55 Sweet 1 Year Anniversary Gifts To Show Your Love

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One year is in the books! You’re still in the honeymoon period but you’ve locked in your soulmate. Find them something they will love from this list of 1 year anniversary gifts. From traditional gifts such as origami to modern clocks and creative items, your honey will surely appreciate a wonderful gift from this list of items!

Heart and Message in a Bottle Figurine
Share your love and a bit of romance with this heart and message in a bottle! This simple decoration is the perfect anniversary gift for that person you love the most. Made with real wood and a saying that will make her smile, this gift should be at the top of your anniversary list.

Love Picture Frame
A picture is worth a thousand words and with this first anniversary photo frame, you will be able to hold onto all of those great pictures that showcase your love for one another. Choose a picture of an important date or take a new one and start some memories that will last a long time.

Calvin Klein Obsession for Women
Get her ready for a romantic night out with Obsession by Calvin Klein. This decadent scent will quickly become one of your favorites and will remind her of all the fun times that you have together each time she sprays it on again. Simple and elegant, it will be an anniversary to remember.

Men's Leather Jacket
Keep him warm and cozy in style this winter with this men’s brown leather motorcycle jacket. Stop using bulky winter coats that may keep you warm, but do not look as nice as some of the other options that you can choose. This leather jacket is high-class and sturdy, with some strong leather he is sure to enjoy.

Jet Set Travel Bundle
Give her the quality that she deserves and get her a way to travel across the world. This elegant Michael Kors travel set will have her ready to go no matter where the next adventure is. It comes with the large tote that goes over the shoulder and a trifold wallet to hold everything she needs during the day.

Personalized Star Map
Customize your love and keep it close to your minds and hearts forever more. This personalized gift can include the dates that you want to commemorate forever more. This makes it a meaningful gift that you are not able to get from anywhere else. The star map can help you show off your love every year.

Memory Book
Hold onto all the memories of a lifetime and make sure that you are able to share those with who matters the most. This unique memory book will help you write down your family tree, when you first met, and personalized love notes that show off how much love you have for one another.

Personalized 3D Photo Crystal Heart
This crystal heart can be etched to hold onto your favorite picture for all time. Whether you want to commemorate a memory that is important to both of you or you just want to share something special with the one you love, this simple and elegant gift is sure to be a hit.

Personalized Wooden Wall Clock
Keep up with time and remember that special occasion all in one look. This 11-inch personalized wooden wall clock is designed with the couple in mind. This handmade anniversary gift can be personalized with your names and important date and will be a great way to show your love for years to come.

Womens Ultra Boost Running Shoe
Update those shoes with some of the best on the market. Adidas knows how to make a shoe that will last, and with so many colors and styles to choose from, this will easily fit the bill. Say goodbye to sore feet and aching back with a brand new pair of shoes she will love.

Men's Chronograph Watch
If you are tired of all the ordinary watches that do not look good or fall apart in no time, then this is one that you should look for. The aggressive design has everything that you need from water resistance, strong band, and can help you tell the time, the seconds, and even the minutes to keep you on time each day.

Apple iPad Pro
Update the technology and keep up with all of your friends and family, along with the latest news. Whether a tablet is used for work or for fun, the Apple iPad is one of the best on the market. Get them the latest on the market and give them a new way to relax or get work done.

Justin Rectangular Sunglasses
Ray-Ban provides quality when it comes to keeping your eyes protected against the sun and harmful UV rays. They also have several styles and kinds to work with, providing you with a great look that matches your style. Don't go with cheap sunglasses that are going to fall apart; trust Ray-Ban to get the best results.

Paper Rose in Gift Box
Flowers will often fade and wilt away. This is not the case with the paper rose in a gift box. This is the perfect way to remember your first anniversary and is a true representation of the true love that the two of you have with one another. Just like your love, this flower will never fade.

Scrapbook Photo Album
Do you feel crafty and lovey all at the same time? Then this photo album and scrapbook is one of the best gifts that you can give to that other special someone. Hold onto some of your favorite memories over the years with the help of this beautiful scrap book and never let another thing go by!

Personalized Cutting Board
Stop ruining the counters in your home and get a cutting board that is meant to last a long time. This personalized cutting board is going to be the perfect gift for every couple to celebrate one year together. Made out of high-quality materials and personalized the way that you want, this cutting board is sure to be a hit.

White Diamond Locket
Jewelry is always a hit when it comes to an anniversary or a special gift that your loved one is going to enjoy. And this 14k gold heart locket is a simple way to show how much you love them. Add in one of your favorite momentos or pictures or let her choose herself to get a design that will make her smile.

