending up healthy smoothies. It can also make purees, chop vegetables, or knead dough. You can use personal-size pitchers to customize your drinks or a large pitcher if you share similar tastes.
Whiskey Stones Gift Set
This whiskey set contains everything you should need to enjoy a nice shot. It contains 2 old-fashioned lead-free glasses, 2 stainless steel balls, tongs, slate coasters and even recipe cards for making whiskey cocktails. The stainless steel balls allow you to drink a cold shot without it becoming watered down by melting ice. These items are nicely packaged in a pine gift box.
Outdoor Fire Pit
This outdoor fire pit will steel the show for your 11th anniversary. A heavy duty fire pit that's just the right size. Perfect for those cool mornings and smores at night. A truly unique design and look for your special someone to keep the fire burning.
Men's Ignite Slide Sandal
These steel colored slide sandals can be a comfortable gift that also tips your hat to your steel anniversary. Under Armour designed these slides to be all about comfort!
Anniversary Gaming Shirt
For the spouse that is addicted to gaming, this t-shirt will be a fun way to pay tribute to 11 years spent together. This black t-shirt is made out of 100% cotton and reads 'Level 11 complete.' Looks like your spouse is ready to tackle the next level with you by their side!
Mens Chronograph Quartz Watch
This Diesel Quartz watch is a quality anniversary gift! It is designed with a stainless steel frame and black and gold-tone accents. The strap is pure leather with a prong buckle closure. This multifunction watch is also water resistant. Your husband should enjoy the design and features of this classy watch!
Cultured White Pearl Pendant
Pearls are believed to give good health, luck, love, and prosperity to the wearer. Each freshwater pearl is hand-picked for optimum color and luster and is set in a sterling silver pendant. This pearl necklace can delight the heart of your wife on your anniversary!
3-Burner Propane Grill
An 11th anniversary can be a great excuse to treat yourself to a new grill! This 3-burner propane grill infuses your food with a delicious smoked flavor, and unused grease will slide down into a grease management system. The grill also has built-in tool hooks and a shelf underneath for extra storage. This can be a great treat to start off your 12th year!
AirPods Pro
These AirPods can be a helpful tool to keep in touch with your spouse or relax to some music. They have a noise-cancelling feature to tone down background noise and allow you to be present in a conversation via net. You can rely on these headphones to keep their battery for up to 24 hours!
Womens Michele Swiss Watch
This Michele Swiss Watch will truly be one to remember! It is a chronograph watch with a separate sub-dial for the day of the week. The face of the watch is surrounded by sapphire crystals, which provide an elegant touch and also protect the glass from scratches. This is a romantic gift that your wife is sure to cherish for years to come!
Classic Cornhole Set
To bring a bit of competitive fun into your relationship, give this classic cornhole set a try. The boards are made to look like barn wood set in a steel frame. This rustic looking set can be kept out of the weather in its carry case. This can be a fun game for a playful date or family time with the kids.
Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
This Brazilian Bum Cream is made with cupuaçu butter, açaí oil, and coconut oil, and Guaraná to visibly tighten and smooth the skin. Massage in a circular motion for the best absorption. It can also be used on the tummy, legs, and arms. This cream can help you feel ready to take on summer days in the sun!
Moscow Mule Steins
These Moscow Mule Steins offer a unique way to cheer in your anniversary! The two cups are made out of solid copper with a trendy his and hers design. This set also includes a copper jigger, 2 copper straws, a ring bottle opener, and recipe booklet. These quality cups offer old-world charm with a modern vibe!
Men's Golfing Set
This men's golfing set has everything your husband should need to pursue a new hobby. The set includes woods, hybrids, and irons complete with club covers and a fashionable bag. Your husband will be set to head out with the guys and practice his golf swing!
Calvin Klein Euphoria for Women
Euphoria for Women is a perfume that blends exotic fruits with seductive oriental scents and rich notes of black orchid. It comes in a 100 ml bottle with purple accents and the scent will last for up to 5 hours. This scent is designed to delight the senses and will be a gift your wife is sure to appreciate.
Adult Beach Cruiser
This vintage style adult beach cruiser can be a fun way to get around town or travel a new vacation spot. It offers a low step-through frame and allows you to ride in an upright position to take in the sights. With its 7-speed drivetrain, back-pedal coaster brakes, and retro-looking fenders, this bike is ready to hit the roads.
Hanging Curved Steel Lounge
If your spouse loves spending time out of doors, he or she can enjoy some fresh air in comfort with this suspended steel lounge. The lounge comes with cushions that are ergonomically designed for your comfort. It also includes a removable headrest and a canopy for shade. This steel lounge can be a relaxing way to enjoy the great outdoors!
Star Wars: Secrets of the Galaxy
Some gifts are intrinsically romantic, but choosing a gift that shows how well you know your partner can be the most romantic gesture. This Star Wars gift set would definitely fall into the latter category! The illustrated, hardcover book set goes into the deeper secrets behind the film plots. Any Star Wars fan should be thrilled to receive this on a special occasion.
24K Forever Rose
This unique gift can be a beautiful tribute to your forever love. The 24K forever rose is a real rose that has been dipped in 24K gold to last a lifetime and beyond. Each rose is unique and will be from 11-12 inches in length. You can also purchase a clear display stand along with the rose to allow this beauty to shine!
Calvin Klein One for Men
The Calvin Klein One for Men is a fresh, contemporary scent that is perfect for a summer night. It combines hints of papaya, pineapple, jasmine, and green tea to leave a subtle scent that will delight the senses. This cologne comes in a 200 ml bottle and can be used liberally for lasting results.
Smart Neck Massager
This battery operated neck massager allows you to wind down after a long day at work! It comes with a remote control to allow you to control our own level of comfort. You can choose between 3 different massage modes: daily, leisure, and exercise. You and your spouse may need to buy 2!
Mini Original Espresso Machine
This mini espresso machine is one of the most compact espressos on the market! The Breville model allows you to brew and create your favorite coffee drinks, while saving your counterspace for other appliances. For the coffee-loving spouse this is sure to be a treat!
High Carbon Steel Knife Set
These colorful knives can add a bright spot to your daily cooking. The knives are color-coded as a visual way to differentiate their uses. Each of the 5 knives also comes with a protective sheath for when the knives go off-duty. This set can be a welcome replacement for old, dull knives.
Sports Water Bottle
If you are a couple who enjoys spending time out of doors, this sports bottle offers a great way to stay hydrated. The 64 oz bottle can keep a drink cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. They are also BPA-free and will not rust. You may want to consider bringing these sports water bottles with you on your next journey!
Anniversary Push Pin Map
This push pin map of the world can be personalized with your names and wedding date. It comes framed with a foam backing to allow pins to stay in place. You can choose to spend some time on your anniversary reliving all the places you have been (or want to go!) with this unique gift.
Rose Flower Sculpture
This rose flower sculpture is a symbol of strength and unfading love. The work of art is handcrafted from wrought steel and comes with its own stand. Each flower is uniquely wrought by a professional blacksmith, so no two will be exactly the same. It can be a beautiful centerpiece on a table set for 2.
Food Processor
This food processor can slice, shred, chop or puree. It has a 10 cup capacity, so it is large enough to handle most of your cooking needs. But its compact size allows it to easily fit under standard kitchen cabinets. The Hamilton Bay food processor can make a great side-kick in the kitchen.
Zero Gravity Lounge Chairs
This set of 2 zero gravity lounge chairs can be a lovely way to relax on the patio together. These chairs have a tray with slots for your phone and tablet. it also includes 2 cupholders. Each chair provides a headrest for maximum comfort and allows you to recline and kick up your feet for a bit.
Adjustable Standing Desk
The adjustable standing desk can be a great gift option for the spouse that works from home. Each desk's frame is made from solid steel with a wooden top. This sleek and sturdy desk can allow your partner to stand up to work and take pressure off the lower back.