Personalized Glass Flower Vase
If you are planning on giving her flowers for this anniversary, then you need to make sure that she has something to put them in. The personalized glass flower vase is the perfect complement to the gorgeous flowers she will get and can help you celebrate a whole year with one another.

Infinity Crystal Bracelet
This bracelet is able to bring glamor and simplicity together in one bracelet that is sure to impress. It is modern and meaningful, featuring a delicate infinity design with crystals found in it, making this a trendy and timeless piece that looks elegant while still fitting with most of the outfits that she will want to wear.

Personalized Wood Plaque
There is no better way to decorate a home than to show off the love that two happy people will have for one another. This personalized wood plaque with a heart can provide a great gift that all couples are sure to enjoy. Choose the names, the date, and any important message that you would like to share.

Mr Right & Mrs Always Right Mugs
Every happy couple knows that a good morning starts with a good cup of coffee. This two set of coffee cups will be the perfect addition to your cabinets.

Crystal Stemless Wine Glasses
After a year together, you deserve to have some time to celebrate. These crystal stemless wine glasses are the perfect way to have that party. You can engrave them to say anything that you would like and they are plenty big enough to hold onto some of your favorite wine pairings.

Couple's Wooden Watch Set
Always be in sync with this two-pack watch set. One watch is for her and one set is for him. The high quality of these watches can speak for themselves, but the imported movement will help keep the time as precise as possible, within 26 seconds each year. It is adjustable to fit for everyone, no matter what size they like.

Anniversary Ornament
It is time to bring out the tree and get ready for the Christmas season. This first wedding anniversary tree ornament will be the first one that you want to add to the tree. Made out of high-quality materials and a flawless glaze finish, this is one of the best ways to celebrate a whole year together.

Men's Leather Boots
Is your man complaining of aching feet and his boots and shoes falling apart? Then it is time to take a look at these beauties. The Timberland Men’s Earthkeepers are sure to be a hit, providing the comfort and durability that he needs, along with a good grip on the bottom so he won't slip and fall.

Michael Kors Watch
While other watches are big and bulky, this Michael Kors watch shows all the elegance that you need. With a simple gold interface and band, this will quickly show her all the class and style that she is looking for, whether she wears it during the day or at night.

Love Language Card Game
Spice up your romance and form a deeper connection than ever before. This fun love language card game is going to be a hit between you and your partner. With 150 conversation starter questions for you and your partner, you will get a chance to enjoy a lot of fun while being together.

Paper Flower Bouquet
A dozen ways to say I love you is a great idea for any anniversary that you would like to celebrate. And with this 12 paper flowers customized gift, you will be able to do just that, without the love fading away. You can customize these flowers to leave the exact love note that you need!

Folded Book Art
This gift is perfect for that literary lover. The folded book art will be a unique anniversary gift that helps you to celebrate a date that is important to you, from the day you met, your first date, and the wedding anniversary. This simple gift will be an instant favorite in your home.

Sand Writing Personalized Art
Updating the artwork in your home has never been easier thanks to this personalized art photo that will work as one of the best gifts on the list. You can change it up to make sure that it fits for any occasion you are celebrating with the right names and dates to make it one of a kind.

Coffee Spoons
Stir up more than coffee in the morning with these personalized spoons as an anniversary gift. The saying is simple, an invitation that your loved one is sure to reciprocate all the time. Made out of stainless steel, they will last for a long time and can make a shared cup of coffee better each day.

Happy Anniversary Couples Game
Make a change to your game night routine with this Happy Anniversary Couples Game. This is a fun way to learn more about your partner with more than 100 cards to make the night more fun. There are many insightful topics that are designed with the happy couple in mind.

Crystal Champagne Glasses
After a full year with one another, it is time to celebrate with glass and love. These simple, yet elegant, champagne flutes are going to provide you with a great way to celebrate that first year with one another. Add in your favorite type of bubbly and spend the night reminiscing about the year you had.

Wedding Ring Holder
While you will never want to take your wedding ring off, there are times that it must be put to the side to keep it clean and sparkly. Rather than setting it down on the counter and worrying about it getting lost, this Kate Spade Grace ring holder can keep the ring safe until it can get back on the finger where it belongs.

Couple Art Iron Sculpture
Add a piece of art to your home with the affectionate couple art iron sculpture. Sharing a cute kiss that displays their love, this statue is sure to rekindle your love each time that you see it. There are several of these adorable figurines available to complete your collection of being in love.

Mr and Mrs Aprons
Nothing is more romantic than spending time in the kitchen together, cooking a great meal for both of you to enjoy. And with the Mr. and Mrs. apron and cooking set, you will be ready to go each time. It comes complete with a recipe book to make picking your meals easier than ever.

His & Hers Drinking Glasses
His and Her drinking glasses are the best option out there for the perfect wedding gift to enjoy. You can add a personalization to the glass to share your love and enjoy a nice afternoon together, picking a drink that you both love. Toast to that first year and many more to come.

Beach Cruiser
Take her on a ride around the town, enjoying the sun and air and seeing the world from a different view. This Schwinn Destiny bike is a great option for that special someone in your life. With several colors and lots of support, this is a great bike for hitting the town or enjoying an afternoon.

Mr and Mrs Robes
Get comfortable and feel like you are at the spa with this set of two robes; one for him and one for here. Made out of 100% cotton and with a tie closure, this robe is designed to fit most and can add a bit of elegance and comfort as you celebrate a year together.

Men's Adidas NMD Shoe
Adidas is a brand that can show you how much you care about that significant other. Their shoes are one of a kind and will provide the arch support, comfort, and more that you need at an affordable price. All of this just to show how much you care!

Byzantine Bracelet
Give her something she will want to show off to all of her friends. This handcrafted bracelet is going to be one of her favorite pieces of jewelry. The simple silver and gold create a great contrast that you are going to love and can fit with all outfits and the handcrafted design is meant to last.

Marriage Prayer Plaque
Marriage is a lot of work, but you can feel some motivation in order to help you get through some of those tough times. This marriage prayer wood plaque provides an inspiring quote that will look nice in your bedroom or on the wall, ensuring that you can keep up with all of the good times too.

Personalized Wooden Candle Holder
A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people. It is two imperfect people who decide to come together and make a life together. This personalized wooden candle holder is going to provide you with a unique gift that is beautiful. Light the candles and spend a romantic night together to enjoy the life you have made.

A Year of Us Book
A lot can happen in a year and you want to make sure that you remember it forever. This couples journal provides couples with one question a day that they can do alone or together to spark more fun and a meaningful conversation as you learn to grow with one another.

Beautiful Diamond Ring
Add to their wedding ring or let them start with something new thanks to this 1/10 carat 10K gold ring. You can choose between white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold to get the perfect color for their needs. and with the possibility of making it stackable, you will be able to personalize this gift in no time.

Custom Picture Throw Blanket
Keep warm and cozy during your anniversary with a customized picture blanket. This will help you to be comfortable all year long, providing you with great memories that you can look back on fondly all the time. Choose the pictures that matter the most to ensure that this is a one of a kind gift to enjoy.

Gemstone Pendant Necklace
Not all jewelry has to be flashy and bright in order to make a statement. With this 14k gold cushion checkerboard cut gemstone, you can show off that style and grace with a bit of simplicity added in. with several different colors to choose from, you can pick the right gift that will make a statement.

Gold Dipped Rose
Stop wasting your time with flowers that are going to fade and break down after just a few days. This gold dipped rose is a unique gift that can last as long as your love. The red rose is a symbol of beauty and love and the gold intertwined will show the strength of the love that you both have.

3 Stone Diamond Pendant
This Amazon Collection Diamond Pendant will be one of the best necklaces that you can give for that special anniversary. The sterling silver necklace has a diamond-accented open heart pendant that is sure to stand out and look great. With a sturdy chain and a simplicity in the design will be sure to be a hit this year.

Whiskey Glass Set
For the man who knows a good glass of whiskey when he sees one, this personalized gift set is a great option after a year together. This gift set has all of the things that he will need for enjoying his whiskey, with a message you can personalize on the wooden box that holds it all together.

Aromatherapy Candle Set
Enjoy a bit of aromatherapy and live life to the fullest with this candle gift set. With four beautiful candles made out of natural materials, you are sure to get the relaxation and energy that you need. Pamper and spoil her this anniversary with a bit of essential oils and aromatherapy to make things great.

Foot Massager
Everyone can use a bit of rest and relaxation after a long day of work. Whether you stand on your feet all day or need a new pair of shoes, this shiatsu foot massager is going to help you feel so much better. Both partners will be able to enjoy this gift and get some of the relief that they deserve.

Grill Master Gift Set
It is time to play with fire. There is no better to way to separate the men from the boys than to let them spend some time at the grill, cooking up their favorite meal. This master crate anniversary gift will provide them with all of the materials they need to do just that!

Beef Jerky Heart-Shaped Box
Chocolate hearts and lots of candy may be just fine for some, but make room for this jerky heart instead! This heart of deliciousness provides 10 beef jerky flavors and honey bourbon that the man in your life is sure to enjoy. Give them something they actually want this anniversary with a tasty treat!

Engraved Compass
Nothing is better than the thought of growing old with your significant other. And with this engraved compass, you will be able to show that you care, no matter how many years are going to pass. This is a beautiful compass that has been handcrafted to be a work of art that you will appreciate for years to come.